Matthew Bible

1 Chronicles 24

The divisions of the sons of Aaron by lot into four and twenty orders.

1 Chronicles 24:1 The deuision of þe sonnes of Aaron, Nabad, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. 1 Chronicles 24:2 But Nabad & Abihu died before their father, & hath not chyldren. And Eleazar & Ithamar were the priestes. 1 Chronicles 24:3 And Dauid ordered them on this maner: Zadock of the sonnes of Eleazar and Ahimelek of the sonnes of Ithamar to be in office by course. 1 Chronicles 24:4 And there were mo myghtye heades found of the sonnes of Eleazar, then of the sonnes of Ithamar. And they deuided them into .xvi. heades of auncient housholdes of the sonnes of Eleazar, & eyght of the sonnes of Ithamar. 1 Chronicles 24:5 And they put them in order by lot, one wyth another, that there shoulde be rulers in the sanctuarye and Lordes before God as well of the sonnes of Ithamar, as of the sonnes of Eleazar. 1 Chronicles 24:6 And Semeiah the sonne of Nathaneel the Scribe of the Leuites wrote them before the kynge and the Lordes, and before Zadock the pryeste, and Ahimelek the sonne of Abiathar, & before the auncient heades of the priestes & of the Leuites: one principal houshould for Eleazar and one for Ithamar. 1 Chronicles 24:7 And the fyrst lot fell to Iehoiarib. The seconde to Iedaiah. 1 Chronicles 24:8 The thirde to Harim. The fourth to Seorim. 1 Chronicles 24:9 The fyft to Melchiah. The sixte to Miamin. 1 Chronicles 24:10 The seuenth to Hakes. The eyght to Abiah. 1 Chronicles 24:11 The nynthe to Iesua. The tenth to Secaniah. 1 Chronicles 24:12 The leuenth to Eliasib. The twelueth to Iakim. 1 Chronicles 24:13 The thirtene to Huphah. The fourtene to Isbaab. 1 Chronicles 24:14 The fyftene to Belgah. The syxtene to Emer. 1 Chronicles 24:15 The seuentene to Hezir. The eyghtene to Haphzez. 1 Chronicles 24:16 The nynetene to Pathahaiah. The twentye to Iehesekiel. 1 Chronicles 24:17 The twentie & one to Iacin. The .xxij. to Gamul. 1 Chronicles 24:18 The .xxiij. to Delaiahu. The .xxiiij. to Maasiahu. 1 Chronicles 24:19 This is the order of them in their offices, to come into the house of the Lord accordinge to their maner vnder Aaron their father, as the Lorde God of Israel commaunded.

The Kohathites,

1 Chronicles 24:20 The rest of the sonnes of Leui: of the sonnes of Amram, Subael. Of þe sonnes of Subael Iedehiabu. 1 Chronicles 24:21 Of the sonnes of Rohabiah, þe fyrst Iesiah. 1 Chronicles 24:22 Of the Izaharites, Salemoth. Of the sonnes of Salemoth, Iahath. 1 Chronicles 24:23 And the sonnes of Hebron were Ieriahu the fyrste, Amariah the seconde, Iahaziel the thirde, Iekameam the fourthe. 1 Chronicles 24:24 Of the sonnes of Vsiel, Micah. Of the sonnes of Micah, Samir. 1 Chronicles 24:25 The brother of Micah was Iesiah. Of the sonnes of Iesiah, Zachariah. 1 Chronicles 24:26 The sonnes of Merari were Mahali and Musi. The sonnes of Iaaziahu, Beno.

and the Merarites divided by lot.

1 Chronicles 24:27 The sonnes of Merari by Iaaziahu, Beno, Sohem, Zacur and Ebri. 1 Chronicles 24:28 Maheli had Eleazar, whyche had no sonnes. 1 Chronicles 24:29 The sonnes of Kis: Ierahemel. 1 Chronicles 24:30 The sonnes of Musi: Mahali, Eder and Iermoth. These are of the children of Leui in the housholdes of their fathers. 1 Chronicles 24:31 And these cast lottes next to their brethren the sonnes of Aaron, before Dauid the kynge and Zadock and Ahimelec, and the auncient heades and priestes of the Leuites, as wel the youngest brother as an auncient heade.

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