Matthew Bible

1 Chronicles 27

The twelve captains for every several month.

1 Chronicles 27:1 To speake of the chyldren of Israel: in the nombre of them were auncyent heades & capitaynes of thousandes & hundredes, and offycers that serued the kyng in all thynge accordyng to the companyes that came in or wente out, moneth by moneth, thorouout all the monethes of the yeare. And euerye companye had .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:2 Ouer the fyrste companye in the fyrste moneth, was Iasoboam the sonne of Zabdyel. And in hys nombre were .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:3 And the chefest of all the capytaynes in the host of the fyrste moneth was of the chyldren of Pharez. 1 Chronicles 27:4 Ouer the company of the second moneth Dodai an Ahohite, and in hys hoste was Makeloth a ruler. And in hys company were .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:5 The chefe captayne of the thyrde host in the thyrde moneth, was Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada the prieste. And in his hoste .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:6 This is that Banaiah mightye amonge thyrtye and aboue thyrtye. And in hys parte was Amizabad hys sonne. 1 Chronicles 27:7 The fourth capitayne in the fourth moneth was Asael the brother of Ioab, & Zabadiah hys sonne after hym. And in hys hoste .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:8 The fyfte capitayne in the fyft moneth was Samahut the Iezrahite: and in hys hoste .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:9 The sixte capitayne in the syxte moneth was Ira the sonne of Akes a Thekuite: & in hys hoste .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:10 The seuenth Capitayne in the seuenth moneth, was Helei the Phalonite, of the chyldren of Ephraim: & in hys hoste .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:11 The eyghte capitayne in the eyghte monethe, was Sobocai an Husathite of the kynne of Sarah: & in hys host .xxiiij. thousand. 1 Chronicles 27:12 The nynth Capitayne in the nynthe monethe, was Abiezer an Anathothite of the sonnes of Iemini: & in hys hoste .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:13 The tenth capytayne in the tenth monethe, was Mahari the Netophathite of the Zarahites: & in hys host .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:14 The eleuenthe moneth, was Banaiah the Pharathonite of the chyldren of Ephraim: and in hys hoste .xxiiij. thousande. 1 Chronicles 27:15 The twelueth Capytayne in the twelueth moneth, was Heldai the Netophathite of Othoniel, and in hys hoste .xxiiij. thousand.

The princes of the twelve tribes.

1 Chronicles 27:16 And the rulers ouer the trybes of Israel were these. Amonge the Rubenites, was Eliezer þe sonne of Zechri. Amonge the Symeonites, was Saphatiah the sonne of Maacah. 1 Chronicles 27:17 Among the Leuites: Hasabiah the sonne of Kamuel. Among the Haromites: Zadock. 1 Chronicles 27:18 In Iuda. Eliu of the brethren of Dauid. In Isacar: Amri the sonne of Michael. 1 Chronicles 27:19 In Zabulon: Iesmaiah the sonne of Abdiah. In Nephthalie: Ierimoth the sonne of Azriel. 1 Chronicles 27:20 Amonge the chyldren of Ephraim: Hosea the sonne of Ozaiah. In the halfe tribe of Manasseh: Ioel the sonne of Phadaiah. 1 Chronicles 27:21 Of the halfe trybe of Manasseh in Galaad: Iado the sonne of Zachariah. In Beniamin: Iaasiel the sonne of Abner. 1 Chronicles 27:22 In Dan: Azariel þe sonne of Ieroham. These are the Lordes in the trybes of Israel.

The numbering of the people is hindered.

1 Chronicles 27:23 But Dauid toke not the nombre of them vnder .xx. yeare: for þe Lord said: he would encrease Israel lyke vnto þe starres of the skye. 1 Chronicles 27:24 And Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah beganne to nombre. And thoughe he fynyshed it not, yet there fel wrath for that vpon Israel. And therefore the numbre was not put in the chronicles of Kynge Dauid.

David's several officers.

1 Chronicles 27:25 Ouer the kynges treasure was Azmoth þe sonne of Adiel. And ouer the treasure of þe feldes, in the cytyes, villages and castelles, was Iehonathan, the sonne of Oziah. 1 Chronicles 27:26 And ouer þe worckemen in the feldes that tylled the ground was Ezri the sonne of Chelub. 1 Chronicles 27:27 And the ouersyght of the vyneyardes had Semeiah the Ramathite. Ouer the wynecellers & treasure of wyne was Sabdi the Saphonite. 1 Chronicles 27:28 And ouer the olyuetrees & mulberytrees that were in þe valeys was Baal Hanan the Gadarite. And ouer the treasure of oyle was Ioas. 1 Chronicles 27:29 And ouer the oxen that fed in Saron was Setari the Saronite. And ouer the oxen in the valeys was Saphat the sonne of Adlai. 1 Chronicles 27:30 And ouer the camels Vbil the Ismaelite. And ouer the Asses was Iohadiah the Merothite. 1 Chronicles 27:31 And ouer the shepe was Iazis the Hagarite. All these were the rulers of the substaunce of kyng Dauid. 1 Chronicles 27:32 And Iehonatham Dauids brothers sonne, a man of counsel a man þt thaught wysdome, & a writer he & Iehiel þe sonne of Hachamoni waited on þe kinges sonnes. 1 Chronicles 27:33 And Ahithophel was of þe kynges councell. And Busai the Arachite was the kynges companyon. 1 Chronicles 27:34 And nexte to Ahitophel was Iehoiada the sonne of Banaiah & Abiathar. And the captayne of the kynges warre was Ioab.

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