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1 Chronicles 4

The posterity of Judah by Caleb the son of Hur.

1 Chronicles 4:1 The sonnes of Iuda: Pharez: Hezron, Carmi, Hur and Soball. 1 Chronicles 4:2 And Reaiah the sonne of Sobal begat Iahath. And Iahath begat Ahimai and Laad whych are the kinredes of the Zareathites. 1 Chronicles 4:3 And of these came the father of Etam, Iezrael, Iesema and Iedebos, with their syster called Zalelphuni: 1 Chronicles 4:4 And Phanuel father of Gedor: And Eser the father of Husah. These are the sonnes of Hur the eldeste sonne of Ephrata father to Bethlehem.

Of Ashur the posthumous son of Hezron.

1 Chronicles 4:5 And Ashur the father of Thekua had two wyues: Halaah and Naarah. 1 Chronicles 4:6 And Naarah bare hym Ahusam, Hepher, Themani and Hahastari. These were the sonnes of Naarah. 1 Chronicles 4:7 And the sonnes of Haleah were Zareth, Izoar and Ethuan. 1 Chronicles 4:8 And Cuz begat Anub & Zobebah, and the kinredes of Aharhel the sonne of Harum.

Of Jabez, and his prayer.

1 Chronicles 4:9 And Ieabes was nobler then hys brethren. And his mother called his name Ieabes saying: because I bare him with sorow. 1 Chronicles 4:10 But Ieabes called on the God of Israel, saying: If thou shalt blesse me, & enlarge my costes, and shalt let thyne hand be wyth me, & wylt kepe me from euyll that it vexe me not. And God sent hym hys desyre.

The posterity of Judah by Caleb the son of Hur.

1 Chronicles 4:11 Calub the brother of Suah begat Mahir, whyche was the father of Esthon. 1 Chronicles 4:12 And Esthon begat Beth Rapha and Phaseh and Thehenah the father of the cytye of Nahas whych are the men of Rechah. 1 Chronicles 4:13 The sonnes of Kenas: Othniel & Saraiah. And þe sonnes of Othniel were Hathath. 1 Chronicles 4:14 And Maonothi begat Ophrah. And Saraiah begat Ioab the father of them of the valeye of craftesmen, so called because they were craftesmen. 1 Chronicles 4:15 And the sonnes of Caleb the sonne of Iephoneh were Hiru, Ela and Naem. And the sonne of Ela was Kenas. 1 Chronicles 4:16 And the sonnes of Iehaleleel were Siph and Ziphah, and Thiria and Asarael. 1 Chronicles 4:17 And the sonnes of Ezra: were Iether, Mered, Epher, Ialon, Thahar, Mariam and Samai, and Iesbah the father of Esthamoa. 1 Chronicles 4:18 And hys wyfe Iehudiah bare Iared the father of Gedor, and Heber the father of Socoh, and Ieuthiel the father of Zonoah. And these were the sonnes of Bethiah the doughter of Pharao whyche Mered toke. 1 Chronicles 4:19 The sonnes of the wyfe of Hodia the syster of Nahan the father of Keilah were Hagarmi and Esthamoa the Maachathite. 1 Chronicles 4:20 The sonnes of Simon were Amnon and Rinah, Benhanan and Thilon. And the sonnes of Iesi were Soheth and Benzoheth.

The posterity of Shelah.

1 Chronicles 4:21 The sonnes of Selah the sonne of Iuda were Er the father of Lecah, and Laadah the father of Maresah, and the kynredes of the housholdes of them that wrought bysse in the house of Asbea. 1 Chronicles 4:22 And Iokim and the men of Cozebah, and Ioas and Saraph, whyche were inhabited in Moab, but returned to Lehem & to Debarim Aikim. 1 Chronicles 4:23 These were potters and dwelt amonge trees and hedges and were in the Kynges worcke and dwelt euen there.

The posterity and cities of Simeon.

1 Chronicles 4:24 The sonnes of Simeon: Namuel, Iamin, Iarib, Zorah and Saul, 1 Chronicles 4:25 whose sonne was Selum, and the sonne of hym was Mabsam, and hys sonne was Masma. 1 Chronicles 4:26 And the sonne of Masma was Hamuel, and hys sonne was Zachur, and the sonne of hym was Semei. 1 Chronicles 4:27 Semei had syxtene sonnes and syxe doughters. But hys brethren had not manye chyldren, nether were the kynredes of them lyke to the chyldren of Iuda in multitude. 1 Chronicles 4:28 And they dwelt at Bersabe, Moladah and at Hazar Sual, 1 Chronicles 4:29 at Balaah, Ezem, Tholad,

Their conquest of Gedor, and of the Amalekites in mount Seir.

1 Chronicles 4:30 Bathuel, Hormah and at Zikeleg: 1 Chronicles 4:31 at Bethmarcaboth, Hazar Susim, Bethberei and Saarim. These were theyr cytyes vnto the raygne of Dauid. 1 Chronicles 4:32 And theyr vyllages were Etam, Ain, Remon, Tochen and Asan, fyue townes 1 Chronicles 4:33 & all theyr vyllages that were rounde aboute the sayde cytyes vnto Baal. Thys is the habitacyon of them and theyr genealogie. 1 Chronicles 4:34 And Mosobab, Iemlech, Iosah the sonne of Amasiah: 1 Chronicles 4:35 and Ioel and Iehu the sonne of Iosabiah the sonne of Saraiah the sonne of Asiel: 1 Chronicles 4:36 and Elioenai, Iakobah, Isohaiah: Asaiah, Adiel, Isimiel and Banaiah: 1 Chronicles 4:37 Ziza the sonne of Sephei the sonne of Alon the sonne of Idaiah, the sonne of Zemri, the sonne of Samaiah. 1 Chronicles 4:38 These are soche as came by name, heades of theyre kynreddes. And the auncient housholdes of them sprede in multitude.

1 Chronicles 4:39 And they went as farre as Gador, euen vnto the east syde of the valeye, to seke pasture for theyr catell. 1 Chronicles 4:40 And they founde fat pasture and good and a wyde lande bothe quyet and frutefull: for they of Ham dwelt there before. 1 Chronicles 4:41 And these now a fore wrytten by name went in the dayes of Hezekiah king of Iuda, and smote the tentes of them & the habitacions that were founde there, and destroyed them vtterlye vnto this daye, & there dwelt in theyr rowmes: because there was pasture there for theyr shepe. 1 Chronicles 4:42 And therto there went of the sayde children of Simeon fyue hundred men: Phaalthiah Naariah Raphiah and Oziel the sonnes of Iesi beynge theyr heades: 1 Chronicles 4:43 and smote the reste of the Amalekites that were escaped & they dwelt there vnto thys daye.

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