Matthew Bible

1 Chronicles 8

The sons and chief men of Benjamin.

1 Chronicles 8:1 Beniamin begat Bale hys eldest sonne, Asbal the seconde, Aharah the thyrde, 1 Chronicles 8:2 Nohah the fourth and Raphah the fyfte. 1 Chronicles 8:3 And the sonnes of Bale were Adar, Gera, Abihud, 1 Chronicles 8:4 Abisua, Naaman, Ahohah, 1 Chronicles 8:5 Gera, Sephuphan and Huran. 1 Chronicles 8:6 And these are the sonnes of Ahud auncient heades amonge þe Enhabiters of Gabaa, which caryed them to Manahath: 1 Chronicles 8:7 Naaman, Ahiah and Gera, whyche Gera caried them awaye and begat Oza and Ahihud. 1 Chronicles 8:8 And he begat Saharaim in the countrey of Moab after he had sent them awaye, Husim and Barah was hys wyues. 1 Chronicles 8:9 And he begat of Hodes his wyfe Iobab, Zebia, Mosa, Malchan, 1 Chronicles 8:10 Ieuz Sachian and Marma. These are hys sonnes beynge auncient heades. 1 Chronicles 8:11 And of Husim he begat Ahithob and Elphaal. 1 Chronicles 8:12 The sonnes of Elphaal were, Eber, Misaam, and Samad whyche buylt Ono, Lod, and the tounes longynge therto: 1 Chronicles 8:13 and Barah and Sama, whyche were auncyent heades amonge the enhabiters of Aialon, and they draue out awaye the enhabiters of Geth. 1 Chronicles 8:14 And Haio, Sesac, Ierimoth, 1 Chronicles 8:15 Sabadiah, Arod, Edar, 1 Chronicles 8:16 Michael, Iespha, and Ioha, the sonnes of Bariah: 1 Chronicles 8:17 Zabadiah, Mosolam, Hezeki, Heber, 1 Chronicles 8:18 Isamari, Iesllah, Iobab the sonnes of Elphaal. 1 Chronicles 8:19 And Iakim, Zecri, Sabdi, 1 Chronicles 8:20 Elianai, Zelethai, Eliel, 1 Chronicles 8:21 Adaiah, Baraiah, Zamareth the sonnes of Semei. 1 Chronicles 8:22 And Iesphan, Eber, Eliel, 1 Chronicles 8:23 Abdon Zecri, Hanan, 1 Chronicles 8:24 Hananiah, Ailan, Anthothiah, 1 Chronicles 8:25 Iephdaiah and Phanuel are the sonnes of Sesac. 1 Chronicles 8:26 And Samsari, Sohoriah, Otholiah, 1 Chronicles 8:27 Iersiah, Eliah and Zechri are the sonnes of Ieroham, 1 Chronicles 8:28 These were auncient heades in theyr kynredes and dwelt in Ierusalem. 1 Chronicles 8:29 And at Gabaon dwelleth the father of Gabaon whose wyfe was called Maacah. 1 Chronicles 8:30 And his eldest sonne was Abdon, then Zur, Cis, Baal, Nadab, 1 Chronicles 8:31 Gedur, Ahaio & Zacher. 1 Chronicles 8:32 And Makeloth begat Samaah. And these also dwelt with theyr brethren in Ierusalem ouer agaynst them.

The stock of Saul and Jonathan.

1 Chronicles 8:33 And Ner begat Cis, and Cis Saul, & Saul begat Iehonathan, Melchisua, Abinadab & Isbaal. 1 Chronicles 8:34 And the sonnes of Iehonathan was Meribbaal and Meribbaal begat Micah. 1 Chronicles 8:35 And the sonnes of Micah were Phithon, Melech, Tharea & Ahaz. 1 Chronicles 8:36 And Ahaz begat Iehoadah. And Iehoadah begat Elmoth, Asmoth and Zamri. And Zamri begat Moza. 1 Chronicles 8:37 And Moza begat Banah, whose sonne was Raphah, & hys sonne was Elasah, and hys sonne Azel. 1 Chronicles 8:38 And Azel had syxe sonnes whose names are these: Esricam, Bochru, Ismael, Sariah, Obdiah, and Hanan. All these were þe sonnes of Azel. 1 Chronicles 8:39 And the sonnes of Asek his brother, were Vlam hys eldest, and Ieus the seconde and Eliphelet the thyrde. 1 Chronicles 8:40 And the sonnes of Vlam were mightie men and boowmen and had many sonnes and sonnes sounes, an hundred and fiftie. All these are the sonnes of Beniamin.

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