Matthew Bible

1 Chronicles 9

The original of Israel's and Judah's genealogies.

1 Chronicles 9:1 And all Israel were numbred by kynredes: & se, they be written in the boke of the kynges of Israel. And Iuda were caried awaye to Babilon for theyr offences.

The Israelites,

1 Chronicles 9:2 And the olde enhabiters that dwelt in theyr owne possessyons & cyties were Israel, the prestes, Leuites & Mathinetites. 1 Chronicles 9:3 But in Ierusalem dwelt of the children of Iuda, of the chyldren of Beniamin and of the chyldren of Ephraim & Manasseh. 1 Chronicles 9:4 Othai the sonne of Amihud the sonne of Amri the sonne of Omrai of the sonne of Boni of the chyldren of Pharez, the sonne of Iuda. 1 Chronicles 9:5 And of Siloni, Asiah the eldest and hys sonnes. 1 Chronicles 9:6 And of the sonnes of Zarah, Ieuel wyth theyr brethren .vi. hundred .xc. 1 Chronicles 9:7 And of the sonnes of Beniamin: Salo the sonne of Mosolam the sonne of Hoduiah, the sonne of Hasnuah, 1 Chronicles 9:8 and Iobaniah the sonne of Ieroham. And Elah the sonne of Ozi the sonne of Mochori. And Mosolam the sonne of Saphatiah the sonne of Rauel the sonne of Iebaniah 1 Chronicles 9:9 with other theyr brethren in theyr kynredes, nyne hundred fiftie & sixe. And all these were honorable heades in the auncient housholdes of them.

the priests,

1 Chronicles 9:10 And of the priestes: Iedaiah, Iehoiarib & Iacin: 1 Chronicles 9:11 Azariah the sonne of Helkiah þe sonne of Mosolam, the sonne of Zadoc the sonne of Maraioth the sonne of Ahitob the chefeste in the house of God. 1 Chronicles 9:12 And Adaiah the sonne of Ierohan the sonne of Phashor the sonne of Melchiah. And Maasi the sonne of Adiel the sonne of Iehezrah the sonne of Mosolam the sonne of Mosolamoth þe sonne of Emer, 1 Chronicles 9:13 wt other their brethren heades in the auncyent housholdes of them, a thousande seuen hundred and thre skore actiue men in the worcke of the seruyce of the house of God.

and the Levites, with the Nethinims, which dwelt in Jerusalem.

1 Chronicles 9:14 And of the Leuites: Semeiah the sonne of Hasub, the sonne of Esricam, the sonne of Hasabiah of þe sonnes of Merari. 1 Chronicles 9:15 And Bacbakar the Carpenter and Galal. And Mathaniah the sonne of Micah, the sonne of Zecri the sonne of Asaph. 1 Chronicles 9:16 Obdiah the sonne of Semeiah the sonne of Galal the sonne of Iduthun. And Barachiah the sonne of Aza the sonne of Elcanah that dwelt in the villages of the Netophathites. 1 Chronicles 9:17 The porters were Selum, Acub, Talmon and Ahiman with their brethren, Selum beyng the chefe. 1 Chronicles 9:18 For vnto that tyme they had watched at the kinges gate eastward in the tentes of the children of Leui by companyes. 1 Chronicles 9:19 And Selum the sonne of Coreh the sonne of Abiasaph þe sonne of Coreh with hys brethren the Corehites in the house of their fathers had their businesse and offyce to kepe þe dore of the tabernacle: for their fathers in þe Hoste of the Lorde kepte the enteringe. 1 Chronicles 9:20 And Phynehes the sonne of Eleazar was ruler ouer them before the Lord, whiche was wyth hym. 1 Chronicles 9:21 And Zachariah the sonne of Moselamiah kepte the dore of the tabernabcle of witnesse. 1 Chronicles 9:22 Al these were chosen felowes to kepe the tresholdes, two hundred and twelue, and were numbred in their villages. And them dyd Dauid and Samuel the sear institute in their fidelite. 1 Chronicles 9:23 And their children had the ouersighte of the gates of the house of the Lorde and of the house of the tabernacle to kepe them. 1 Chronicles 9:24 In foure quarters were þe kepers: toward the easte, west, north, and southe. 1 Chronicles 9:25 And theyr brethren that were in the countre came in their wekes as their course came about wyth them. 1 Chronicles 9:26 For the Leuites were commytted to be pryncypall porters of fydelyte. And they had the ouersight of the vestryes and treasures of þe house of God,

The charge of certain Levites.

1 Chronicles 9:27 & laye all nyghte roundabout the house of God: because the kepyng therof pertayned to them, and to open it euery mournynge. 1 Chronicles 9:28 And certain of them had the rule of þe ministring vessels and brought them in & oute by tale. 1 Chronicles 9:29 And of them were certain apoynted to ouerse the vessels & al holy ornamentes, & of the floure, wine, oyle, frankincense & swete odoures. 1 Chronicles 9:30 But certayne of the sonnes of the priestes were set to make swete sauoures. 1 Chronicles 9:31 And Mathathiah one of the Leuites, the eldest sonne of Selum: the Corathite, had þe ouersight of the thinges that were baken in the fryenge panne. 1 Chronicles 9:32 And other of theyr brethren the sonnes of Cahath had þe ouersighte of the shewbred, to prepare agaynst all sabothes. 1 Chronicles 9:33 These are the syngers auncient heades amonge the Leuites deuyded by chambres: for they had to do bothe daye & nyght. 1 Chronicles 9:34 These were the auncient amonge þe Leuites in theyr generacions. And these dwelt at Ierusalem.

The stock of Saul and Jonathan.

1 Chronicles 9:35 And in Gabaon dwelt Ieuell the father of Gabaon, whose wyfe was called Maacah. 1 Chronicles 9:36 And hys eldest sonne was Abdon, then Zur, Cis, Baal, Ner and Nadab: 1 Chronicles 9:37 Gedor, Ahio Zachariah and Makeloth. 1 Chronicles 9:38 And Makeloth begat Semaam. And they also dwelt wyth theyr brethren at Ierusalem, euen harde by them. 1 Chronicles 9:39 And Ner begat Cis, & Cis Saul. And Saul begat Iehonathan, Melchisua, Abinadab & Esbaal. 1 Chronicles 9:40 And the sonne of Iehonathan, was Meribbaal. And Meribbaal begat Micah, 1 Chronicles 9:41 & the sonnes of Micah were, Phiton, Melech and Thaharea. 1 Chronicles 9:42 And Ahaz begat Iaarah. And Iaarah begat Almath, Asmoth, Zamri. And Zamri begat Moza. 1 Chronicles 9:43 And Moza begat Baana whose sonne was Raphaia, and hys sonne was Eleasah, and his sonne Azel. 1 Chronicles 9:44 And Azel had sixe sonnes whose names are these: Ezricam, Bochru, Ismael, Sariah, Obdiah and Hanan. These are the sonnes of Azel.

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