Matthew Bible

1 Kings 13

Jeroboam's hand, that offered violence to him that prophesied against his altar at Beth-el, withereth,

1 Kings 13:1 And beholde, there came a man of God out of Iuda with þe worde of God, to Bethel, as Ieroboam stode by the aulter to offer, 1 Kings 13:2 and cryed agaynst the aultare at the commaundement of the Lorde, and sayde: aultare, aultare, thus sayth the Lorde. Beholde a chylde shall be borne of the house of Dauid, Iosiah by name, which vpon the shall offer þe pryestes of the hyllaultares that sacrifyce vpon the, & shall burne mennes bones vpon the. 1 Kings 13:3 And he gaue them the same tyme a sygne sayinge: thys is the sygne of that the Lorde hath promysed. Beholde the aultare shal rent and the ashes that are in it, shall fall out. 1 Kings 13:4 And when the kynge hearde the saying of the man of God which he cryed agaynste the aulter in Bethel, he stretched oute hys hande from the aultare, sayinge: holde hym. And hys hande which he put forth towarde hym, dryed vp, that he coulde not pull it in agayne to hym, 1 Kings 13:5 and the aulter claue, and the ashes ran out of the aultar accordyng to the token which the man of God had geuen at the commaundemente of the Lorde.

and at the prayer of the prophet is restored.

1 Kings 13:6 And the kyng aunswered and sayd vnto the man of God: Oh pray vnto the Lorde thy God, & make intercession for me, that my hand maye be restored me agayne. And the man of God besought þe Lord and hys hande came to hym agayne as well as before.

The prophet, refusing the king's entertainment, departeth from Beth-el.

1 Kings 13:7 Then sayd the kyng vnto the man of god: come home wyth me, and refreshe thy selfe, & I wyll geue the a rewarde. 1 Kings 13:8 But the man of God aunswered the kynge: yf thou woldeste geue me halfe thyne house, I wolde not go wt þe neyther wold I eat meat or dryncke water in thys place. 1 Kings 13:9 For so was it charged me, thorow the worde of God & sayde to me: eate no bread nor drincke water nor turne agayne by the same waye thou wentest. 1 Kings 13:10 And so he wente another waye and returned not by the waye he came to Bethel.

An old prophet, seducing him, bringeth him back.

1 Kings 13:11 And there dwelt an olde Prophet in Bethel, whose sonnes came and tolde hym all the workes that the man of god had done that daye in Bethel, and the wordes which he spake vnto the kynge they told their father also. 1 Kings 13:12 And theyr father sayde to them: what waye went he? for hys sonnes had sene what waye the man of God wente which came from Iuda. 1 Kings 13:13 Then sayde he to his sonnes: sadle myne asse. And they sadled hym an asse. And he gat hym vp theron, 1 Kings 13:14 and wente after þe man of God, and founde hym sittynge vnder an Ocke, and sayde vnto hym: arte thou the man of God that camest from Iuda? And he sayde, yea. 1 Kings 13:15 Then he sayde to hym: come home wyth me, and eate breade. 1 Kings 13:16 And the other sayd again I maye not returne wyth the, to go with the, neyther maye I eate breade or drynke water with the in thys place. 1 Kings 13:17 For it was sayd to me by the commaundement of the Lorde, eate no bread nor dryncke water in thys place, nor turne agayne by the waye thou wentest. 1 Kings 13:18 And the olde Prophet sayde vnto hym: I am a prophet as wel as thou, and an angel spake vnto me with the worde of the Lorde saying: bring hym agayne with the to thyne house, and let hym eate breade and drincke water, & yet lyed vnto hym. 1 Kings 13:19 And so the other went agayn wyth him & ate bread in his house & drancke water.

He is reproved by God,

1 Kings 13:20 And as they sate at the table, the worde of the Lorde came vnto the prophete þt brought hym agayne. 1 Kings 13:21 And he cryed vnto the man of God that came from Iuda, saying: thus sayth the Lorde: because thou hast dysobeyed the mouthe of the Lorde, and haste not kepte the commaundement which the Lorde thy God commaunded the, 1 Kings 13:22 but camest backe agayne & haste eaten breade, and droncke water in the place in whiche he bade that thou shuldeste eat no bread, nor drincke water: therfor thy carkasse shal not come vnto the sepulchre of thy fathers.

1 Kings 13:23 And when he had eaten breade & droncke, he sadled an asse for the Prophete whiche he had brought agayne.

slain by a lion,

1 Kings 13:24 And as he iorneyed a Lyon met hym by the waye, and slue hym, & his carkasse laye a longe in the waye, & the asse stode therby, & the Lyon stode by the course also. 1 Kings 13:25 And men that passed by, saw the carkasse caste a longe in the waye, and the lyon standyng therby, & went and tolde it in the toune where the olde Prophet dwelt.

buried by the old prophet,

1 Kings 13:26 And when the Prophete that brought hym backe agayne from the waye, hearde thereof, he sayde: it is the man of God whiche disobeyed þe mouthe of the Lorde. And therfore the Lorde hath deliuered hym vnto the Lyon whiche hath rente hym, and slayne hym, accordyng to the word of the Lorde, whiche he sayde to hym. 1 Kings 13:27 And he sayde to hys sonne: sadle me an asse: & so they dyd. 1 Kings 13:28 And he wente and founde the bodye cast alonge in the waye, and the asse and the lyon standynge therbye. And the lyon had not eaten the carkasse nor hurte the asse. 1 Kings 13:29 And he toke vp the bodye of the man of God, and put it vpon the asse, and brought it agayne, & came to the cytye of the olde Prophete to lament him, and to burye hym. 1 Kings 13:30 And he layde hys bodye in hys owne graue, and lamented ouer hym, Oh my brother.

who confirmeth his prophecy.

1 Kings 13:31 And when he had buryed hym, he spake to hys sonnes sayinge: when I am dead, se that ye burye me in the sepulchre wherein the man of GOD is buryed and laye my bones by hys. 1 Kings 13:32 For the sayinge which he cryed at the byddynge of the Lorde agaynste the aultare in Bethell, and agaynste all the houses of hylaultares which are in the cytyes of Samarye, shall come to passe.

Jeroboam's obstinacy.

1 Kings 13:33 How be it for all that, Ieroboam turned not from his wicked waye: but turned awaye & made of the lowest of the people priestes of the hyll aultares. Whosoeuer wold, he fylled theyr handes, and they became pryestes of the hylaultares. 1 Kings 13:34 And thys doynge was synne vnto the house of Ieroboam, euen to destroye it, & to put it away from of the face of the earth.

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