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1 Kings 15

Abijam's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:1 The .xviij. yeare of Kyng Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, raigned king Abiam ouer Iuda, 1 Kings 15:2 and ruled thre yeare in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Maacah þe doughter of Abesalom. 1 Kings 15:3 And he walked in all the synnes of hys father which he dyd before hym, and hys herte was not whole with the Lorde hys God, as the herte of Dauid hys father. 1 Kings 15:4 Neuerthelesse for Dauids sake dyd þe Lorde hys God geue hym a lyght in Ierusalem, that he set vp hys sonne after hym, to continue Ierusalem. 1 Kings 15:5 Because that Dauid dyd þt which pleased the Lord, & turned from nothing that he commaunded hym al the dayes of his lyfe, saue onely in the matter of Vrias the Hethite. 1 Kings 15:6 And there was warre betwene Rehoboam and Ieroboam as longe as he lyued. 1 Kings 15:7 And the rest of the deades of Abiam and all þt he dyd, are wrytten in the boke of the dedes þt were done in the dayes of the kynges of Iuda. And there was warre betwene Abiam and Ieroboam.

Asa succeedeth him.

1 Kings 15:8 And Abiam rested with his fathers, & they buryed him in the cytie of Dauid. And Asa hys sonne raygned in hys steade.

Asa's good reign.

1 Kings 15:9 The .xx. yeare of Ieroboam kynge of Israel beganne Asa to raigne ouer Iuda, 1 Kings 15:10 and ruled in Ierusalem .xli. yeare. And his mothers name was Maacah the doughter of Abesalom. 1 Kings 15:11 And Asa dyd that semed ryght in the eyes of the Lorde, lyke Dauid hys father. 1 Kings 15:12 And he made the stues of males departe the lande, and put awaye al the Idoles þt his fathers had made. 1 Kings 15:13 And therto he put doune Maacah hys mother from bearing rule, because she had made an Idole in a groue. And Asa destroyed her Idole and burnt it by the broke Cedron. 1 Kings 15:14 But he put not doune the hyllaulters. Neuerthelesse Asas herte was whole with the Lorde al hys dayes. 1 Kings 15:15 And he brought in that hys father had dedicate, and the thynges dedicate vnto þe house of the Lorde, syluer, golde, and Iewelles.

The war between Baasha and him causeth him to make a league with Ben-hadad.

1 Kings 15:16 And there was warre betwene Asa and Baasa kynge of Israell al their dayes. 1 Kings 15:17 And Baasa king of Israel went vp against Iuda & buylt Ramah, because that he woulde let none of Asas people kynge of Iuda go in or out. 1 Kings 15:18 Then Asa toke all the syluer and goulde that was lefte in the treasure of the house of the Lorde, and al the treasure of the kynges house and delyuered it vnto his seruauntes, and sent them to Benhadad the sonne of Tabremon the sonne of Hezion kynge of Siria, that dwelt at Damasco, saying: 1 Kings 15:19 there is a bounde betwene the and me as was betwene thy father and myne. Therfore I sende the bothe golde and syluer for a gyfte, that thou go, & breake the appointment betwene þe. And Baasa kinge of Israel, that he maye departe from me. 1 Kings 15:20 And Benhadad herkened vnto kynge Asa, and sent the captaynes of the hostes whiche he had against the cities of Israel and smote Ahian, Dan, Abel called Beth Maacah and all Cerenoth with all the lande of Nephthali. 1 Kings 15:21 And when Baasa hearde that he lefte buyldinge of Ramah and dwelt in Therzah. 1 Kings 15:22 Then kyng Asa made a proclamacyon thorowout all Iuda, that none shoulde be excused. And they toke the stones of Ramah, & the tymber wherwyth Baasa had buylt, & kynge Asa buylt therwyth Gabaah in Beniamin and Mazphah.

Jehoshaphat succeedeth Asa.

1 Kings 15:23 And the remnaunt of al the deades of Asa and of al his myght and of al that he did, and the cities whyche he buylt, are wrytten in the chronicles of the actes done in the daies of the kynges of Iuda. Neuerthelater in hys olde age he was diseased in his fete. 1 Kings 15:24 And Asa laid him to rest with his fathers, and was buryed with his fathers in the cytye of Dauid his father. And Iehosophat hys sonne raygned in his roume.

Nadab's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:25 And Nadab the sonne of Ieroboam beganne to raygne vpon Israel the seconde yeare of Asa kyng of Iuda, and raygned vpon Israel two yeare. 1 Kings 15:26 And he dyd euyll in the syght of the Lorde and walked in the waye of hys father & in hys sinne wherwith he made Israel sinne.

Baasha conspiring against him executeth Ahijah's prophecy.

1 Kings 15:27 But Baasa the sonne of Ahiah of the house of Isacar conspired agaynst him, & slue him at Gebethon a citie of the Philistines for Nadab and all Israel laye at seage before Gebethon. 1 Kings 15:28 And it was the third yeare of Asa kinge of Iuda, when Baasa slue him, and raygned in his steade. 1 Kings 15:29 And as sone as he was kynge, he slue all the house of Ieroboam and lefte hym naught that brethed, vntyll he had put him cleane out, agreyng vnto the sayinge of the Lorde whiche he spake by hys seruaunt Ahiah the Silonite, 1 Kings 15:30 for the synne of Ieroboam wherwith he synned and made Israel synne, and for his angeringe wherwyth he angred the Lorde God of Israel.

Nadab's acts and death.

1 Kings 15:31 The reste of the deades of Nadab, and all he dyd, are written in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel. 1 Kings 15:32 And there was warre betwene Asa and Baasa kynge of Israell all theyr dayes.

Baasha's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:33 In the thirde yeare of Isa kynge of Iuda, Baasa the sonne of Ahiah beganne to raygne ouer all Israel in Therzah, and contynued .xxiiij. year. 1 Kings 15:34 And he did that which displeaseth the Lorde, for he walked in the waye of Ieroboam and in hys synne wherwith he made Israel synne.

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