Matthew Bible

1 Kings 2

David, having given a charge to Solomon,

1 Kings 2:1 When the dayes of Dauid were draune nye, that he should dye, he charged Salomon his sonne sayinge: 1 Kings 2:2 I must walke by þe way of all the world, neuerthelater be thou strong and quyte thy self manfully,

of religiousness,

1 Kings 2:3 and se that thou kepe thy appointment of the Lorde thy God, that thou walke in his waies and kepe his commaundementes, ordinaunce, lawes and testimonies, euen as it is written in the law of Moses: that thou mayest vnderstand al that thou oughtest to do, and al that thou shouldest medyll wyth. 1 Kings 2:4 That the Lorde maye make good his promesse whiche he hath promised me sayinge: yf thy children shal take heede to their wayes, þt they walke before me in truthe, with all their hertes and with al their soules, then thou shalt neuer be without one syttynge on the seate of Israell.

of Joab,

1 Kings 2:5 Moreouer thou wottest howe Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah hath serued me, and what he hath done to the two captayues of the Hostes of Israel: vnto Abner the sonne of Ner & vnto Amasa the sonne of Iether: how he slue them and shed the bloude of warre in tyme of peace, and put the bloude of warre vpon hys gyrdle that was about hys loynes and in hys shoes that were on his fete. 1 Kings 2:6 Deale with hym therfore accordynge to thy wysedome and se that thou brynge not hys horre head doune to the graue in peace.

of Barzillai,

1 Kings 2:7 And shew kindnesse vnto the sonnes of Berselai the Galaadite, and let them be among them that eate at thyne owne table, because they so claue to me when I fled from Absalom thy brother.

of Shimei,

1 Kings 2:8 And se, thou hast with the, Semei the sonne of Gera the sonne of Gemini of Bahurim, whiche cursed me with a bytter curse, what tyme I went to Mahanaim. But he came against me to Iordan, and I sware to hym by the lorde sayinge. I wyl not sley the wyth the swerde. 1 Kings 2:9 But pardon thou him not. Thou art a man of wysdome and shalt know what to do to him, se therfore þt thou brynge hys horre head to the graue wyth bloude.


1 Kings 2:10 And so Dauid rested with his fathers, & was buryed in the cytye of Dauid. 1 Kings 2:11 And the dayes whyche Dauid raygned vpon Israell were fourtye yeares: seuen yeares in Hebron, and thyrtye and thre yeare in Ierusalem.

Solomon succeedeth.

1 Kings 2:12 And Salomon sate vpon the seate of Dauid hys father, and hys kyngdome was stablyshed myghtely.

Adonijah, moving Bath-sheba to sue unto Solomon for Abishag, is put to death.

1 Kings 2:13 After that Adoniah the sonne of Hagith came to Bethsabe the mother of Salomon. And she said: Betokeneth thy coming peace? And he sayde: it betokeneth peace. 1 Kings 2:14 Then sayde he: I haue a matter to shew the. And she said: saye on. 1 Kings 2:15 And he sayde: thou knowest that the kyngdome was myne, and that all Israel put their eyes on me, that I shoulde raygne, howe be it the kyngdome was turned away and geuen to my brother, for it was appoynted hym of te Lorde: 1 Kings 2:16 and now I aske a petycyon of the: wherof denye me not. And she sayde vnto hym: tell what it is. 1 Kings 2:17 Then he sayde: speake I pray the, vnto Salomon the kynge (for he wyl not saye the naye) that he geue me Abisag the Sunamite to wyfe. 1 Kings 2:18 And Bethsabe sayde: wel I will speake for the vnto the kynge.

1 Kings 2:19 And thervpon Bethsabe went vnto kynge Salomon to speake vnto hym for Adoniah. And the kynge rose vp agaynst her & bowed hym selfe vnto her, and sat him doune on hys seate. And there was a seate for the kynges mother, and she sat on his right syde. 1 Kings 2:20 Then she sayde: I must desyre a lyttel peticyon of the: saye me not naye. And the kynge sayde vnto her: Aske on my mother: for I wil not say the naye. 1 Kings 2:21 And she sayde: let Abisag the Sunamite be geuen to Adoniah thy brother to wyfe: 1 Kings 2:22 And kynge Salomon answered and sayde vnto his mother: why doest thou aske Abisag the Sunamite for Adoniah? but rather aske for hym the kingdome, seynge he is myne elder brother: Euen for hym aske it and for Abiathar the pryeste, and for Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah. 1 Kings 2:23 Then kynge Salomon sware by the Lorde sayinge: God do so to me, and so therto yf Adoniah haue not spoken this worde agaynst hym selfe. 1 Kings 2:24 Now therfore as surely as the Lorde lyueth whyche hath stablyshed me and set me on the seate of Dauid my father, & which hath made me an house as he promysed me, Adoniah shall dye thys daye. 1 Kings 2:25 And kynge Salomon sent by the hande of Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada, and smote hym that he dyed.

Abiathar, having his life given to him, is deprived of the priesthood.

1 Kings 2:26 And vnto Abiathar the pryest sayde the kynge: get the to Anatoth vnto thyne owne feldes for thou art worthy of death, but I will not at this tyme kyl the, because thou barest the Arcke of the Lorde Iehouah before Dauid my father, and because thou sufferedst wt my father in al hys afflyccyons. 1 Kings 2:27 And so Salomon put awaye Abiathar from beynge priest vnto the Lorde: to fulfil the wordes of the Lorde whyche he spake ouer the house of Eli in Siloh.

Joab fleeing to the horns of the altar is there slain.

1 Kings 2:28 Then tydinges came to Ioab: for Ioab had turned after Adoniah but not after Salomon. Whervpon he fled vnto the tabernacle of the Lorde and caught handfast on the hornes of the aultare. 1 Kings 2:29 And it was tolde kynge Salomon, how that Ioab was fled vnto the tabernacle of the Lorde and stode by the aultare. Then Salomon sent Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada saying: go and smyte him: 1 Kings 2:30 And when Banaiah was come to the tabernacle of the Lorde, he sayde vnto hym: thus sayth the kynge, come out. And he sayde, nay. But I wil dye euen here: & Banaiah brought the kyng worde sayinge: thus sayde Ioab & thus he answered me. 1 Kings 2:31 And the kynge sayde: do euen as he hathe sayde: smyte hym and burye him, and take awaye the bloude (whiche Ioab shed causelesse) from me, and from the house of my father. 1 Kings 2:32 And the Lorde brynge hys bloude vpon his owne heade, for he smote two men ryghteouser and better then he, and slue them with the swearde, my father vnwetynge: euen Abner the sonne of Ner capitayne of the hoste of Israel, and Amasa the sonne of Iether captayne of the hoste of Iuda. 1 Kings 2:33 And their bloude returne vpon the heade of Ioab, and on the heade on hys sede for euer. And prosperyte be vnto Dauid, and vnto hys seade, and vnto hys house, and vnto hys seate, of the Lorde for euer. 1 Kings 2:34 And Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada went vp and smote him & slue him & buried hym in hys owne house in the wildernesse.

Benaiah is put in Joab's room, and Zadok in Abiathar's.

1 Kings 2:35 And the king put Banaiah þe sonne of Iehoiada in his roume ouer the host, and put Sadock þe priest in the roume of Abiathar.

Shimei, confined to Jerusalem, by occasion of going thence to Gath, is put to death.

1 Kings 2:36 Then the kynge sent and called Semei, and sayde to hym: buylde the an house in Ierusalem and dwel there, & se that thou go not once thence any whether. 1 Kings 2:37 For be thou sure of it, the daye thou goest out and passest ouer the ryuer of Cedron, thou shalt dye for it, and thy bloud shalbe on thine owne heade. 1 Kings 2:38 And Semei sayde vnto the kinge: it is wel sayd: as my Lorde the kinge hath sayed, so wil his seruaunt do. And Semei dwelt in Ierusalem many a daye. 1 Kings 2:39 And it chaunced at the ende of thre yeare that two of the seruauntes of Semei ranne awaye vnto Achis sonne of Maacah kynge of Geth. And one tolde Semei saying: se, thy seruauntes be in Geth. 1 Kings 2:40 And Semei stode vp and sadled hys Asse, and gat him to Geth to Achis to seke his seruauntes, and came and brought them agayne from Geth. 1 Kings 2:41 But it was tolde Salomon howe that Semei had gone from Ierusalem to Geth and was come againe. 1 Kings 2:42 And the kynge sent and called Semei, and sayde vnto hym: Dyd I not adiure the by the Lorde, and testifyed vnto the sayinge: be sure whensoeuer thou goest oute and walkest abroade any whether, thou shalt dye for it? And thou answeredst me: it is good tydynges that I haue hearde. 1 Kings 2:43 Why then hast thou not kept the othe of the Lorde, and the commaundement that I commaunded the? 1 Kings 2:44 And then the kinge sayde to Semei: thou remembrest all the wyckednesse whych thyne hert knoweth that thou diddest to Dauid my father. The Lorde therfore render agayn thy wyckednesse vpon thyne owne heade: 1 Kings 2:45 & kyng Salomon be blessed, and the seate of Dauid be stablyshed before the Lorde for euer. 1 Kings 2:46 And the kyng commaunded Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada: whiche went out and smote hym þt he dyed And so was the kyngdome setled in the hand of Salomon.

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