Matthew Bible

1 Kings 22

Ahab, seduced by false prophets, according to the word of Micaiah, is slain at Ramoth-gilead.

1 Kings 22:1 And they contynued thre yeare wythout warre betwene Siria and Israel. 1 Kings 22:2 And the thyrd yeare Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda, came to the kyng of Israel. 1 Kings 22:3 Then sayd the king of Israel vnto his seruauntes: know ye not that Ramoth in Galaad is oures, and we syt stylle and take it not out of the handes of the kinge of Siria? 1 Kings 22:4 And he sayde vnto Iehosaphat: wylt thou go with me to batayle, to Ramoth in Galaad? And Iehosaphat sayde vnto the kynge of Israel: I will be as thou art, and my people shall be as thyne, and my horsses as thyne. 1 Kings 22:5 And Iehosaphat sayde vnto the kynge of Israel, aske counsel I pray the of the Lorde to daye. 1 Kings 22:6 And then the kynge of Israell gathered of the Prophetes together, vpon a foure hundred men, and sayde vnto them: shall I go to Ramoth in Galaad to battayle, or be stylle? And they saide: go, for the Lorde shall delyuer it into the handes of the kynge. 1 Kings 22:7 And Iehosaphat sayde: is there neuer a Prophet of the Lordes here more, that we myght enquyre of him? 1 Kings 22:8 And the kynge of Israell sayde to Iehosaphat: there is yet one, by whome we maye aske counsel of the Lorde, one Micheah the sonne of Iemlah. But I hate hym: for he neuer prophesyeth good vnto me, but euyl. And Iehosaphat sayde: let not the kinge saye so. 1 Kings 22:9 Then the kynge of Israel called vnto one of his chamberlaynes and sayde: fet Micheah the sonne of Iemlah hyther attonce. 1 Kings 22:10 And the kynge of Israell and Iehosaphat the kinge of Iuda sat eyther in his seate and their apparell on them, in a voyde place besyde the entrynge of the gate of Samaria, & all the Prophetes prophesyinge before them. 1 Kings 22:11 And Zedekiah the sonne of Canaanah made hornes of yron and sayde, thus sayth the lord: with these hornes thou shalt wynowe the Sirians vntyll thou haue made an ende of them. 1 Kings 22:12 And all the Prophetes prophesyed euen so sayinge: go to Ramoth in Galaad & prosper, for the Lorde shall delyuer it into the handes of the kinge. 1 Kings 22:13 And the messenger that was gone to call Micheah, said vnto him: se, the wordes of the Prophetes speake good vnto the kynge with one voyce: let thy wordes I praie the, be lyke the wordes of one of them, and speake that is good. 1 Kings 22:14 And Mycheah sayde: as surely as the Lorde lyueth, what the Lorde putteth in my mouthe, that wil I speake.

1 Kings 22:15 And when he was come to the kynge, the kynge sayde to hym: Micheah, shall we go to Ramoth in Galaad to batayle, or shall we be still? And he sayde vnto him: go and prosper, the Lorde deliuer it into the handes of the kinge. 1 Kings 22:16 And the kynge saide vnto him, how often shall I adiure the, that thou tel me nothinge but truthe, in the name of the Lorde. 1 Kings 22:17 Then he sayde: I sawe all Israell scattered vpon the hylles, as shepe that haue no shepardes. And the Lorde sayde: those haue no mayster, let them returne, euery man to hys house in peace. 1 Kings 22:18 Then sayde the kynge of Israel to Iehosaphat: dyd I not tell the, that he woulde prophesye no good vnto me, but euil? 1 Kings 22:19 And Micheah saide: heare therfore the worde of the Lorde. I sawe the Lorde sytte on hys seate and al the company of heauen standinge aboute him, on his right hand and on his left. 1 Kings 22:20 And the Lorde sayd: who shal deceiue Ahab that he maye go and be slaine at Ramoth in Galaad, and one sayde on this maner and another on that. 1 Kings 22:21 Then came forthe a spyryte & stode before the Lorde and sayde: I wyll deceyue him. 1 Kings 22:22 And the Lorde saide: wherwyth? And he saide: I wil go out and be a false spirit in the mouthes of all his Prophetes. And the Lord sayde: thou shalt deceyue hym, and also preuayle, go forth and do euen so. 1 Kings 22:23 Now therfore beholde, the Lord hath put a lyinge spirit in the mouth of all these thy Prophetes: when in very deade the Lorde hath spoken euyll towarde the. 1 Kings 22:24 Then Zedechiah þe sonne of Canaanah went to and smote Micheah on the cheke, and said: how is the spyryte of the Lorde gone from me, to speake in þe? 1 Kings 22:25 And Micheah sayd: behold thou shalt se in that daye, when thou shalt go from chambre to chambre to hyde the. 1 Kings 22:26 And the kynge of Israel sayde: take Micheah, and carie him backe agayne vnto Amon the gouerner of the citie, and vnto Ioab the kynges sonne, 1 Kings 22:27 and saye: thus sayth the kinge. Put ye this felow in the preson house, and fede hym with breade and water straytlye, vntill I returne in peace. 1 Kings 22:28 Then Micheah sayde: yf thou come safe agayne, the Lorde hath not spoken in me. And he sayde moreouer, herken to ye people euery one of you. 1 Kings 22:29 And so the kynge of Israel and Iehosaphat the kinge of Iuda went vp to Ramoth in Galaad. 1 Kings 22:30 And the kinge of Israel sayde to Iehosaphat: chaunce the and get the to warre: but put on thyne own apparel. And the kyng of Israel chaunged hym selfe, and went to battel also. 1 Kings 22:31 But the Kynge of Siria had commaunded the capitaynes of hys charettes of whych he had .xxxij. sayinge: fight neyther with smal nor greate, saue wyth the kinge of Israel onlye. 1 Kings 22:32 And when the captaynes of the charettes sawe Iehosaphat, they thought he had bene þe kinge of Israel, and therfore turned to him to fyght. But Iehosaphat cryed out. 1 Kings 22:33 And when the captaines of the charettes sawe that he was not the kinge of Israel, they turned backe from him. 1 Kings 22:34 And a certayne man drew a bow ignorantly and smote the kinge of Israel betwene the ribbes of his harnesse. Wherfore the kinge sayde vnto the dryuer of his charet, turne thy hande and carye me out of the host, for I am hurte. 1 Kings 22:35 And the battel encreased that daye, and the kynge continued in hys charet before the Sirians and dyed at euen. And the bloude ranne out of the wounde into the botome of the charet. 1 Kings 22:36 And there went a proclamacyon thorowe oute the Hoste, after the sunne was doune sayinge: euery man to his cytye and to hys own countreye.

The dogs lick up his blood, and Ahaziah succeedeth him.

1 Kings 22:37 And when the kynge of Israel was dead, they came to Samaria and buryed hym there. 1 Kings 22:38 And whyle they wasshed the charet in the pole of Samaria, the dogges licked vp hys bloude, and harlottes wasshed him accordynge vnto the worde of the Lorde whych he spake. 1 Kings 22:39 The rest of the deades of Ahab, and all he dyd, and the yuorye house whyche he made, and the cyties that he buylt, are written in the boke of the chronicles of the kinges of Israel. 1 Kings 22:40 And when Ahab was sayde to rest with hys fathers, Ohoziah hys soune raygned in hys steade.

Jehoshaphat's good reign.

1 Kings 22:41 Iehosaphat the sonne of Asa beganne to raygne vpon Iuda, the fourth yeare of Ahab kyng of Israel, 1 Kings 22:42 and was .xxxv. yeare old when he beganne to raygne, and raygned .xxv. year in Ierusalem. And his mothers name was Azubah the doughter of Salahi. 1 Kings 22:43 And he walked in all the wayes of Asa hys father & bowed not therfrom. But dyd that was right in the eyes of the Lorde. Onlye he dyd not put the hilaulters out of the waye: for the people offered, and burnt their sacryfices yet in the hylaulters. 1 Kings 22:44 And he had peace wyth the kynge of Israel.

His acts.

1 Kings 22:45 And the rest of the deades of Iehosaphat, and the myght that he vsed, and how he warred, are wrytten in the boke of the chronicles of the kinges of Iuda. 1 Kings 22:46 And the remnaunt of the stues of the males, whyche remayned in the dayes of his father, he put cleane oute of the lande. 1 Kings 22:47 There was then no kynge in Edom, the kynge was but a debite. 1 Kings 22:48 And Iehosaphat made shyppes in the sea, to go to Ophir for gould, but they went not: for the shippes brake at Azion Gaber. 1 Kings 22:49 Then sayde Ohoziah the sonne of Ahab vnto Iehosaphat: let my seruauntes go with thine in the shyppes. But Iehosaphat woulde not.

Jehoram succeedeth him.

1 Kings 22:50 And Iehosaphat layde him to slepe with hys fathers and was buryed with his fathers in þe citie of Dauid his father. And Iehoram hys sonne raygned in hys roume.

Ahaziah's evil reign.

1 Kings 22:51 Ohoziah the sonne of Ahab beganne to raygne vpon Israel in Samaria, the .xvij. yeare of Iehosaphat king of Iuda, & was king ouer Israell two yeare, 1 Kings 22:52 & dyd euyl in the syght of þe Lorde, and walked in the waye of hys father and in the waye of his mother, and in the waye of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, whyche made Israel synne. 1 Kings 22:53 And he serued Baal, and bowed hym selfe to hym, & angred the Lorde God of Israel, in all thinge as dyd hys father.

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