Matthew Bible

1 Kings 4

Solomon's princes.

1 Kings 4:1 And so king Salomon was king ouer all Israel. 1 Kings 4:2 And these were hys Lordes: Azariah the sonne of Sadock the priest: 1 Kings 4:3 Elihoreph and Ahiah the sonnes of Sisa, scrybes. Ieosaphath the sonne of Ahilud the recorder. 1 Kings 4:4 And Baianah the sonne of Iehoiada was ouer the host. And Sadock and Abiathar were the priestes. 1 Kings 4:5 And Azariah the sonne of Nathan was ouer the generall receyuers. And Zabud the sonne of Nathan was a wayter & the kynges companyon. 1 Kings 4:6 And Asihar stewarde of housholde: And Adinoram sonne of Abda ouer the trybute.

His twelve officers for provision.

1 Kings 4:7 And Salomon had twelue generall receyuers ouer al Israel which sustayned the king & hys housholde: eche man hys moneth in a yeare. 1 Kings 4:8 Whose names are these: the sonne of hur in mount Ephraim: 1 Kings 4:9 the sonne of Dekar in Makez, in Salem in Bethsames, in Elon & in Bethhanan: 1 Kings 4:10 the sonne of Hesed in Aruboth & to him pertayned Socoh and all the land of Hepher: 1 Kings 4:11 the sonne of Abinadab, which had al the regyons of Dor, and Tapheth þe doughter of Salomon was hys wyfe: 1 Kings 4:12 Baanah the sonne of Ahilud had Thanach Magedo and all Bethsan which is by Zarhanah benethe Iezrahel, and from Bethsan to Abel Mehulah & vnto beyounde Iecmaam, 1 Kings 4:13 the sonne of Gaber had Ramoth Galaad, and hys were þe tounes of Iair the sonne of Manasse which lye in Galaad, and hys was the coastes of Argob in Basan, threskore greate cytyes wyth walles and Barres of Brasse. 1 Kings 4:14 Ahinadab the sonne of Ado had Mahanaim: 1 Kings 4:15 Ahimaaz; had Nephtalim, & he had taken Basemath the doughter of Salomon to wife. 1 Kings 4:16 Baanah the sonne of Hasai had Aser & Aloth: 1 Kings 4:17 Iehosaphat the sonne of Pharuah had Isachar. 1 Kings 4:18 Semei the sonne of Elah had Beniamin: 1 Kings 4:19 Gaber the sonne of Vry had the contreye of Galaad and the lande of Sehon kynge of the Amorytes & of Og kyng of Basan, and was alone receyuer in the lande.

The peace and largeness of his kingdom.

1 Kings 4:20 And Iuda & Israel were manye euen as the sande of the sea in nombre, eatyng, drynckyng, & makynge merye. 1 Kings 4:21 And Salomon raygned ouer al kyngdomes from the ryuer thorowout al the land of the Phylistines vnto the borders of Egipt and they brought presentes & serued Salomon all dayes of hys lyfe.

His daily provision.

1 Kings 4:22 And Salomons fode was in one day thyrtye quarters of manchet floure and thre skore quarters of mele: 1 Kings 4:23 ten stalled oxen, & twentye out of the pastures & an hundred shepe and gootes, besydes, hertes, buckes and buballes & fat pultrye.

The peace and largeness of his kingdom.

1 Kings 4:24 For he ruled in all the regyons on the other syde Euphrates, from Thaphsah to Gaza, and also ouer all the kinges on the other syde the sayd Euphrates. And he had peace with all hys seruauntes on euery syde. 1 Kings 4:25 And Iuda and Israell dwelt wythout feare, euery man vnder his vyne & vnder his fygge tre from Dan to Bersabe, all the dayes of Salomon.

His stables.

1 Kings 4:26 And Salomon had fourtye thousand stalles of horsses for charettes, & twelue thousand horsmen 1 Kings 4:27 And the forsayde general receyuers made purueyaunce for kyng Salomon and for all that came to kynge Salomons table, euery man hys moneth, so that there lacked nothynge. 1 Kings 4:28 And as for barleye and strawe for the horsses & beastes, they brought vnto þe places where the offycers were, euery man in his offyce.

His wisdom.

1 Kings 4:29 And God gaue Salomon wisdome & vnderstandyng excedyng muche & a large herte euen as the sande a longe by the sea bancke: 1 Kings 4:30 so that Salomons wysdome exceded the wysdom of all them of the east countreye & all the wysdome of the Egypcyans. 1 Kings 4:31 And he excelled all men in wysdome, both Ethan the Ezrahite, & Heman, Chalcol and Dorda the sonnes of Mahol. And hys name sprede abroade amonge all nacyons on euerye syde. 1 Kings 4:32 And Salomon wrote thre thousande prouerbes. And his songes were a thousande and fyue. 1 Kings 4:33 And he disputed of trees, euen from the Cedar tre that groweth in Lybanon vnto the Isope that spryngeth out of the walle. And he dysputed of beastes, foules, wormes and fyshes. 1 Kings 4:34 And there came of all nacyons to heare the wysdome of Salomon, and from all kynges of the earthe which had hearde of hys wysdome.

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