Matthew Bible

1 Kings 8

The feast of the dedication of the Temple.

1 Kings 8:1 Then Salomon gathered the elders of Israel, all the heades of the trybes and auncyent Lordes of the chyldren of Israel, vnto him to Ierusalem, to bryng vp the arcke of the appoyntment of the Lord out of the cytye of Dauid which is Syon. 1 Kings 8:2 And al the men of Israel assembled vnto kynge Salomon to the feast that falleth in the moneth Ethanim which is the seuenth moneth. 1 Kings 8:3 And when al the elders of Israel were come, the priestes toke vp the Arcke of the Lorde, 1 Kings 8:4 and brought it, & also the tabernacle of witnesse & all the holye vesselles that were therein. And the priestes & the Leuites brought them vp. 1 Kings 8:5 And kynge Salomon and all the congregacyon of Israell that were assembled, and were wyth hym before the arcke, dyd offer shepe & oxen that coulde not be tolde nor nombred for multitude. 1 Kings 8:6 And so the priestes brought the arcke of the apoyntment of the Lorde vnto hys place: euen into the quere of the temple, and place moste holy, vnder the wynges of þe Cherubes. 1 Kings 8:7 For þe Cherubes stretched oute theyr wynges ouer the arcke, and couered bothe it and also the staues therof a hye vpon it. 1 Kings 8:8 How be it the staues were so longe that the endes of them appered oute of the holy place before the quere, but were not sene wythoute. And there they be vnto thys dayes. 1 Kings 8:9 And there was nothynge in the arcke saue the two tables of stone whiche Moyses put there at Horeb, when the Lorde made an appoyntment wyth the chyldren of Israel after they were come oute of Egypte. 1 Kings 8:10 And when the priestes were come oute of the holye place, then a cloude fylled the house of the Lorde, 1 Kings 8:11 that the priestes coulde not endure to mynyster because of the cloud, for the glorye of the Lorde had filled the house of the Lorde.

Solomon's blessing.

1 Kings 8:12 Then spake Salomon: the Lorde sayd, that he wolde dwell in darckenesse. 1 Kings 8:13 I haue built the an house to dwell in, & an habytacion for þe to abyde in for euer. 1 Kings 8:14 And the king turned hys face, and blessed all the congregacyon of Israel, all the congregacyon standyng. 1 Kings 8:15 And he sayde. Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel, which hath fulfylled wyth hys hande, that he spake wyth hys mouthe vnto Dauid my father sayinge: 1 Kings 8:16 from the daye I brought my people Israel out of Egypte, I chose no cytye among any of the trybes of Israel, to buylde an house, that my name myght be there: But I haue chosen Dauid to be ruler ouer my people Israel. 1 Kings 8:17 And it was in the herte of Dauid my father, to buylde an house for the name of the Lorde God of Israel. 1 Kings 8:18 But the Lorde GOD sayde vnto Dauid my father: in that it was in thyne herte to buylde an house for my name, thou dyddest well, that thou wast so mynded. 1 Kings 8:19 Neuerthelesse thou shalt not buylde the house, but thy sonne that shal come out of thy loynes he shal buylde an house for my name. 1 Kings 8:20 And the Lorde hath made good hys worde þt he spake. For I stode vp in the roume of Dauid my father, and sate on the seate of Israel, as the Lorde promysed, & haue buylt an house for the name of the Lorde God of Israel. 1 Kings 8:21 And I haue prepared therein a place for the arcke wherein the couenaunt of the Lorde is, which he made with our father, after he had brought them out of the lande of Egypte.

Solomon's prayer.

1 Kings 8:22 And Salomon stode before the aultare of the Lorde in þe syght of all the congregacyon of Israel, and stretched oute hys handes to heauen 1 Kings 8:23 & sayde: Lorde God of Israel, there is no God lyke þe in heauen aboue or in the earthe benethe, that kepest appoyntment & mercye wyth thy seruauntes that walcke before the wyth all theyr hertes: 1 Kings 8:24 which also hast kepte wyth thy seruauntes Dauid my father, that thou promysedeste hym. Thou spakest wyth thy mouthe & haste fulfylled with thyne hande, as it is come to passe thys daye. 1 Kings 8:25 And now Lorde God of Israel, kepe wyth thy seruaunte Dauid my father, that thou promysedest hym saying: thou shalt not be wythoute one or other before me, syttyng on the seat of Israel: How be it yf thy chyldren shall take hede to theyr wayes that they walcke before me, as thou haste walked before me. 1 Kings 8:26 Now then O Lord God of Israel, let thy worde be stable whiche thou spakeste vnto thy seruaunt Dauid my father. 1 Kings 8:27 But in deade can God dwell on þe earthe? Beholde neyther heauen, nor heauen aboue all heauens are able to contayne the: howe muche lesse then thys house that I haue built? 1 Kings 8:28 but loke to the prayer of thy seruaunt and his supplicacyon O Lorde my God, to geue an eare vnto the noyce and prayer which thy seruaunt prayeth before the thys daye, 1 Kings 8:29 that thine eyes maye be open vpon thys house nyght & daye, & vpon the place, of whiche thou haste sayde, my name shalbe there: that thou herken vnto the prayer which thy seruaunt shal pray in thys place. 1 Kings 8:30 And herken vnto the supplicacyon of thy seruaunte and of thy people Israel whiche they shall praye in thys place. And heare thou vp vnto heauen thy dwellynge place, and when thou heareste, haue mercye.

1 Kings 8:31 And yf any man trespace agaynst hys neyghboure, and hys neyghboure take an adiuracyon to adiure hym with all, and the adiuarcyon come before thyne aultare at thys house, 1 Kings 8:32 then herken thou vp to heauen, & worke and iudge thy seruauntes, that thou condempne þe wicked to brynge hys waye vpon hys heade, & iustifye the ryghteous to geue hym accordynge to hys ryghteousnesse.

1 Kings 8:33 When thy people Israel be put to the worsse before theyr enemyes, because they haue synned agaynste the & afterwarde turne agayne to the, & prayse thy name, & praye, and make supplicacion vnto the in thys house: 1 Kings 8:34 then heare thou vp to heauen, and be mercyfull vnto the synne of thy people Israel, and brynge them agayne vnto the lande whiche thou gauest vnto theyr fathers.

1 Kings 8:35 Yf heauen be shut vp, that there be no rayne, because they haue synned against the: yet yf they praye in thys place, and prayse thy name, and turne from theyr synnes, thorowe thy skourgynge of them: 1 Kings 8:36 then heare thou vp to heauen, and be mercyfull vnto the synne of thy seruauntes & of thy people Israel, þt thou shewe them a good waye to walke in, & geue raygne vpon thy lande that thou haste geuen vnto thy people to enheret.

1 Kings 8:37 If there chaunce death in the lande, pestylence, blastynge, or wytheryng of corne, or þt the frutes be deuoured of Grashoppers or Caterpyllers, or yf theyr enemyes besege them in the lande & in theyr owne cytyes, or whatsoeuer plage or sycknesse chaunce: 1 Kings 8:38 then heare thou vp to heauen thy dwelling place, all the prayers and supplicacyons that shalbe made of all men thorowout all thy people Israel, which shal knoweledge euery man the plage of hys owne herte, and stretche forth hys handes vnto thys house, 1 Kings 8:39 and be mercyfull, and worcke, and geue euery man according to his wayes (euen as thou onelye knowest euerye mannes herte, for thou knowest the hertes of all the children of Adam) 1 Kings 8:40 that they may feare the as long as they liue vpon the earth which thou gauest vnto theyr fathers. 1 Kings 8:41 And likewise yf a straunger that is not of thy people Israel come oute of a farre countreye for thy names sake 1 Kings 8:42 (for they shal heare of thy great name and of thy myghtye hande and stretched out Arme) and therfore yf he come & praye at thys place, 1 Kings 8:43 heare thou vp to heauen thy dwellyng place, and do accordynge to all that the straunger calleth to the for, that all nacyons of the erth maye knowe thy name, to feare the as do thy people Israel, and that it maye be knowen that this house which I haue buylt is called after thy name.

1 Kings 8:44 And when they go out to battell agaynst their enemyes whether soeuer thou shalt send them, & shall praye vnto the Lorde towarde the cytie which thou hast chosen and towarde the house that I haue buylt for thy name: 1 Kings 8:45 heare thou their prayers and supplicacions, vp to heauen, and iudge their cause. 1 Kings 8:46 And finally when they shall haue synned agaynst the (for there is no man that synneth not) & thou art angrye with them and hast delyuered them to their enemyes, that they be caryed awaye prysoners vnto the land of theyr enemyes, whether ferre or neare, 1 Kings 8:47 yet yf they turne agayne vnto their hertes in the lande where they be in captiuite, and returne and praye vnto the in the lande of them that holde them captiue, sayinge: we haue synned & haue done wyckedlye & haue trespaced, 1 Kings 8:48 & so turne agayne vnto the with all their hertes and all their soules in the land of their enemyes which holde them captyue, and praye vnto the, towarde the land which thou gauest vnto their fathers, & towarde the cytie which thou hast chosen, and house which I haue buylt for thy name: 1 Kings 8:49 then heare thou their prayer & supplicacion vp to heauen thy dwellyng place, & iudge their causes, 1 Kings 8:50 and be mercyfull vnto thy people that haue synned agaynst the, and vnto all their trespace that they haue trespaced agaynst the, and get the fauoure in the syght of them that hold them captyue that they may haue compassyon on them. 1 Kings 8:51 For they be thy people and thyne enherytaunce whiche thou broughtest oute of Egypte, from the fornace of yron. 1 Kings 8:52 And let thyne eyes be open vnto the prayer of thy seruaunte, & vnto the prayer of thy people Israel, to herken vnto them, in all that they call vnto the for. 1 Kings 8:53 For thou dyddeste separat them, to be thyne enheritaunce, aboue all the nacyons of the earthe, as thou saydeste by the hande of Moses thy seruaunte, when thou broughtest oure fathers oute of Egypte O Lorde Iehouah.

Solomon's blessing.

1 Kings 8:54 And when Salomon had made an ende of prayinge all thys prayer & supplicacyon vnto the Lorde, he arose from before the aultare of the Lorde, & from knelyng on hys knees, and stretchynge of hys handes vp to heauen 1 Kings 8:55 and stode, & blessed all the congregacion of Israel wyth a loud voyce, saying: 1 Kings 8:56 Blessed be þe Lord that hath geuen reste vnto hys people Israel according to all that he promysed, so þt there is not one worde escaped of all the good promyses which he promysed by the hand of Moses hys seruaunte. 1 Kings 8:57 And the Lorde oure God be wyth vs, as he was wyth our fathers, and forsake vs not 1 Kings 8:58 neyther leue vs, but that he bowe oure hertes vnto him, to walcke in all hys wayes, and to kepe hys commaundementes, ordinaunces and customes whiche he commaunded oure fathers. 1 Kings 8:59 And these my wordes which I haue prayed before the Lorde, be nye vnto the Lorde oure God daye and nyghte, þt he defende the cause of hys seruaunte and of hys people Israel euermore, 1 Kings 8:60 that all nacyons of the earth maye knowe that the Lorde, he is God and none but he. 1 Kings 8:61 And I praye God that youre hertes maye be sounde wyth the Lorde oure God, to walke in hys ordinaunces and to kepe hys lawes as we do thys daye.

His sacrifice of peace offerings.

1 Kings 8:62 And the kyng and al Israel wyth him, offered offerynges before the Lorde. 1 Kings 8:63 And the peace offerynges that Salomon offered vnto the Lorde, were .xxij. thousand oxen & an hundred and twentye thousande shepe. And so the kynge and al the chyldren of Israel dedicated the house of the Lorde. 1 Kings 8:64 And the same daye the kynge halowed the mydle of the courte that is before the house of the Lord: for there he offered burntofferynges & meateofferynges, & the fat of the peaceofferynges, because the brasen aultare that was before the Lord, was to lytle to receyue the burntofferynges & meate offerynges, and the fat of the peaceofferynges. 1 Kings 8:65 And Salomon helde that same tyme an hye feast & all Israell wyth hym, a myghtye congregacyon, euen from the coastes of Hemath vnto the ryuer of Egypte, before the Lorde oure God, seuen dayes & yet seuen dayes, that is .xiiij. dayes. 1 Kings 8:66 And the .viij. daye he sente the people awaye. And they blessed the kynge and went vnto theyr tentes ioyouse & glad in herte for all the goodnesse that þe Lord had shewed vnto Dauid hys seruaunt and to Israell hys people.

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