Matthew Bible

1 Peter 3

He teacheth the duty of wives and husbands to each other,

1 Peter 3:1 Lykewyse let the wyues be in subiectyon to theyr husbandes, that euen they which beleue not the worde, maye wythoute the worde be wonne by the conuersation of the wiues: 1 Peter 3:2 whyle they beholde your pure conuersacion coupled wyth feare. 1 Peter 3:3 Whose apparell shall not be outewarde wyth broyeded heare, and hangynge on of golde, other in puttynge on of gorgyous apparell: 1 Peter 3:4 but let the hyd man of the harte be vncorrupte with a meke and a quyete spyryte, whiche spyryte is before God a thynge muche set by. 1 Peter 3:5 For after thys maner in the olde tyme dyd the holye women whiche trusted in God, tyer them selues, and were obedyente to theyr husbandes 1 Peter 3:6 euen as Sara obeyed Abraham, and called hym Lorde: whose doughters ye are as longe as ye do well, and be not afrayde of euerye shadowe. 1 Peter 3:7 Lykewyse ye men dwell wyth them accordynge to knoweledge, geuynge honoure vnto the wyfe, as vnto the weaker vessell, and as vnto them that are heyres also of the grace of lyfe, that youre prayers be not let.

exhorting all men to unity and love,

1 Peter 3:8 In conclusyon be ye all of one mynd, one suffer wyth another, loue as brethren, be petifull, be curteous, 1 Peter 3:9 not rendringe euyll for euyll, neyther rebuke for rebuke, but contrarywyse, blesse, remembryng that ye are thervnto called, euen that ye shoulde be heyres of blessinge. 1 Peter 3:10 If anye man longe after lyfe, and loueth to se good dayes, let him refrayne his tonge from euil, & his lippes that they speake not gyle. 1 Peter 3:11 Let hym eschue euyll and do good, let him seke peace, and ensue it. 1 Peter 3:12 For the eyes of the Lorde are ouer the rightuous, and his eares are open vnto theyr prayers. But the face of the Lorde beholdeth them that do euil. 1 Peter 3:13 Morouer who is it that wyll harme you, yf ye folowe that whiche is good?

and to suffer persecution.

1 Peter 3:14 Notwithstanding happy are ye, yf ye suffre for ryghtuousnes sake. Yea and feare not though they seme terrible vnto you, neither be troubled, 1 Peter 3:15 but sanctifie the Lorde God in your hertes. Be ready alwaies to geue an answere to euery man that axeth you a reason of the hope, that is in you, and that with mekenes & feare, 1 Peter 3:16 hauinge a good conscience, that when they backbyte you as euyl doers, they maye be ashamed, for as muche as they haue falsely accused your good conuersation in Christ. 1 Peter 3:17 It is better (yf the wyll of God be so) þt ye suffre for wel doyng, then for euil doinge. 1 Peter 3:18 For as much as Christ hath ones suffered for sinners, the iuste for the vniuste, for to bringe vs to God, and was kylled, as perteininge to the fleshe: but was quickened in the spirite.

He declareth also the benefits of Christ toward the old world.

1 Peter 3:19 In which spirite, he also wente and preached vnto the spirites that were in prison, 1 Peter 3:20 which were in tyme passed disobedient, when the longe sufferinge of God abode excedinge paciently in þe dayes of Noe, whyle the arcke was a preparing wherin fewe (that is to saie .viij. soules) were saued by water, 1 Peter 3:21 which signifyeth baptisme that nowe saueth vs, not þe puttinge awaye of the fylth of the fleshe, but in that a good conscience consenteth to God, by the resurreccion of Iesus Christe, 1 Peter 3:22 whyche is on the right hande of God, and is gone into heauen, aungelles, power, and mighte, subdued vnto him.

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