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2 Chronicles 25

Amaziah beginneth to reign well.

2 Chronicles 25:1 Amaziah was .xxv. yere olde when he beganne to raygne, & he raygned .xxix. yere in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Iehoiadan of Ierusalem. 2 Chronicles 25:2 And he did that pleased the Lord: but not with the hoale hert.

He executeth justice on the traitors.

2 Chronicles 25:3 And as sone as he was seteled in the kyngedome, he slue them that kylled the kynge hys father. 2 Chronicles 25:4 But he slue not theyr chyldren as it is wrytten in the lawe, euen in the boke of Moses to whome the Lord commaunded saying: the fathers shall not dye for the childrens causes, nor the chyldren for the fathers, but euery man shall dye for hys owne synne.

Having hired an army of Israelites against the Edomites, at the word of a prophet he loseth the hundred talents, and dismisseth them.

2 Chronicles 25:5 And Amaziah gathered Iuda to gether & made capitaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundredes in the houses of theyr fathers thorowout all Iuda and Beniamin. And he numbred them from twentye yere & aboue, & founde them thre hundred thousande lustie men able to go to battell, and that coulde handle speare and shylde. 2 Chronicles 25:6 And he hyred therto an hundred thousande fyghtynge men out of Israel, for an hundred talentes of syluer. 2 Chronicles 25:7 But there came a man of God to him and sayde: kynge, let not the armye of Israel go with the: for the Lorde is not with Israel nether with any of the house of Ephraim. 2 Chronicles 25:8 Or elles yf thou neades wylt, then go and do it, and make thy selfe stronge to battel: and thou shalt se, that God shall make the fall before thine enemyes. For God hath power to help or to cast doune. 2 Chronicles 25:9 And Amaziah sayde agayne to the man of God, what shall we do then, for the hundred talentes whiche I haue geuen vnto the hoste of Israel? And the man of God sayde: the Lorde is able to geue the moche moare then that.

The Israelites, discontented with their dismission, spoil as they return home.

2 Chronicles 25:10 And then Amaziah seuered the armie that was come to hym out of Ephraim, to go whome agayne. Wherfore they were exceadynge wrothe with Iuda, & returned to theyr owne whome in great angre.

He overthroweth the Edomites.

2 Chronicles 25:11 And Amaziah toke herte & caryed out his host and went to saltdale. Where he slue of the children of Seir ten thousande. 2 Chronicles 25:12 And other ten thousande the chyldren of Iuda toke alyue and caried them vnto the toppe of a rocke & cast them downe from the toppe of the rocke that they all to burst:

The Israelites, discontented with their dismission, spoil as they return home.

2 Chronicles 25:13 but the men of the armie which Amaziah had turned backe and wold not let go with his people to battell, ranne vpon the cities of Iuda from Samaria vnto Bethhoron and slue thre thousande of them and wanne moche spoyle.

Amaziah, proud of his victory, serveth the gods of Edom, and despiseth the admonitions of the prophet.

2 Chronicles 25:14 And it chaunced, after that Amaziah was come from the slaughter of the Edomites, & had brought the Gods of the children of Seir, he set them vp to be his Gods, & bowed hym selfe before them & burned cense vnto them. 2 Chronicles 25:15 Wherfore the Lorde was wroth with Amaziah & sent to him a prophete, & sayde to hym: why sekest thou þe Gods of the people which were not able to delyuer theyr owne people out of thyne handes? 2 Chronicles 25:16 And as þe prophet spake to him, he sayde to the prohhete: haue men made the of the kynges councell? cease, leste thou be beaten. And the prophete ceased and sayde: I am sure that God hath taken councell to destroye the, because thou hast done this, and obeyest not my councell.

He provoketh Joash to his overthrow.

2 Chronicles 25:17 Then Amaziah kyng of Iuda toke aduise & sent to Ioas the sonne of Iehoahaz þe sonne of Iehu kynge of Israel & sayde, come, & let vs se ether other. 2 Chronicles 25:18 And Ioas kynge of Israel sent agayne to Amaziah kynge of Iuda sayinge: a thistell in Libanon sent to a Cedar tree of Libanon sayinge: geue thy daughter to my sonne to wife. But there came the wilde beastes of Libanon and troade downe the thistell. 2 Chronicles 25:19 Thou thinkest: se, I haue beaten the Edomites, therfore thyne hert aryseth to glorifye thy selfe. Now byde at home, what neadeth the to prouoke to euell, that thou perishe and Iuda with the. 2 Chronicles 25:20 But Amaziah rested not: for it came of God, euen to delyuer them into the handes of theyr enemyes: and that because they had sought the Gods of the Edomites. 2 Chronicles 25:21 And Ioas kynge of Israel came vp: and they saw ether other, both he and Amaziah kynge of Iuda at Betsames in Iuda. 2 Chronicles 25:22 And Iuda was put to the worse before Israel, and fled euery man to hys tent. 2 Chronicles 25:23 And Ioas kynge of Israel toke Amaziah Kynge of Iuda the sonne of Iehoas the sonne of Ohoziah at Bethsames: and brought hym to Ierusalem, and tare the walle of Ierusalem from the gate of Ephraim vnto the corner gate, foure hundred cubytes longe. 2 Chronicles 25:24 And he toke all the goulde and syluer and all the Iuelles that were founde in the house of God wyth Obed Edom and the treasure of the kynges house & hostages, and returned to Samaria.

His reign.

2 Chronicles 25:25 And Amaziah the sonne of Iehoas kyng of Iuda lyued after the death of Ioas sonne of Iehoahaz kynge of Israel .xv. yere. 2 Chronicles 25:26 The rest of þe actes of Amaziah fyrst & last are written in the boke of the kinges of Iuda and Israel.

He is slain by conspiracy.

2 Chronicles 25:27 And after that tyme that Amaziah dyd turne awaye from the Lorde, they conspired treason agaynst hym in Ierusalem: and he fled to Lachis. Whether they sent after hym and slue hym there, 2 Chronicles 25:28 and brought hym vp wyth horsses and buryed hym wyth his fathers in the cytye of Iuda.

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