Matthew Bible

2 Chronicles 29

Hezekiah his good reign.

2 Chronicles 29:1 Hezekiah beganne to raygne when he was .xxv. yere olde, & raygned .xxix. yere in Ierusalem. And hys mothers name was Abiah the daughter of Zachariah. 2 Chronicles 29:2 And he dyd that was right in the syght of the Lorde in all poyntes as did Dauid his father.

He restoreth religion.

2 Chronicles 29:3 He opened the dores of þe house of the Lorde in the fyrst yere & fyrst moneth of hys raygne, & he repayred them. 2 Chronicles 29:4 And he brought in the prestes & the Leuites & geathered them together in to the easte strete:

He exhorteth the Levites.

2 Chronicles 29:5 & sayde vnto them. Heare me ye Leuites: purifye youre selues & halow the house of the Lorde God of your fathers, & bringe out the fylthinesse out of the holy place. 2 Chronicles 29:6 For oure fathers haue trespaced & done euel fauoredly in the eyes of the Lord oure God: and haue forsaken hym, and turned awaye theyre faces from the habitacion of the Lorde and turned to theyr backes. 2 Chronicles 29:7 And besyde that they haue shut vp the dores of the porche and quenched the lampes and haue nether burned cense nor offered burntofferinges in the holy place vnto the God of Israel. 2 Chronicles 29:8 Wherfore þe wrath of þe Lord fell on Iuda & Ierusalem: & he skatered them & made them so thynne that men hisse at yt, euen as ye se with youre eyes. 2 Chronicles 29:9 For se, oure fathers were ouer throwen with the swerde & oure sonnes oure daughters and oure wiues were caried awaye captiue for the same cause. 2 Chronicles 29:10 Now haue I in my hert to stryke a couenaunt with the Lorde God of Israel: that his wrath maye cease. 2 Chronicles 29:11 Now therfore my sonnes be not neclygent: for the Lorde hath chosen you to stande before hym, and for to minystre and burne offerynges to hym.

They sanctify themselves, and cleanse the house of God.

2 Chronicles 29:12 Then the Leuites arose: Mahath the sonne of Amasai & Ioel the sonne of Asariah beyng of the children of the Cahathites: & the sonnes of Merari, Kis the sonne of Abdi & Asariah the sonne of Iehaleleel: & of the Gersonites, Ioah the sonne of Simma & Eden the sonne of Ioah: 2 Chronicles 29:13 & of the sonnes of Elizaphan, Simri & Ieiel, & of þe sonnes of Asaph, Zachariah & Mathaniah: 2 Chronicles 29:14 & of the sonnes of Heman, Iehiel and Semei: & of the sonnes of Ieduthun, Semaiah & Oziel. 2 Chronicles 29:15 And they geathered theyr brethren & purifyed them selues, & then went at the commaundement of the kynge by the worde of the Lord, for to clense the house of þe Lorde. 2 Chronicles 29:16 And the preastes went into the house of the Lorde to clense yt, and brought out all the vnclennesse that they founde in the temple of the Lord, & in the courte of the house of the Lorde. And the Leuites toke yt and caried yt out in to the broke Cedron. 2 Chronicles 29:17 They beganne the fyrst daye of the fyrst moneth to purifye, and came the eight daye to the porche of the Lord so that they had purged the house of þe Lorde in eyght dayes and the .xvi. daye of the fyrste moneth they made an ende. 2 Chronicles 29:18 And then they went in to Hezekiah þe kyng & sayde: we haue clensed all the house of the Lord, & the aulter of burntoffrynges wyth al hys vessels, & the shewbreede table wyth all hys apparell: 2 Chronicles 29:19 & therto all the vessels whyche kyng Ahaz dyd cast a syde when he raygned and transgressed, them we haue repayred and sanctifyed: and se, they are before the aulter of the Lorde.

Hezekiah offereth solemn sacrifices, wherein the Levites were more forward than the priests.

2 Chronicles 29:20 And Hezekiah the kynge rose erlye and geathered the Lordes of the cytye & went vp to the house of the Lorde. 2 Chronicles 29:21 And there were brought seuen oxen, seuen rammes, seuen lambes, and seuen kyddes to be a synne offeryng for the kyngdom, for the sanctuarye and for Iuda. And he commaunded the preastes the sonnes of Aaron to offer them on the aulter of the Lorde. 2 Chronicles 29:22 And they slue the oxen: & the preastes receyued the bloude & sprynkled yt on the aulter: & they slue the rammes & sprynkled the bloude vpon the aulter: and they slue the lambes & sprynkled the bloud vpon the aulter. 2 Chronicles 29:23 And then they brought forth the kyddes of the synne offeryng before the kynge & the congregacion which put theyr handes vpon them. 2 Chronicles 29:24 And the preastes slue them & offered the bloude of them vpon the aulter, to make satisfacion for all Israel: for the kynge sayde: that the burntofferynge & the synneoffryng shoulde serue for al Israel. 2 Chronicles 29:25 And they set the Leuites in the house of the Lorde with symbales, psalteries and harpes accordynge to the commaundement of Dauid & of Gad the kynges sear of visions & of Nathan the prophete. For so was the coumaundement of the Lorde thorow the hande of his prophetes. 2 Chronicles 29:26 And so the Leuites stode with the instrumentes of Dauid, & the preastes with trompettes. 2 Chronicles 29:27 And Hezekiah commaunded to offer the burntofferyng vpon the aulter. And when the burntofferyng beganne, the songe of the Lorde beganne, & the trompettes with the instrumentes of Dauid kynge of Israel. 2 Chronicles 29:28 And all the congregacyon bowed themselues, and the syngers sange, and the trompettes blew, and continued vntyll the burntofferyng was fynesshed. 2 Chronicles 29:29 And when they had made an ende of the burntofferyng, the kyng & all that were with hym kneled downe & bowed them selues and gaue prayse and thanckes. 2 Chronicles 29:30 And Hezekiah the kynge and the lordes bade the Leuites to prayse the lorde with the wordes of Dauid & of Asaph the sear of vysions. And the Leuites praysed that they reioysed agayne, and the other stowped and bowed them selues. 2 Chronicles 29:31 And Hezekiah answered & sayd: now that ye haue fylled youre handes to the Lorde, go to and brynge in the sacrefyces and thankofferynges in to the house of the Lord. And the congregacion brought in the sacrefyces and thankofferynges, and all that were wyllyng brought burntofferynges. 2 Chronicles 29:32 And the numbre of the burntofferynges which the congregacion brought in was .lxx. oxen & an hundred rammes & two hundred lambes: & all for burntofferynges to the Lorde. 2 Chronicles 29:33 And besyde that they dedicated sixe hundred oxen and thre thousand shepe. 2 Chronicles 29:34 But the preastes were to few, and were not ably to fleye all the burntoffrynges. Wherefore theyre brethren the Leuites holpe them tyll the worke was ended, and vntill the preastes were sanctifyed. For the Leuites were purer herted to sanctifie them selues then the preastes. 2 Chronicles 29:35 And therto the burntoffrynges were manye with the fatte of the peace offerynges and the drynck offerynges that belonged to the burntofferynges. And so the seruyce pertaynynge to the house of the Lorde went forward. 2 Chronicles 29:36 And Hezekiah reioysed and all the people, that God had made the folcke so readye: for the thynge was sodenly done.

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