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2 Kings 13

Jehoahaz his wicked reign.

2 Kings 13:1 In the .xxiij. yeare of Iehoas sonne of Ohoziah king of Iuda. Iehoahaz the sonne of Iehu was made kyng ouer Israel in Samaria, & continued .xvij. year 2 Kings 13:2 And he wrought wickednesse in the syghte of the Lorde: for he folowed the synne of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat whiche made Israell synne, & departed not there from.

Jehoahaz, oppressed by Hazael, is relieved by prayer.

2 Kings 13:3 Wherfore the Lorde was angrye with Israel, and delyuered them into the hande of Hazael kynge of Syrya, and into the hande of Benhadad the sonne of Hazael all theyr dayes. 2 Kings 13:4 But Iehoahaz besought the Lorde, and the Lorde heard hym. For he had sene the oppressyon of Israel, how the kynge of Siria oppressed them. 2 Kings 13:5 And therfore the Lorde gaue Israel a delyuerer, & they went oute from vnder the handes of the Syryans. And the chyldren of Israel dwelt in their tentes as before time. 2 Kings 13:6 Neuerthelesse they departed not from the synne of the house of Ieroboam which made Israel sinne but walked therein. And there remayned a groue also in Samaria styll: 2 Kings 13:7 But there were left of the people to Iehoahaz, but fyfty horsmen and ten charettes, & ten thousand fotemen, for the kynge of Syrya had destroyed them and made them lyke threshed chaffe.

Joash succeedeth him.

2 Kings 13:8 The rest of þe actes of Iehoahaz, & al he dyd & his powre are wrytten in the chronicles of the kynges of Israel. 2 Kings 13:9 And Iehoahaz rested wyth hys fathers, & they buryed hym in Samaria, & Ioas hys sonne raygned in hys steade.

His wicked reign.

2 Kings 13:10 In the .xxxvij. yeare of Iehoas kynge of Iuda, began Ioas the sonne of Iehoahaz to raygne ouer Israell in Samaria, & continued .xvi. yeare, 2 Kings 13:11 & dyd vnhappelye in the syghte of the Lorde, & departed in nothynge from the synnes of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat that made Israell synne, but walcked therein.

Jeroboam succeedeth him.

2 Kings 13:12 The remnaunt of the actes of Ioas & al he dyd, and his power, how he fought wt Amaziah Kynge of Iuda, are wrytten in the chronicle boke of the kynges of Israel. 2 Kings 13:13 And when Ioas was layde to rest with his fathers, Ieroboam sat vpon his seate. And Ioas was buryed in Samaria amonge the Kynges of Israel.

Elisha dying prophesieth to Joash three victories over the Syrians.

2 Kings 13:14 When Eliseus was fallen sicke of the sicknesse whereof he dyed, Ioas kynge of Israell came to him, and wepte to him, & sayde: O father father the charet of Israel & the horsmen of the same. 2 Kings 13:15 And Eliseus sayde vnto him, brynge bowe and arowes. 2 Kings 13:16 And he brought to hym bowe & arowes. And he sayd to the king of Israel: put thyne hande vpon the bowe, & when he had put hys hande vpon the bowe, Elizeus put hys handes vpon the kinges handes. 2 Kings 13:17 Then he sayde: open a wyndowe Eastwarde, & he opened. And Eliseus sayde: shote & he shote. And he sayde: the arowe of helpe of the Lorde, and the arowe of helpe agaynst the Syryans, for thou shalt bete the Syryans in Aphek tyll thou haue consumed them. 2 Kings 13:18 Then he sayde: take arowes: and he toke Then he sayde to the kyng of Israel: smyte þe grounde, and he smote thryse & ceased. 2 Kings 13:19 And the man of God was angrye with him, and sayde: thou shuldest haue smyten fyue or syxe tymes, and then thou haddest smytten the Syryans tyl thou haddest consumed them: wher now thou shalt bete them but thryse.

The Moabites invading the land, Elisha's bones raise up a dead man.

2 Kings 13:20 When Eliseus was dead, and buryed, the soudyars of the Moabites came into the lande, the yeare folowyng. 2 Kings 13:21 And it chaunged as they were buryeng a man, that they spyed the soudyars, and therfore caste the man into the sepulchre of Elizeus. And as sone as the man came, and touched the bones of Elizeus, he reuyued, and stode vp on hys fete.

Hazael dying, Joash getteth three victories over Ben-hadad.

2 Kings 13:22 And Hazael oppressed Israel, all the dayes of Iehoahaz. 2 Kings 13:23 But the Lorde had mercye on them & pytyed them, & turned to them, because of hys appoyntment made with Abraham, Isaac & Iacob, & wolde not destroye them, ether caste them from hym as yet. 2 Kings 13:24 And when Hazael king of Syrya was dead, Benhadad his sonne raigned in hys steade. 2 Kings 13:25 And then Ioas the sonne of Iehoahaz went agayne, & toke oute of the hand of Benhadad sonne of Hazael, þe cytyes which he had taken awaye oute of the handes of Iehoahaz hys father, with warre. And thre tymes dyd Ioas beate hym, and brought the cytyes of Israel agayne.

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