Matthew Bible

2 Kings 16

Ahaz his wicked reign.

2 Kings 16:1 The .xvij. yeare of Phakeh sonne of Romeliah kynge of Israell, Ahaz sonne of Iotham king of Iuda, beganne to raygne 2 Kings 16:2 .xx. yeare old was he, when he was made kynge: & raygned .xvi. yeare in Ierusalem, and dyd not that was ryghte in the eyes of the Lord hys God, lyke Dauid hys father. 2 Kings 16:3 But went in the waye of the kynges of Israell, and therto he offered hys sonne in fyre, after the abhomynacyon of the hethen which þe Lorde caste oute before the chyldren of Israel. 2 Kings 16:4 And he offered and burnt the fat in the hilaulters and on the hylles and vnder euery grene tree.

Ahaz assailed by Rezin and Pekah, hireth Tiglath-pileser against them.

2 Kings 16:5 Then Razin kyng of Syrya & Phakeh sonne of Romeliah Kynge of Israel came vp to Ierusalem to fyghte. And they beseged Ahaz, but coulde not ouercome hym. 2 Kings 16:6 At the same tyme Razin Kynge of Syrya broughte Ailath agayne to Syrya, & ryd the Iewes thence. And the Syryans went to Ailath, and dwelte therein vnto thys daye. 2 Kings 16:7 Then Ahaz sente messengers to Teglath Phalasar Kyng of Assyrya, saying: I am thy seruaunte and thy sonne, come & delyuer me oute of the hande of the kynge of Syrya, and out of the hande of the kynge of Israel which are rysen agaynst me. 2 Kings 16:8 And Ahaz toke the syluer and the goulde that was founde in the house of the LORDE and in the treasure of the kynges house, and sent it for a rewarde to the Kynge of Assyria. 2 Kings 16:9 And the king of Assyrya herkened to hym, and went to Damasco, and toke it, and caried the people away to Kir, and slue Razin.

Ahaz, sending a pattern of an altar from Damascus to Urijah, diverteth the brasen altar to his own devotion.

2 Kings 16:10 And King Ahaz wente agaynste Teglath Phalasar Kyng of Assyrya to Damasco. And when he sawe a certen aulter that was at Damasco, he sente to Vriah the Priest the patern of the aulter and the fashyon of all the workmanship thereof. 2 Kings 16:11 And Vriah the Priest made an aulter in all poyntes lyke to the paterne whiche kynge Ahaz had sent from Damasco, and had fynyshed it by the kynges comming from Damasco. 2 Kings 16:12 And when the kynge was come from Damasco, & sawe the aulter, he went to it, & offered thereon. 2 Kings 16:13 And he burnt his burntofferyng, and sprinkeled the bloude of þe peace offerynge, and powred hys drinckeofferynge & sprynkled the bloud of his peaceofferynges vpon the sayde aulter. 2 Kings 16:14 And the brasen aultare that was before the Lord, he fet from before the house, from betwene the aulter & the house of the Lorde, and put it on the northsyde of the sayde aulter. 2 Kings 16:15 And the Kinge commaunded Vriah the Priest saying: vpon the great aulter set on fyre, in the mornynge burntofferynges, & in the euen meate offerynges, & the kynges burnte sacrifice & his meateofferyng, & the burntofferynges of all the people of the lande & theyr meateofferynges & theyr drynckofferynges, & powre thereon all the bloude of al maner offeringes. But the brasen aulter shalbe for me, to enquyre with. 2 Kings 16:16 And Vriah the priest dyd all thynges as king Ahaz commaunded hym,

He spoileth the Temple.

2 Kings 16:17 And kyng Ahaz brake the sydes of the bottomes & toke the lauers from of them, & toke doune the sea from of the brasen oxen þt were vnder it, & put it vpon a pauement of stone. 2 Kings 16:18 And therto þe pulpyte for the Saboth that they had made in the house, and the kynges entrye wythout turned he to the house of the Lord, for feare of the kynge of Assyrya.

Hezekiah succeedeth him.

2 Kings 16:19 The reste of the dedes of Ahaz which he dyd, are wrytten in the Chronicles of the kynges of Iuda. 2 Kings 16:20 And Ahaz layde hym to reste with his fathers, and was buryed wyth hys fathers in the cytye of Dauid: & Hezekyah hys sonne raygned in his roume.

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