Matthew Bible

2 Kings 18

Hezekiah his good reign.

2 Kings 18:1 The thyrde yeare of Hosea sonne of Ela, kynge of Israell raigned Hezekiah sonne of Ahaz kyng of Iuda. 2 Kings 18:2 Twentye and fyue yeare olde was he, when he beganne to raygne, & raygned .xxix. yeare in Ierusalem. Hys mothers name was Abi the doughter of Zachariah, 2 Kings 18:3 & he dyd that pleased the Lorde in all thynge, lyke to Dauid hys father.

He destroyeth idolatry, and prospereth.

2 Kings 18:4 He put awaye the hyllaultares & brake the Images, & cut doune the groues, & all to brake the brasen serpente that Moses made. For vnto those dayes the chyldren of Israell dyd burne sacryfyce to it, and called it Nehustan. 2 Kings 18:5 He trusted in the Lorde God of Israel, so that after hym came none lyke hym amonge al the kynges of Iuda, neyther amonge them that went before hym. 2 Kings 18:6 He claue to the Lorde, & departed not from hym, but kept hys commaundementes whiche the Lorde commaunded Moses. 2 Kings 18:7 And the Lorde was wyth hym. And whatsoeuer he toke in hande, he dyd it wysely. And he rebelled agaynste the kynge of Assyrya, & serued hym not. 2 Kings 18:8 He bet the Philistines euen vnto Azah and the coastes thereof, bothe in castels of garysons and stronge cytyes to.

Samaria is carried captive for their sins.

2 Kings 18:9 And the fourthe yeare of kynge Hezekiah, whiche was the seuenthe yeare of Hosea sonne of Ela kynge of Israel, came Salmanasar kynge of Assyrya vpon Samaria, & beseged it. 2 Kings 18:10 And they toke it at the ende of thre yeare, which was the sixte of Hezekiah: that is to say the nynthe yeare of Hosea kynge of Israell, was Samaria wonne. 2 Kings 18:11 And the kynge of Assyrya dyd carye awaye Israel vnto Assyrya, & put them in Halah & in Habor on the ryuer of Gozan, & in the cytyes of Medes: 2 Kings 18:12 because they wolde not herken vnto the voyce of the Lorde theyr God. But transgressed hys appoyntemente, and all that Moses the seruaunt of the Lord commaunded, and wolde neyther heare nor do.

Sennacherib invading Judah is pacified by a tribute.

2 Kings 18:13 The .xiiij. yeare of Kynge Hezekiah came Sennaherib kynge of Assyrya agaynste all þe stronge cytyes of Iuda, and toke them. 2 Kings 18:14 Whervpon Hezekiah kyng of Iuda sent to þe kyng of Assyria to Lachis saying: I haue offended. But depart from me, and what thou putteste on me that wyll I beare. And the kynge of Assyria appoynted vnto Hezekiah kynge of Iuda thre hundred talentes of syluer, and thyrtye talentes of golde. 2 Kings 18:15 And Hezekiah gaue hym all the syluer that was founde in the house of the Lorde, and also in the treasure of the kynges house. 2 Kings 18:16 And the sayde ceason Hezekiah rente of the dores of the temple of the Lorde and the pyllers whiche the sayde Hezekiah kynge of Iuda couered ouer, & gaue them to the kynge of Assyrya.

Rab-shakeh, sent by Sennacherib again, revileth Hezekiah, and by blasphemous persuasions soliciteth the people to revolt.

2 Kings 18:17 And the kinge of Assyrya sent Tarthan & Rabsaris & Rabsakeh from Lachis to kynge Hezekiah with a greate Host to Ierusalem. And they went vp & came to Ierusalem, & wente & stode by the conduyte of the vppermoste pole which is in the waye to the fullers felde, 2 Kings 18:18 and called to the kynge. And there came out to them Eliakim the sonne of Belkiah stuard of housholde & Sobnah the scrybe, & Ioah the sonne of Asaph, the recorder. 2 Kings 18:19 And then Rabsakeh sayde to them. Tell ye Hezekiah I praye you: thus sayth the greate kynge the kyng of Assyria. What confidence is this that thou haste? 2 Kings 18:20 thou wylt haplye speake a lyghte worde, that thou hast councell & powre to make warre. On whome then doest thou truste, that thou rebellest agaynst me? 2 Kings 18:21 doeste thou truste to the staffe of this broken rede Egypte, on which yf a man lene, it wyll runne into hys hande & perce it. For euen so is Pharao kynge of Egypt vnto all that truste on hym. 2 Kings 18:22 If ye saye vnto me we trust in the Lorde oure God. Is not þt he whose hyllaulters and other aulters to, Hezekiah hath put doune, & hath sayde to Iuda and Ierusalem, bow youre selues before thys aulter here in Ierusalem. 2 Kings 18:23 And now ioyne thy self to my Lord þe king of Assyrya, & I wyll delyuer þe two thousande horses, yf thou be able to set ryders vpon them: 2 Kings 18:24 (and yf thou be not) how then arte thou able to resist one of the leste Dukes of my maisters seruauntes? or trustest thou to Egypte for charettes and horsmen? 2 Kings 18:25 Moreouer thinkest thou, that I am come wythoute the byddynge of þe Lorde to this place to destroye it? naye: þe lord sayde to me, go vp to this lande & destroye it. 2 Kings 18:26 Then sayd Eliakim the sonne of Helkiah and Sobnah & Ioah, to Rabsakeh: speake we pray the to thy seruaunts in the Syryans language for we vnderstande it: & talke not wyth vs in the Iewes tonge, in the eares of the people þt are on the walles. 2 Kings 18:27 And Rabsakeh sayde vnto them: hath my mayster sente me onely to thy mayster and to the, to speake these wordes, or rather to the men that kepe the walles, þt they shall eate theyr owne dyrte and dryncke their owne pysse with you. 2 Kings 18:28 And so Rabsakeh stode and cryed wyth a loude voyce in the Iewes language, and spake sayinge: heare the sayinge of the great kynge the kyng of Assyrya. 2 Kings 18:29 Thus sayth the king: let not Hezekiah begyle you, for he is not able to delyuer you out of myne hand: 2 Kings 18:30 neyther let Hezekiah make you truste to the Lorde sayinge: the Lorde shall surely ryd vs, and thys cytye shall not be deliuered into the handes of the kyng of Assyrya. 2 Kings 18:31 Herken not vnto Hezekiah, for thus sayth the kynge of Assyrya. Deale kyndely with me, & come out to me. And then eate euery man of hys owne vyne, & of hys owne fygge tree, & drincke euery man of the water of hys owne welle, 2 Kings 18:32 tyll I come, and fet you to as good a lande as youres is: a lande of corne and wyne, a lande of breade & vyneyardes, a lande of olyue trees, of oyle & of hony. And ye shal lyue and not dye. And herken not vnto Hezekiah for he wyll begyle you, sayinge: the Lorde shall delyuer vs. 2 Kings 18:33 For haue the Gods of the nacyons delyuered any God hys lande, out of the hande of the kyng of Assiria? 2 Kings 18:34 where are the Gods of Hemath & of Arphad? where are the Gods of Sepharuaim, of Ana, and Aphah? dyd they delyuer Samaria out of myne handes? 2 Kings 18:35 what God of any land hath deliuered his lande out of mine hand, that the lorde shoulde delyuer Ierusalem out of myne hande. 2 Kings 18:36 But the people helde their peace and answered not hym a worde: for the kynge had commaunded sayinge: answere him not. 2 Kings 18:37 Then Eliakim the stuard of the houshold and Sobnah the scrybe, and Ioah the sonne of Asaph the recorder, came to Hezekiah with their clothes rent, and tolde hym the wordes of Rabsakeh.

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