Matthew Bible

2 Kings 19

Hezekiah mourning sendeth to Isaiah to pray for them.

2 Kings 19:1 When Kynge Hezekiah hearde þt he rent his clothes, and put on sacke, and wente to the house of the Lorde. 2 Kings 19:2 Forthermore he sent Eliakim stuard of houshold and Sobnah the scribe, and the elders of the priestes clothed in sack, to Isaiah the Prophet the sonne of Amos. 2 Kings 19:3 And they sayde to hym: thus sayth Hezekiah: thys daye is a daye of trybulacyon, rebukinge and raylynge. Euen as when the chyldren are readye to be borne and the mothers haue no power to be delyuered. 2 Kings 19:4 Oh that the Lorde thy God would heare al the wordes of Rabsakeh whom the kynge of Assiria hys mayster hathe sent to rayle on the lyuynge God, and to rebuke hym wyth wordes which the Lord thy God hath heard. Wherfore lyfte vp thy prayer for the remnaunt that are lefte. 2 Kings 19:5 When the seruauntes of kynge Hezekiah were come to Isaiah,

Isaiah comforteth them.

2 Kings 19:6 Isaiah sayde to them. So shall ye saye to youre mayster. Thus sayth the Lorde: be not afrayde of the wordes thou heardest, with whyche the young men of the kyng of Assiria haue railed on me. 2 Kings 19:7 For I wil sende him a blast that he shal heare tydynges, and so returne to hys owne lande. And I will ouerthrow him with the swerde, euen in hys owne lande.

Sennacherib, going to encounter Tirhakah, sendeth a blasphemous letter to Hezekiah.

2 Kings 19:8 And Rabsakeh went backe agayne and founde the kynge of Assiria fightyng agaynst Lobnah: for he had hearde, how thac he was departed from Lachis. 2 Kings 19:9 And he hearde tydynges of Therhakah king of the blacke Mores, how that he was come out to fyght agaynst him. 2 Kings 19:10 And thervpon he departed and sent messengers vnto Hezekiah saying: Thus saye to Hezekiah king of Iuda: let not thy God carie the out of the waye, in whom thou so trustest sayinge: Ierusalem shal not be delyuered into the hand of the kinge of Assiria. 2 Kings 19:11 Beholde, thou hast hearde, what the Kynges of Assiria haue done to all landes, how they haue vtterly destroyed them. And how then shouldest thou escape? 2 Kings 19:12 hathe the Goddes of the Heathen delyuered them whiche myne aunsetries haue destroyed: as Gosan, Haran, Rezeph, and the chyldren of Eden, whiche were in Telazar? 2 Kings 19:13 where is the kinge of Hemath, the kynge of Arphath, the Kynge of the cytye of Sepharuaim, and the kynge of Ana and the kynge of Auah.

Hezekiah's prayer.

2 Kings 19:14 When Hezekiah had receyued the letter of þe hand of the messengers & had read it, he went into the house of the Lord and layd it abroade before the Lorde. 2 Kings 19:15 And Hezekiah prayed before the Lorde and sayde: Lorde God of Israell, whych dwellest betwene the Cherubes, thou art God alone ouer all the kyngedomes of the earthe, and thou hast made bothe heauen and earthe. 2 Kings 19:16 Lord bowe thine eares and heare: Open Lorde thyne eyes and se: and heare the wordes of Sennaherib, which had sent to raile on the lyuynge God. 2 Kings 19:17 But of a truthe Lorde, the kynges of Assiria haue destroyed nacyons and their landes, 2 Kings 19:18 and haue set fyre on their Goddes. For they were no Goddes, but the worke of the handes of man, euen wood and stone. And therfore they destroyed them. 2 Kings 19:19 Nowe therfore Lorde our God, saue thou vs oute of his hande, that all the kingdomes of the earth may knowe, that thou Lorde art God alone.

Isaiah's prophecy of the pride and destruction of Sennacherib, and the good of Zion.

2 Kings 19:20 And Isaiah the sonne of Amoz sent to Hezekiah sayinge: thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel: that thou hast prayed to me concernynge Sennaherib kinge of Assiria, I haue hearde it. 2 Kings 19:21 This is the kinge that the lorde sayth of him: he hath despysed the, O virgine doughter of Sihon: he hath shaked his head at the, thou doughter of Ierusalem: 2 Kings 19:22 whom hast thou rayled on? and whom hast thou reuyled? Agaynste whome hast thou exalted thy voyce? and hast lyfte vp thyne eyes so hye? 2 Kings 19:23 Euen against the holy of Israel. By the hand of thy messengers thou hast rayled on the Lorde, & sayde: with the multitude of my charettes I am come vp to the heyght of the mountaynes euen along by the sides of Libanon, and haue cut of the hye Cedar trees and the lustye fyre trees therof euen to the wood of Carmel that belongeth therto. 2 Kings 19:24 I haue dygged and droncke straunge waters, and haue dryed vp with the soles of my fete poles enclosed. 2 Kings 19:25 But hast thou not hearde howe I haue ordeyned suche a thynge a great whyle a go, & haue prepared it from the begynnynge? And now I bryng it forthe and it shalbe to destroy and to brynge stronge cities into rude heapes of stones. 2 Kings 19:26 And the enhabiters of them shalbe of lytle power, and faynt herted and confounded. They shalbe lyke the grasse of the felde & grene erbes, and as the hey on the toppes of the houses whych whetherth or it come to any heyght. 2 Kings 19:27 I wote where thou dwellest, and thy cominge out and goyinge in know I to, and howe thou settest vp thy brystelles agaynste me. 2 Kings 19:28 And because thou settest vp thy bristelles against me, and that thy raginge is come vp to myne eares: therfore I wil put a rynge in thy nose and a byt in thy lyppes, and wyll brynge the backe agayne the same way thou camest. 2 Kings 19:29 And this shalbe a signe vnto þe: eate this yeare of the frutes of the seade that fell out, & the next yeare, that waxeth of it selfe. And the thirde yeare sowe ye and reape, plant vineyardes, and eate the frutes therof. 2 Kings 19:30 For the doughter of Iuda that is escaped and lefte, shall yet againe take rotinge dounewarde & beare frute vpwarde. 2 Kings 19:31 For out of Ierusalem shall go a remnaunt, and a nombre that shall escape out of mount Sion: the zeale of the lord of Hostes shall brynge this thinge to passe. 2 Kings 19:32 Wherfore thus saith the Lorde, of þe kinge of Assiria: he shall not come to this citie, nor shote arow into it, nor come before with shild nor cast any bancke agaynst it: 2 Kings 19:33 but shall go backe agayne the waye he came, and shall not come at his cytye sayth the Lorde. 2 Kings 19:34 For I wyll defende this cytye and saue it, for myne owne sake, and for Dauid my seruauntes sake.

An angel slayeth the Assyrians.

2 Kings 19:35 And the selfe same nyght the Aungel of the Lorde went out & smote in the hoste of the Assirians an hundred four skore & fiue thousand. And when they were vp erly in the morning beholde, they were al dead corses.

Sennacherib is slain at Nineveh by his own sons.

2 Kings 19:36 And so Sennaherib kynge of Assiria auoyded & departed & went againe, and dwelt at Niniueh. 2 Kings 19:37 And as he was in his deuocyon knelynge in the house of Nisroch hys God, Adramelech and Sarasar smote him with the swerde. And they escaped into the lande of Ararat, and Asarhadon hys sonne raygned in his steade.

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