Matthew Bible

2 Kings 23

Josiah causeth the book to be read in a solemn assembly.

2 Kings 23:1 And then the kynge sent and gathered vnto hym al the elders of Iuda and of Ierusalem. 2 Kings 23:2 And the Kyng went vp into the house of the Lorde, and all the men of Iuda and all the enhabytoures of Ierusalem wt hym, and the pryestes and the Prophetes and all the people bothe small and greate. And he read in the eares of them al the wordes of the boke of the couenaunt, whyche was founde in the house of the Lord.

He reneweth the Covenant of the LORD.

2 Kings 23:3 And the kynge stode by a pyller, and made a couenaunt before the Lorde, that they shoulde walke after the Lorde, and kepe his commaundementes and hys wytnesses and hys ordynaunces wyth all their hertes, and al theyr soules, and make good the wordes of the sayde appointmente, that were wrytten in the forsayde boke. And all the people consented to the appoyntment.

He destroyeth idolatry.

2 Kings 23:4 And the kynge commaunded Helkiah the hye prieste and the inferioure pryestes and the kepers of the dore, to bringe out of the temple of the Lorde, al the vesselles that were made for Baal and for the groue & for al the host of heauen. Add he burnt them without Ierusalem in the feldes of Cedron, and caryed the asshes of them into Bethel. 2 Kings 23:5 And he put doune the Camarites, whyche the kynges of Iuda had set to burne offerynges in the hylaulters in the cities of Iuda round aboute Ierusalem and also them that burnt sacrifices vnto Baal to the sonne and to the mone and to the planetes, and to all the hoste of heauen. 2 Kings 23:6 And he brought out the groue from the temple of the Lorde without Ierusalem vnto the broke Cedron, and burnt it at the broke Cedron and stampte it to pouldre, and cast the dust therof vpon the graues of the people of the countrey. 2 Kings 23:7 And he brake doune the celles of the malehores that were in the house of the Lorde, where the wemen woue lytle houses for the groue. 2 Kings 23:8 And he brought al the pryestes oute of the cities of Iuda, and defyled the hylaulters where the pryestes dyd burne sacrifice, euen from Gabaa to Bersabe. And he brake doune the hylaulters of the Gates, that were in the enterynge of the Gate of Iosua the gouernoure of the citie, whyche were on the lefte hande of the gate of the citie. 2 Kings 23:9 Neuerthelesse the pryestes of the hilaulters myght not come at the aulter of the Lorde in Ierusalem, saue only they dyd eate of the swete breade amonge their brethren. 2 Kings 23:10 And he defyled Topheth also, whiche is the valeye of the children of Hennom, because noman shoulde offer hys sonne or hys doughter in fyre to Moloch: 2 Kings 23:11 he put doune the horses that the kynges of Israell had geuen to the sonne at the entrynge of the house of the lord, in the chambre of Nathanmelech the chamberlayne, which was of Paruarim, and burnt the charettes of the sonne wyth fyre. 2 Kings 23:12 And the aulters that were on the toppe of the parloure of Ahal, whyche the kynges of Iuda had made, and the aulters whiche Manasseh had made in the two courtes of the house of the Lorde, the kynge brake doune, and ranne hence, and cast the dust of them into the broke Cedron. 2 Kings 23:13 And the hilaulters that were before Ierusalem on the ryght hande of the mounte Mashith, whyche Salomon kynge of Israel buylt to Astharoth the abhominacion of the Zidons and to Chamos the abhominacyon of the Moabites, and to Milchom the abhomynacyon of the children of Ammon, the kynge defyled: 2 Kings 23:14 and brake the ymages and cut doune the groues, and fylled the places with the bones of men.

He burneth dead men's bones upon the altar of Beth-el, as was foreprophesied.

2 Kings 23:15 Moreouer the aulter that was at Bethel, the hylaulter made by Ieroboam the sonne of Nabath whyche made Israel synne, both the aulter and also the hyll he brake doune, and burnt the hyll and stampte it to pouder, and burnt the groue. 2 Kings 23:16 And as Iosiah turned hym selfe, he spyed the graues that were in the mounte, and set and fet the bones oute of the graues, and burnt them vpon the aulter and poluted it accordynge to the worde of the lord that the man of God had proclamed, whiche openly had denounced the same thinges. 2 Kings 23:17 Then the kynge saide: what meaneth younder graue stone that I se? And the men of the citye tolde hym: it is the sepulchre of the man of God, whyche came from Iuda and openlye denounced the selfe same thynges that thou hast done to the aulter of Bethel. 2 Kings 23:18 And he said: let hym be: se that noman moue hys bones. And so his bones scaped wyth the bones of a Prophete that came oute of Samaria. 2 Kings 23:19 And therto all the houses of the hilaulters of the cities of Samaria whiche the kynges of Israel had made, to angre wyth all: Iosiah put out of the way, and dyd to them in al pointes as he dyd in Bethel. 2 Kings 23:20 And he sacryfyced all the priestes of the hylaulters that were there euen vpon the aulters, and burnt mennes bones vpon them, and returned to Ierusalem.

He keepeth a most solemn Passover.

2 Kings 23:21 And the kynge commaunded al the people sayinge: kepe the feaste of passouer vnto the Lorde your God, as it is wrytten in the boke of thys couenaunt. 2 Kings 23:22 For there was no passouer holden lyke that, from the daies of the iudges that iudged Israel, and thorowe oute all the dayes of the kynges of Israel and of Iuda. 2 Kings 23:23 And in the .xviij. yeare of kynge Iosiah was thys passouer holden to the Lorde in Ierusalem.

He putteth away witches and all abomination.

2 Kings 23:24 And therto workers wyth spyrytes, sothsayers, ymages of witchcrafte, ydoles, and al other abhomynacyons that were spyed in the lande of Iuda and in Ierusalem, Iosiah put out of the waye, to make good the wordes of the law, whyche were wrytten in the boke that Helkiah the prieste founde in the house of the Lorde: 2 Kings 23:25 lyke vnto him was there no kynge before him, that turned to the Lorde with al hys herte, with al his soule and all hys myght, accordynge to all the lawe of Moses, neyther after him arose there any suche.

God's final wrath against Judah.

2 Kings 23:26 Notwithstandynge the Lorde turned not from his fearce and great wrath, wherwyth he was angrye against Iuda vpon al the prouocacyons that Manasseh prouoked hym. 2 Kings 23:27 But the Lorde sayd: I will put Iuda to, out of my syghte, as I haue done Israell, and will cast of thys citie Ierusalem whyche I haue chosen and the house of which I haue sayd, my name shalbe there. 2 Kings 23:28 The rest of the deades of Iosiah and all he dyd, are wrytten in the boke of the storyes of the kynges of Iuda.

Josiah, provoking Pharaoh-nechoh, is slain at Megiddo.

2 Kings 23:29 In his dayes Pharao Necoh kynge of Egipt went againste the kynge of Assiria to the ryuer of Euphrates. And kynge Iosiah went against hym, and was slayne of hym at Magedo when he had sene him. 2 Kings 23:30 And his seruauntes caryed him dead from Magedo and brought him to Ierusalem, and buried him in hys owne sepulchre. And the people of the land toke Iehoahaz the sonne of Iosiah, and annoynted him and made hym kynge in hys fathers roume.

Jehoahaz, succeeding him, is imprisoned by Pharaoh-nechoh, who maketh Jehoiakim king.

2 Kings 23:31 And Iehoahaz was .xxiij. yeare olde when he beganne to raygne, and raygned thre monethes in Ierusalem. His mothers name was Hamital þe doughter of Ieremiah of Lobnah. 2 Kings 23:32 And he dyd that dyspleased the Lorde, in all thynges as his fathers hath done. 2 Kings 23:33 And Pharao Necoh put him in bondes at Reblah in þe lande of Hemath in that tyme of hys raigne in Ierusalem, and put the lande to a tribute of an hundred talentes of syluer, and a talent of golde. 2 Kings 23:34 And Pharao Necoh made Eliakim the sonne of Iosiah, kynge in the roume of Iosiah hys father, and turned his name to Iehoakim and toke Iehoahaz away, whyche when he came to Egypte dyed there. 2 Kings 23:35 And Iehoakim gaue the syluer & the gold to Pharao: how be he it taxed þe lande, to geue the money at the commaundement of Pharao and as euery man was set at, so he requyred the syluer and the goulde of the people of the land, to geue Pharao Necoh.

Jehoiakim's wicked reign.

2 Kings 23:36 Iehoakim was .xxv. yeare olde, when he beganne to raygne, & he raigned .xi. yeare in Ierusalem. His mother was named Zebdah þe doughter of Phadaiah of Ramah. 2 Kings 23:37 And he dyd that was euyll fauoured in the syght of the Lorde, lyke in all thynges, as dyd his fathers.

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