Matthew Bible

2 Kings 25

Jerusalem is besieged.

2 Kings 25:1 Wherfore in the nynth yeare of hys raygne, the tenthe daye of the tenthe monethe, came Nabuchodonozor Kynge of Babilon wyth all his power to Ierusalem: and pytched agaynst the towne and made engynes agaynst it on euery syde. 2 Kings 25:2 And the cyty continued beseged vnto the .xi. yeare of kynge Zedekiah. 2 Kings 25:3 And the nynthe daye of the fourthe monethe of that yeare, there was so great hongre in the cytye, that there was no sustinaunce for the people of the lande.

Zedekiah taken, his sons slain, his eyes put out.

2 Kings 25:4 And therto the cytye was broken vp: wherfore al the men of Armes fled by nyght, by a waye thorowe a Gate, betwene two walles harde on the Kynges garden: the Caldeyes lyenge aboute the cytie. And the kynge went strayght towarde the deserte. 2 Kings 25:5 And þe hoste of the Caldeyes folowed after him, and toke hym in the deserte of Iericho, all his armye beynge scatered awaye from him. 2 Kings 25:6 And when they had taken him, they brought him to Nabuchodonozor the kynge of Babilon to Reblah, where they reasoned wyth him. 2 Kings 25:7 And they slue the sonnes of Zedekiah before hys eyes, and put out the eyes of Zedekiah, and fettered him, and caried him to Babylon.

Nebuzar-adan defaceth the city, carrieth the remnant, except a few poor labourers, into captivity,

2 Kings 25:8 And the seuenthe day of the fyfth moneth which was in the nintenth yeare of king Nabuchodonozor kynge of Babylon, came Nabusaradan seruaunte of the kinge of Babilon, and chefe Marshal, vnto Ierusalem: 2 Kings 25:9 and burnte the house of the Lorde and the kynges house, and all the houses of Ierusalem, and al greate houses burnte he wyth fyre, 2 Kings 25:10 And al the hoste of the Caldeyes that were with the chefe Marshal, brake doune the walles of Ierusalem rounde aboute. 2 Kings 25:11 And the rest of the people that were lefte in the cytie, and them that were fled to the kynge of Babilon, & the remnaunt of the comen people, Nabusaradan the chefe Marshal caryed awaye, 2 Kings 25:12 and lefte of the poore of the lande to dresse the vynes, and to tyl the grounde.

spoileth and carrieth away the treasures.

2 Kings 25:13 And the pyllers of brasse that were in the house of the Lorde and the botomes, and the brasen sea, that was in the house of the Lorde the Caldeyes brake, & caryed the brasse of them to Babylon. 2 Kings 25:14 And the lauers, shouelles, dressynge kniues, ladelles, and the mynystrynge vesselles of brasse, they caried awaie. 2 Kings 25:15 And the firepannes & basens that were eyther of gould or syluer, 2 Kings 25:16 them toke the chefe Marshal away with the two pillers and the sea of brasse, and the bottomes whiche Salomon had made in the house of the Lorde. The brasse of al these vesselles was without weyght. 2 Kings 25:17 The heyghte of the one piller was .xviij. cubites, and the heade theron was brasse and thre cubites long wyth a wrethe & pomegranetes round aboute vpon the heade, all of brasse. And of the same fasshyon was the seconde pyller wt a wrethe.

The nobles are slain at Riblah.

2 Kings 25:18 And the chefe Marshall toke Saraiah the chefe preste, and Zophoniah, the hiest preste saue one, & thre kepers of the dore. 2 Kings 25:19 And out of the citie he toke a certayne chambrelayne that had the ouersyght of the men of warre, and fiue men that were euer in the kynges presence, whiche were founde in the cytye, and Sopher the captayne of the Hoste that taught the people of the lande to make warre and threskore men of the people of the lande that were founde in the citie also. 2 Kings 25:20 And Nabusaradan the chefe Marshall toke them and brought them to the Kynge of Babilon to Reblah. 2 Kings 25:21 And the kynge of Babilon smote them and slue them at Reblah in the lande of Hemath. And so Iuda was caried awaye out of their lande.

Gedaliah, who was set over them that remained, being slain, the rest flee into Egypt.

2 Kings 25:22 And ouer the people that remayned in the lande of Iuda, whiche Nabuchodonozor Kynge of Babilon lefte, he set Godoliah the sonne of Ahikam the sonne of Saphan. 2 Kings 25:23 And when all the capitaynes of the men of warre and the men hearde that the Kynge of Babilon had made Godoliah gouerner: there came to Godoliah to Mazphah: Ismael the soune of Nathaniah and Iohanan the sonne of Kareah and Saraiah the sonne of Thanehumeth the Netophathite and Iezoniah the sonne of Maachati and theyr men. 2 Kings 25:24 And Godoliah sware to them and to theyr men, and sayde to them: feare not ye the seruauntes of the Caldeyes. But dwelle in the lande and serue the Kynge of Babilon and ye shalbe in good condycion. 2 Kings 25:25 But it chaunced the seuenth monethe after, that Ismael the sonne of Nathaniah the sonne of Elisama of the Kynges bloude came, and ten men with hym and smote Godoliah that he dyed: and so did he the Iewes & the Caldeys that were with hym at Mazphah. 2 Kings 25:26 There vpon all the people both smalle and greate and the captaynes of the men of warre arose & went to Egipte: for they were afrayed of the Caldeyes.

Evil-merodach advanceth Jehoiachin in his court.

2 Kings 25:27 Notwithstandinge yet the .xxxiiij. yere after Iehoacin Kynge of Iuda was caryed awaye, the .xxvij. daye of the twelueth monethe, dyd Euilmerodah Kynge of Babilon lifte vp the head of Iehoacin Kynge of Iuda out of the presone house, 2 Kings 25:28 and speake kyndelye to hym and set hys seate aboue the seate of all the Kynges that were with hym in Babilon, 2 Kings 25:29 and chaunged hys preson garmentes. And he dyd euer eate breade before hym all the dayes of hys lyfe. 2 Kings 25:30 And a continuall porcyon was assygned hym of the Kynge, daye by daye as long as he lyued.

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