Matthew Bible

2 Kings 3

Jehoram's reign.

2 Kings 3:1 Iehoram the sonne of Ahab beganne to raygne vpon Israell in Samaria the .xviij. yeare of Iehosaphat kyng of Iuda, and continued twelue yeare. 2 Kings 3:2 And wrought that was euyll in the syghte of the Lorde: but not lyke his father or his mother, for he put away the Image of Baal that hys father had made: 2 Kings 3:3 Neuerthelesse he contynewed in the synne of Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat whyche made Israel synne, and shronke not there from.

Mesha rebelleth.

2 Kings 3:4 And Mesa kynge of Moab whiche was riche of shepe (and was wont to render vnto the kinge of Israel an hundred thousand lambes, and as many ramnes wyth the wolle) 2 Kings 3:5 rebelled agaynst the kinge of Israel after the death of Ahab.

Jehoram, with Jehoshaphat, and the king of Edom, being distressed for want of water, by Elisha obtaineth water, and promise of victory.

2 Kings 3:6 And kinge Iehoram went out of Samaria the same ceason, and nombred all Israel. 2 Kings 3:7 And then went and sent to Iehosaphat kynge of Iuda sayinge: the kinge of Moab hath rebelled agaynst me, wylt thou go with me against the Moabites to battel? And he sayde: I wil go, and wylbe as thou, & my people shalbe as thyne, and my horsses as thyne. 2 Kings 3:8 And he sayde: what waye shall we go? And þe other answered: the way thorow the wildernesse of Edom. 2 Kings 3:9 And the kynge of Israel toke his iourneye with the kinge of Iuda and the kinge of Edom. And when they had compased the way seuen dayes, there was no water for the host nor for the cattel that they hath with them. 2 Kings 3:10 Then said the kynge of Israel: Alasse, the Lorde hath called together these thre kynges to delyuer them into the handes of the Moabites. 2 Kings 3:11 But Iehosaphat sayde: is there here no prophete of the Lordes, that we may enquyre of the Lorde by him? And one of the kynge of Israels seruauntes answered and sayde: here is Elizeus the sonne of Saphat, whiche powred water on the handes of Eliah. 2 Kings 3:12 And Iehosaphat sayde: the worde of the Lorde is wyth hym. And so the kinge of Israel, and Iehosaphat and the kynge of Edom went doune to him. 2 Kings 3:13 And Elizeus sayde to the kynge of Israel: what haue I to do with the? Get the to the prophetes of thy father and of thy mother. And the kyng of Israel sayd vnto hym: Oh naye, but hath the lord called these thre kynges to delyuer them into the handes of the Moabites? 2 Kings 3:14 And Elizeus sayde, as sure as the Lorde of Hostes lyueth (in whose syght I stande) and it were not that I regarde the presence of Iehosaphat the kynge of Iuda, I woulde not loke toward the, nor yet se the. 2 Kings 3:15 But now bryng my a mynstrel. And as the mynstrel played, the hand of the Lord was vpon him. 2 Kings 3:16 And he said: thus biddeth the lorde: make thys broke full of dyches. 2 Kings 3:17 For thus sayth the Lorde: ye shall se nether wynde nor rayne, and yet this broke shalbe fylled with water, that ye maye drinck and youre beastes and youre cattel also. 2 Kings 3:18 And thys is yet but a small thinge, in the syght of the lorde. But he will geue the Moabites into youre handes also. 2 Kings 3:19 And ye shall destroye all stronge townes and all goodly cytyes, and shall fal al pleasaunt trees and stoppe all the welles of water, & marre al good plattes of grounde with stones. 2 Kings 3:20 And in the mornynge about offeryng time: there came suche a water the waye from Edom, that the countrey was filled with water.

The Moabites, deceived by the colour of the water, coming to spoil, are overcome.

2 Kings 3:21 And when all the Moabites heard that the kinges were come to fight against them, they gathered together, from the youngest þt was able to put an harnesse and so vpwarde, and wayted in the borders. 2 Kings 3:22 And they beynge vp erly in the morning, the sonne arose and shone vpon the water. And when the Moabites sawe the water a farre of, as red as bloud, 2 Kings 3:23 they said: it is bloud: the kinges haue fought together & one slaine another. Now therfore ye Moabites get you to the spoyle. 2 Kings 3:24 And when they came to the host of Israel, the Iesraelites stode vp, and layde on the Moabites, that they fleed before them. And so they entred the land and destroyed the Moabites. 2 Kings 3:25 And they ouerthrewe the cytyes, & on euery good parcel of lande, cast euery man his stone and ouercouered it, and stopte al the welles of water, and felde all the good trees. And as longe as the stones thereof dyd remayne in the walles of Brycke the slyngers went vpon it and bette it.

The king of Moab, by sacrificing the king of Edom's son, raiseth the siege.

2 Kings 3:26 And when the kynge of Moab sawe, that the battel was to stronge for hym, he toke wt him seuen hundred men that drewe the swerd to haue broken vp vnto the kynge of Edom. But they coulde not. 2 Kings 3:27 And then he toke his eldest sonne þt should haue raigned in his stead, and offered him for a burntofferynge vpon the walles. And there came so greate wrathe vpon Israel, that they departed from hym & returned to their owne lande.

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