Matthew Bible

2 Samuel 8

David subdueth the Philistines and the Moabites.

2 Samuel 8:1 After that, Dauid bette the Philistines and subdued them and toke the brydell of bondage oute of theyr haudes. 2 Samuel 8:2 And he bette the Moabytes, and measured them wyth a lyne makynge them lye a longe on the earth, and then meatynge the length of .ij. lynes to sley, and the length of one lyne to saue a lyue. And so became the Moabites Dauids seruauntes & payde trybute.

He smiteth Hadadezer, and the Syrians.

2 Samuel 8:3 Dauid smote also Adadezer the sonne of Rehob kynge of Zobah as he went to make the ende of hys coastes at the ryuer Euphrates. 2 Samuel 8:4 And Dauid toke a thousande and seuen hundred horsemen of hys, and twentye thousand fote men & destroied all hys charettes reseruynge one hundred of them. 2 Samuel 8:5 Then came the Syryans of Damascon to succour Adadezer kyng of Zobah. And Dauid slue of them two and twentye thousande men 2 Samuel 8:6 and put soudyours in Syra Damascon. And the Syryans became seruauntes to Dauid, payeng trybute. And thus þe Lord saued Dauid in all that he went to. 2 Samuel 8:7 And Dauid toke the shyldes of golde that were vpon the seruauntes of Adadezer and broughte them to Ierusalem. 2 Samuel 8:8 And therto out of Betah & Berathai cyties of Adadezer he broughte excedynge great aboundaunce of brasse.

Toi sendeth Joram with presents to bless him.

2 Samuel 8:9 When Thoi Kyng of Hemath had hearde how Dauid had discomforted all the hoste of Adadezer, 2 Samuel 8:10 he sent Ioram hys sonne vnto king Dauid to salute hym wyth peace & to blesse hym because he had fought against Adadezer and beaten hym, for Thoi kepte warre wyth Adadezer, which sonne brought vessels of syluer, golde, and of brasse wyth him.

The presents and the spoil David dedicateth to God.

2 Samuel 8:11 And them also kynge Dauid dyd dedicate vnto þe Lorde wyth the syluer and gold that he consecrated of all nacyons whiche he subdued: 2 Samuel 8:12 of the Syryans, the Moabytes, the chyldren of Ammon the Phylystines, the Amaleckites, and of the spoyle of Adadezer sonne of Rehob kynge of Zobah. 2 Samuel 8:13 And Dauid made hym a name after he returned from the slaughter of the Syryans in the valey of Salt where he slew .xviij. thousand men.

He putteth garrisons in Edom.

2 Samuel 8:14 And he put kepers in Edom, euen thorow oute al Edom put he soudyars and al Edom became hys seruauntes. And þe Lorde kepte Dauid whatsoeuer he toke in hand. 2 Samuel 8:15 And Dauid raygned ouer all Israel, and executed ryght and iustice vnto all hys people.

David's officers.

2 Samuel 8:16 And Ioab the sonne of Zaruiah was ouer þe host and Iehosaphat the sonne of Ahilud was recorder. 2 Samuel 8:17 And Sadoch the sonne of Ahitob and Ahimelech the sonne of Abiathar were þe Priestes, and Saraiah was the Scrybe. 2 Samuel 8:18 And Banaiah the sonne of Iehoiada was ouer the Cerethites and the Phelethytes, and Dauids sonnes were chefe rulars.

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