Matthew Bible

Amos 3

The necessity of God's judgment against Israel.

Amos 3:1 Heare, what the Lorde speaketh vnto you (O ye chyldren of Israel) namely, vnto all the tribes whome I broughte oute of Egypte, and sayd: Amos 3:2 you only haue I accepted from all the generacyons of the earthe: therfore wyl I vyset you in all youre wickednesses. Amos 3:3 Maye twayne walke together, excepte they be agreed amonge them selues? Amos 3:4 Doth a lyon roare in the woodde, excepte he haue a praye? Or cryeth a lyons whelpe oute of hys denne, excepte he haue gotten somthing? Amos 3:5 Doth a byrde fall in a snare vpon the earthe, where no fouler is? Taketh a man hys snare vp from the grounde, afore he catche somwhat? Amos 3:6 Crye they oute alarum wyth the trompet in þe cytye, and the people not afrayed? Commeth there anye plage in a cytye withoute it be the Lordes doynge? Amos 3:7 Nowe doth the Lorde God no maner of thynge, but he telleth hys secrete before vnto hys seruauntes the Prophetes. Amos 3:8 When a lyon roareth, who wyll not be afrayed? Seynge then that the Lord God him selfe speaketh, who wyll not prophecye?

The publication of it, with the causes thereof.

Amos 3:9 Preache in the palaces at Asdod, and in the palaces of the lande of Egypte, and saye: gather you together vpon the mountaynes of Samaria, so shall ye se greate murther and vyolente oppressyon amonge them, for why, they regarde not the thyng that is ryght Amos 3:10 saith the Lorde: they gather together euyll gotten goodes, and laye vp robbery in theyr houses. Amos 3:11 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde God. This lande shalbe troubled and beseged rounde aboute, thy strength shalbe plucte from the, & thy palaces robbed. Amos 3:12 Thus sayeth the Lorde lyke as an hyrdeman taketh two legges or a pece of an eare oute of the lions mouth: Euen so the chyldren of Israel (that dwell in Samaria, hauynge theyr couches in the corner, and theyr beddes at Damascus) shalbe plucte awaye. Amos 3:13 Heare, and beare recorde in the house of Iacob (sayeth the Lorde GOD of hostes) Amos 3:14 that when I begynne to vyset the wickednes of Israel, I wyll viset the aulters at Bethell also, so that the hornes of the aulter shalbe broken of, and fall to the grounde. Amos 3:15 As for the wynter house and sommer house I wyll smyte them doune, and the houses of Iuery, yea, & many other houses shal perysh, and be destroyed, sayeth the Lorde.

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