Matthew Bible

Daniel 6

Daniel is made chief of the presidents.

Daniel 6:1 It pleased Darius to set ouer hys kingedome an .C. and .xx. Lordes, whiche shulde be in all hys kyngdome aboute. Daniel 6:2 Aboue these he set thre princes (of whom Daniel was one) that the Lordes myghte geue accomptes vnto them, and the Kyng to be vndiseased. Daniel 6:3 But Daniel exceaded al these Princes and Lordes, for the sprete of God was plenteous in him: so that the Kynge was mynded to set hym ouer the whole realme.

They conspiring against him, obtain an idolatrous decree.

Daniel 6:4 Wherfore the Prynces and Lordes soughte, to pycke oute in Danyel some quarell agaynst the kyngdom: yet coulde they fynde none occasyon nor faute vpon hym. For why? he was so faythful, that there was no blame nor dyshonestye founde in hym. Daniel 6:5 Then sayde these men: we wil get no quarell agaynste thys Daniel, excepte it be in the lawe of hys God. Daniel 6:6 Vpon this, wente the princes and Lordes together vnto the kynge, and sayde thus vnto him: king Darius God saue thy lyfe for euer. Daniel 6:7 All the greate estates of the realme: as the princes, Dukes, Senatours, and iudges, are determed to put oute a commaundement of the kinge, and to make a sure statute: namely, that who so desireth any peticyon, ether of any god, or man (within this .xxx. dayes) excepte it be onlye of the, O kinge: the same person may be cast into the lions denne. Daniel 6:8 Wherfore, O kynge, confirme thou this statute, and make a wryttynge, that the thynge which the Medes and Perses haue ordeyned be not altered nor broken. Daniel 6:9 So Darius made the writtinge, and confirmed it.

Daniel, accused of the breach thereof, is cast into the lions' den.

Daniel 6:10 Now when Daniel vnderstode that the writtinge was made, he wente into hys house: and the windowes of hys hall toward Ierusalem stode open. There kneled he doune vpon his knees, thre tymes a daye: there he made his peticion, and praysed his God, like as hys maner was to do afore tyme. Daniel 6:11 Then these men made searche, and founde Daniel makinge his petycyon and prayinge vnto his God. Daniel 6:12 So they came to the kynge, & spake before him concerninge his commaundement sayinge: O kinge, hast thou not subscribed the statute, that within .xxx. daies who so requireth hys petycyon of any God or man but onely of thy selfe, O kinge: he shalbe cast into the denne of the lyons? The kinge answered, and sayd: ye, it is true. It must be as a lawe of the Medes and Perses, that maye not be broken. Daniel 6:13 Then answered they, and sayde vnto the kynge: Daniel one of the presoners of Iuda, O kynge, regardeth neyther the, nor thy statute, that thou hast made, but maketh his peticion thre tymes a day. Daniel 6:14 When the king heard these wordes, he was sore greued, and would haue excused Daniel, to deliuer him, and put of the matter, vnto the Sunne wente doune to the intent that he myght saue hym. Daniel 6:15 These men perceyuinge the kinges mind sayde vnto him: knowe thys (O Kinge) that the lawe of the Medes and Perses is, that þe commaundement & statute, whiche the kinge maketh, may not be altered. Daniel 6:16 Then the kynge had them bringe Daniel, and they caste hym into the Lyons denne. The kynge also spake vnto Daniel, & sayde: thy God, whom thou alwaye seruest, euen he shall defende the. Daniel 6:17 And there was broughte a stone, & layed vpon the hole of the denne: this the kinge sealed with his owne ringe, & wyth the signet of his prynces: that the kinges commaundemente concerninge Daniel, shoulde not be broken.

Daniel is saved,

Daniel 6:18 So the kinge wente into his palace, & kepte him sober al night, so that there was no table spred before him, neyther coulde he take any slepe. Daniel 6:19 But by tymes in the morninge at the breake of the day, the kinge arose, and wente in all haste vnto the denne of the Lyons. Daniel 6:20 Now as he came nye vnto the denne, he cried with a pyteous voyce vnto Daniell: yea the Kinge spake, and sayde vnto Daniel: O Daniel, thou seruaunt of the lyuynge God, is not thy God (whom thou alwaye seruest) able to deliuer the from the Lyons? Daniel 6:21 Daniel sayde vnto the Kinge: O King, God saue thy lyfe for euer. Daniel 6:22 My God hath sent his aungell whiche hath shut the lyons mouthes, so that they might not hurte me. For why? myne vngiltinesse is founde oute before him. And as for the, O Kinge, I neuer offended the. Daniel 6:23 Then was the kinge exceadinge glad, and commaunded to take Daniel out of the denne. So Daniel was broughte oute of the denne, and no maner of hurte was found vpon him. For he put his trust in his God.

his adversaries devoured,

Daniel 6:24 And as for those men which had accused Daniel, the king commaunded to bringe them, and to cast them in the lyons denne: them, their children and their wiues. So the Lyons had the maystry of them, and brake all their bones a sonder, or euer they came at the grounde.

and God magnified by a decree.

Daniel 6:25 After thys, wrote the Kinge Darius vnto all people kinreddes, and tunges, that dwelt in al landes: peace be multiplyed wt you. Daniel 6:26 My commaundement is, in al my dominion & kingedome, that men feare and stande in awe of Daniels God. For he is the liuinge God, whiche abydeth euer: his kingedome shall not fayle, and hys power is euerlasting. Daniel 6:27 It is he that delyuereth and saueth: he doeth wonders & maruelous worckes, in heauen and in earth: he hath preserued Daniel from the power of the Lyons. Daniel 6:28 This Daniell prospered in the raigne of Darius and Cirus of Persia.

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