Matthew Bible

Exodus 13

The firstborn are sanctified to God.

Exodus 13:1 And the lord spake vnto Moses saying: Exodus 13:2 Sanctifie vnto me all þe fyrst borne that open al maner matrices amonge the chyldren of Israel as wel of men as of beestes: for they are myne.

The memorial of the Passover is commanded.

Exodus 13:3 And Moses sayd vnto the people: thyncke on thys day in whych ye came out of Egypt & out of the house of bondage: for wt a mighty hand the Lord brought you out from thence. Se therfore that ye eate no leuended bread. Exodus 13:4 This day come ye out of Egypt in the moneth of Abid.

Exodus 13:5 When the Lord hath brought the into the lande of the Cananytes, Hethites, Amorites Heuytes & Iebusites, whiche he sware vnto thy fathers that he wolde geue the a lande where in mylcke & hony floweth, then se that thou kepe this seruice in thys same moneth. Exodus 13:6 Seuen dayes thou shalt eate swete brede: & the .vij. day shal be feastfull vnto the Lorde. Exodus 13:7 Therfore thou shalt eate swete bread seuen dayes, & se þt there be no leuended bread sene nor yet leuen among you in al your quarters.

Exodus 13:8 And thou shalt shewe thy sonne at þe tyme saying: this is done, because of that whiche þe Lord did vnto me when I came out of Egypt. Exodus 13:9 Therfore it shall be a sygne vnto the vpon thyne hande a remembraunce betwene thyne eyes, that the Lordes lawe maye be in thy mouth. For with a stronge hande the Lord brought the out of Egypt, Exodus 13:10 se thou kepe therfore this ordynaunce in his season from yere to yere.

The firstlings of beasts are set apart.

Exodus 13:11 Moreouer when þe Lord hath broughte the in to the lande of the Cananytes, as he hath sworne vnto the & to thy fathers, & hath geuen it the, Exodus 13:12 then thou shalt apoynt vnto the Lorde all that openeth the matryce, all the fyrst borne amonge the bestes which thou hast yf they be males. Exodus 13:13 And al the fyrst borne of the asses, thou shalt redeme wt a shepe: yf thou redeme hym not, then breake his necke. But al the fyrstborne amonge thy chyldren shalt thou bye out.

Exodus 13:14 And when thy sonne axeth the in tyme to come saying: what is this? thou shalt say vnto him: with a myghty hand the Lord brought vs out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Exodus 13:15 And when Pharao was loth to let vs go, the Lord slewe all the fyrstborne in the lande of Egypte: as well the fyrst borne of men as of beastes. And therfore I sacrifice vnto þe Lord al the males that open the matrice, but al the fyrst borne of my chyldren I must redeme. Exodus 13:16 And thys shalbe as a token in thyne hande, & as a thing hanged vp betwene thyne eyes: because the Lorde brought vs out of Egypte wyth a myghtye hande.

The Israelites go out of Egypt, and carry Joseph's bones with them.

Exodus 13:17 When Pharao had let the people go, God caried them not thorow the lande of the Philistines, though it were a nye waye. For God ayd: the people might happely repent when they se warre, & so turne agayne to Egypte: Exodus 13:18 therfore God led them aboute thorow the wildernesse that bordeth on the red sea. The children of Israel went harnessed out of the lande of Egypte. Exodus 13:19 And Moses toke the bones of Ioseph with him for he made the chyldren of Israel swere sayinge: God wyll surely vyset you, take my bones therfore awaye hence wt you.

They come to Etham.

Exodus 13:20 And they toke their iourney from Sucoth: & pitched their tentes in Etham in the edge of the wyldernesse.

God guideth them by a pillar of a cloud, and a pillar of fire.

Exodus 13:21 And the Lord went before them by daye in a pyler of a clowde to leade them the waye: and by nyghte in a pyler of fyre to geue them lyght: þt they myght goo both by day and nyght. Exodus 13:22 And the pyler þe cloude neuer departed by daye nor þe pyler of fyre by nyght out of the peoples syght.

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