Matthew Bible

Exodus 8

Frogs are sent.

Exodus 8:1 The Lord spake vnto Moyses: Go vnto Pharao and tel him, thus sayth the Lorde: let my people go, that they may serue me. Exodus 8:2 If thou wylt not let them go: beholde, I wyll smyte all thy lande with frogges. Exodus 8:3 And the ryuer shall scrale wyth frogges, and they shall come vp and go into thyne house, and into thy chambre where thou sleapest, and vpon thy bedde, & into the houses of thy seruauntes, and vpon thy people, & into thine ouens, and vpon thy vytails whych thou hast in store. Exodus 8:4 And the frogges shall come vpon the, and on the people, and vpon al thy seruauntes.

Exodus 8:5 And the Lorde spake vnto Moyses, saye vnto Aaron: stretch forthe thine hande wyth thy rodd ouer the stremes, riuers & pondes. And bryng vp frogges vpon the land of Egypte. Exodus 8:6 And Aaron stretched his hand ouer the water of Egypt, & þe frogges came vp & couered the land of Egipt. Exodus 8:7 And the sorcerers did lyke wyse with their sorcerye, & the frogges came vp vpon the land of Egipt.

Pharaoh sueth Moses,

Exodus 8:8 Then Pharao called for Moses & Aaron and sayed, praye ye vnto the Lorde that he maye take away the frogges frome me and from my people, and I wyll lette the people goo, that they maye do Sacrifice vnto the Lorde. Exodus 8:9 And Moses sayed vnto Pharao: Appoynt thou the tyme vnto me, when I shall praye for the & thy seruauntes and thy people, to dryue away the frogges from the and thy house, so þt they shall remayne but in the ryuer onely. Exodus 8:10 And he sayd to morow. And he said euen as thou hast saied, that thou maist know that there is none lyke vnto the Lord oure God. Exodus 8:11 And the frogges shal depart from the and from thine houses and from thy seruauntes, and from thy people, and shall remayne in the ryuer onely.

and Moses by prayer removeth them away.

Exodus 8:12 And Moses & Aaron went out from Pharao, & Moses cryed vnto the Lord vpon the appointment of frogges whych he had made vnto Pharao. Exodus 8:13 And the Lord dyd accordinge to the saying of Moses. And þe frogges died out of the houses, courtes and feyldes. Exodus 8:14 And they gathered them togyther vpon heapes: so that the land stanke of them. Exodus 8:15 But when Pharao sawe that he had rest geuen hym, he hardened his hert and herkened not vnto them, as the Lord had sayed.

The dust is turned into lice, which the magicians could not do.

Exodus 8:16 And the Lord sayed vnto Moyses: saye vnto Aaron stretch out thy rod and smite the dust of the Lande that it maye turne to lyfe in all the land of Egypt. Exodus 8:17 And they dyd so. And Aaron stretched out hys hand wyth his rodd & smot the dust of the earth, & it turned to lyse both in man and beast, so that all the dust of the Lande turned to lyse, thorowout all the land of Egypt. Exodus 8:18 And the enchaunters assayed lykewyse wyth theyr enchauntments to bringe forthe lyse, but they coulde not. And the lyse were boeth vpon man and beaste. Exodus 8:19 Then saied the enchaunters vnto Pharao, it is the finger of God. Neuerthe later Pharaos hert was hardened, and he regarded them not, as the Lorde had sayed.

The swarms of flies.

Exodus 8:20 And the Lord sayd vnto Moyses: ryse vp early in the mornynge & stande before Pharao, for he wyll come vnto the water: & saye vnto hym, thus sayeth the Lord: let my people goo, that they maye serue me. Exodus 8:21 If thou wylt not let my people go, beholde, I wyll sende all maner of flyes both vpon the & thy seruauntes, and thy people, & into thy houses. And the houses of the egyptians shall be ful of flyes, and the ground wheron they are. Exodus 8:22 But I wyl seperate the same daye, the Lande of Gosan wherein my people are, so that there shall no flyes be there: that thou mayst knowe that I am the Lorde vppon the earth. Exodus 8:23 And I wyl put a deuision betwene my people and thyne. And euen to morrowe shal this myracle be done. Exodus 8:24 And the Lord dyd euen soo: & there came noysom flyes into the house of Pharao, and into hys seruauntes houses, and into all the land of Egypt: so that the lande was marred with flyes.

Pharaoh inclineth to let the people go,

Exodus 8:25 Then Pharao sente for Moses & Aaron & sayd: Go & do sacrifice vnto youre God in the land. Exodus 8:26 And Moses answered: it is not mete so to do. For we muste offer vnto þe Lorde oure God, that whiche is abhomination vnto the Egyptians: beholde, shall we sacrifice that which is an abhomination vnto the Egiptians before theyr eyes, and shal they not stone vs? Exodus 8:27 we wyll therfore goo thre dayes iourney into the deserte, and sacrifice vnto the Lorde oure God as he hathe commaunded vs. Exodus 8:28 And Pharao said: I wyl let you goo, that ye may do sacrifice vnto the lord your God in the wildernes: onely go not farre awaye, & se that ye pray for me. Exodus 8:29 And Moses sayed: beholde, I wyll go out frome the and praye vnto the Lord, and the flyes shall depart from Pharao & from his seruauntes and from his people to morrow. But let Pharao from hence forth deceyue no more, that he wyll not lette the people go to sacrifice vnto the Lord. Exodus 8:30 And Moses went out from Pharao and prayed vnto the Lorde. Exodus 8:31 And the Lord did as Moses had said, & toke away the flyes from Pharao & from his seruaunts, & from his people so that ther remayned not one.

but yet is hardened.

Exodus 8:32 But for all þt Pharao hardened his hert euen then also and would not let the people go.

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