Matthew Bible

Ezekiel 10

The vision of the coals of fire, to be scattered over the city.

Ezekiel 10:1 And as I loked, beholde in the fyrmament that was aboue the Cherubyns ther apeared the similitude of a stole of Saphir vpon them Ezekiel 10:2 Then sayd he that sat therin, to him that had the lynen raiment vpon him: Crepe in betwene the wheles that are vnder the Cherubins, and take thyne hande full of hoate coles oute from betwene the Cherubyns, & cast them ouer the citie. And he crept in, that I myght se. Ezekiel 10:3 Now the Cherubyns stode vpon the right syde of the house, when the man wente in, and the cloude fylled the ynnermer court, Ezekiel 10:4 But the glory of the Lorde remoued from the Cherubyns, and came vpon the thresholde of the house: so that the temple was full of cloudes, and the courte was full of the shyne of the Lordes glory. Ezekiel 10:5 Yea and the sounde of the Cherubyns winges was heard into the fore court lyke as it had bene the voyce of the almyghty God, when he speaketh. Ezekiel 10:6 Now when he had bydden the man that was clothed in lynen, to go and take the hote coales from the myddest of the wheles, whiche were vnder the Cherubyns: he went & stode besyde the wheles. Ezekiel 10:7 Then the one Cherub reached forth hys hand from vnder the Cherubyns, vnto the fyre that was betwene the Cherubyns, and toke thereof, & gaue it vnto hym that had on the lynen raymente in hys hande: whiche toke it, and went oute.

The vision of the cherubims.

Ezekiel 10:8 And vnder the wynges of the Cherubyns, there apeared the lykenesse of a mans hande: Ezekiel 10:9 I sawe also foure wheles besyde the Cherubyns, so that by euerye Cherub there stode a whele. And the wheles were (to loke vpon) after the fashyon of the precyous stone of Tharsis: Ezekiel 10:10 yet (vnto the syght) were they fashyoned and lyke, as yf one whele had ben in another. Ezekiel 10:11 When they wente forthe, they wente all foure together, not turnynge aboute in theyr goynge, But where the fyrste wente, thyther wente they after also, so that they turned not aboute in theyr goynge. Ezekiel 10:12 Theyr whole bodyes theyr backes, theyr handes and wynges, yea and the wheles also, were all full of eyes rounde aboute them all foure. Ezekiel 10:13 And I hearde hym call the wheles, Galgal (that is) a rounde boule. Ezekiel 10:14 Euery one of them had foure faces: so that the one face was the face of a Cherub, the seconde of a man, the thyrde of a lyon, the fourthe of an Aegle, Ezekiel 10:15 and they were lyfted vp aboue. This is the beaste, that I sawe at the water of Cobar, Ezekiel 10:16 Nowe when the Cherubins wente, the wheles wente wyth them, & when the Cherubyns shoke theyr wynges to lyfte them selues vpwarde, the wheles remayned not behynde, but were with them also. Ezekiel 10:17 Shortly, when they stode, these stode also: And when they were lyfte vp, the wheles were lyfte vp also with them, for the sprete of lyfe was in the wheles. Ezekiel 10:18 Then the glory of the Lorde was lyfte vp from the thresholde of the temple, and remayned vpon the Cherubyns. Ezekiel 10:19 And the Cherubins flackred wyth theyr wynges, & lyft them selues vp from the earth: so that I sawe when they wente, and the wheles with them. And they stode at the east syde of the porte that is in the house of the Lorde. So the glorye of the Lorde was vpon them. Ezekiel 10:20 Thys is the beast that I saw vnder the god of Israel, by the water of Cobar. And I perceyued, that it was the Cherubyns. Ezekiel 10:21 Euerye one had foure faces, and euery one foure wynges, and vnder theyr wynges, as it were mens handes. Ezekiel 10:22 Now the fygure of theyr faces was, euen as I had sene them, by the water of Cobar, & so was the countenaunce of them: Euery one in hys goynge wente strayght forwarde.

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