Matthew Bible

Ezekiel 11

The presumption of the princes.

Ezekiel 11:1 Moreouer, the sprete of the Lorde lyft me vp, & broughte me vnto the Easte porte of the Lordes house. And beholde, there were .xxv. men vnder the dore among whome I sawe Iaazaniah the sonne of Azur, and Pheltiah the sonne of Bananiah, þe rulers of the people. Ezekiel 11:2 Then sayde the Lorde vnto me: Thou sonne of man: these men ymagyn myschefe, and a wycked councel take they in this citie, Ezekiel 11:3 sayinge: tushe, there is no destruccyon at hande, let vs buylde houses: thys Ierusalem is the cauldron, & we be the fleshe.

Their sin and judgment.

Ezekiel 11:4 Therfore shalte thou prophecye vnto them, yea prophecye shalte thou vnto them, O sonne of man. Ezekiel 11:5 And wyth that fell the spryte of the Lorde vpon me, and sayd vnto me: Speake, thus saith the Lord: On thys maner haue ye spoken (O ye house of Israell) and I knowe the ymagygacyons of youre hertes. Ezekiel 11:6 Many one haue ye murthered in thys cyte, and fylled the stretes full of the slayne. Ezekiel 11:7 Therfore, thus sayth þe Lord God: The slayne men that ye haue layed on the grounde in thys cytye, are the fleshe, and thys cytie is the cauldron: But I wyll brynge you oute of it: Ezekiel 11:8 ye haue drawen out the sweard euen so wyll I also brynge a swearde ouer you, sayeth the Lorde God. Ezekiel 11:9 I wyll dryue you oute of this citie, and delyuer you into youre enemyes hande, and wyll condemne you. Ezekiel 11:10 Ye shall be slayne in all the coastes of Israell, I wyll be auenged of you: to learne you for to knowe, that I am the Lorde. Ezekiel 11:11 This cytie shall not be youre cauldron, neyther shall ye be the fleshe therein: but in the coastes of Israell wil I punyshe you, Ezekiel 11:12 that ye maye knowe, that I am the Lorde: in whose commaundementes ye haue not walcked, nor kepte his lawes: but haue done after the customes of the Heathen, that lye rounde aboute you.

Ezekiel's complaining, God sheweth him his purpose in saving a remnant,

Ezekiel 11:13 Now when I preached, Pheltiah the sonne of Bananiah dyed. Then fell I doune vpon my face, and cried with a loud voyce: O Lord God, wylte thou then vtterlye destroy all the remnaunte in Israell? Ezekiel 11:14 And so the word of the Lorde came to me on thys maner: Ezekiel 11:15 thou sonne of man: thy brethren: thy kynsfolke, and the whole house of Iuda, whiche dwell at Ierusalem, saye: They be gone farre from the Lord, but the lande is geuen vs in possessyon. Ezekiel 11:16 Therfore tell them, thus sayth the Lorde God: I wyll sende you farre of amonge the Gentyles, and scatre you amonge the nacyons, & I wyll halowe you but a lytle, in the landes where ye shal come. Ezekiel 11:17 Tel them also, thus saith the Lorde God: I wyll gather you agayne oute of the nacyons, and bryng you from the countrees where ye be scatred, and wyl geue you the lande of Israel agayne: Ezekiel 11:18 and thyther shall ye come. And as for all impedymentes and all youre abhomynacyons: I wyll take them awaye. Ezekiel 11:19 And I wil geue you one herte, and I wyll plante a newe sprete wythin youre bowels. That stony herte wyll I take oute of youre body, & geue you a fleshy herte: Ezekiel 11:20 that ye maye walke in my commaundementes, and kepe myne ordynaunces, & do them: that ye maye be my people, and I youre God.

and punishing the wicked.

Ezekiel 11:21 But loke, whose hertes are dysposed to folowe theyr abhomynacyons & wicked lyuynges: those mens dedes wyll I brynge vpon their owne heades, sayeth the Lorde God.

The glory of God leaveth the city.

Ezekiel 11:22 After thys did the Cherubins lyft vp theyr wynges, and the wheles wente wyth them, and the glorye of the Lorde was vpon them. Ezekiel 11:23 So the glorye of the Lorde wente vp from the myddeste of the cytye, and stode vpon the mounte of the cytye towarde the east.

Ezekiel is returned to the captivity.

Ezekiel 11:24 But the wynde toke me vp, & in a vision (which came by the spryte of God) it brought me vp agayne into Caldea among the presoners. Then the vision þt I had sene, vanyshed awaye fro me. Ezekiel 11:25 So I spake vnto the presoners, all the wordes of the Lorde, whiche he had shewed me.

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