Matthew Bible

Ezekiel 17

Under the parable of two eagles and a vine,

Ezekiel 17:1 The worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge: Ezekiel 17:2 Thou sonne of man: put forthe a darcke speakinge, and a parable, vnto the house of Israel, Ezekiel 17:3 and saye: Thus sayeth the Lorde God. There came a great Aegle with greate wynges, yea with myghty long winges, and full of fethers of dyuerse coloures, vpon the mount of Libanus, and toke a braunche from a Cedre tree, Ezekiel 17:4 and brake of the toppe of his twigge, and caryed it into the lande of Canaan, and set it in a cytye of marchauntes. Ezekiel 17:5 He toke also a braunche of the land & planted it in a fruteful ground, he brought it vnto greate waters, and set it as a wyllye tree therby. Ezekiel 17:6 Then dyd it growe, and was a greate vynestocke, but low by the grounde: thus there came of it a vyne, and it broughte forth blossomes, and spred oute braunches. Ezekiel 17:7 But there was another Aegle, a great one, whych had great wynges and many fethers: and behold the rotes of this vyne had an hunger after hym, and spred oute his braunches towarde hym, to water hys frutes. Ezekiel 17:8 Neuertheles it was planted vpon a good grounde besyde greate waters: so that (by reason) it shoulde haue brought out braunches & frute & haue bene a goodly vyne. Ezekiel 17:9 Speake thou therfore, thus sayeth the lord God: Shall thys vyne prospere? shal not his rotes be pluckte oute, his frute be broken of, his grene braunches withere & fade awaye? yea without eyther strong arme or many people, shall it be plucked vp by the rotes. Ezekiel 17:10 Beholde it was planted: shall it prospere therfore? Shal it not be dryed vp and wythered, yea euen in the shutynge out of his blossomes, as sone as the east wynde bloweth?

is shewed God's judgment upon Jerusalem for revolting from Babylon to Egypt.

Ezekiel 17:11 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me sayinge: Ezekiel 17:12 Speake to that frowarde housholde: knowe ye not, what these thinges do signyfye? Tell them: Beholde the king of Babylon came to Ierusalem, and toke the kynge and hys Princes, and ledde them to Babylon. Ezekiel 17:13 He toke of the kinges sede, and made a couenaunt wyth him, and toke an ooth of him. The Prynces of the lande toke he wyth hym also, Ezekiel 17:14 that the land myght be holden in subieccyon, and not to rebelle, but kepe the couenaunt, and fulfyll it. Ezekiel 17:15 But he fell from him, & sent hys Embassitoures into Egipte, that he myght haue horses and much people. Should that prospere? Shoulde he be kept safe, that doeth suche thynges? Or shoulde he escape that breaketh his couenaunt? Ezekiel 17:16 As truely as I lyue sayeth the Lorde God: He shal dye at Babylon, in the place where the kyng dwelleth, that made him King: whose othe he hath despysed, and whose couenaunte he hath broken. Ezekiel 17:17 Neyther shall Pharao wyth his greate hoste and multitude of people, maynteyne him in the warre: when they cast vp dyches, and set vp bulworches to destroye much people. Ezekiel 17:18 For seyng he hath despysed the othe, and broken the couenaunt (where as he yet gaue his hande thervpon) and done all these thynges, he shall not escape. Ezekiel 17:19 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde God: As truely as I lyue. I wil bring myne othe that he hath despised, & my couenaunt that he hath broken, vpon his owne heade. Ezekiel 17:20 I will cast my net aboute hym, and catche him in my yarne. To Babylon wil I carye him, there wyll I punyshe him, because of the greate offence that he made me. Ezekiel 17:21 As for those that fle from him out of the hoste, they shalbe slayne with the swerd. The residue shalbe scatred toward all the wyndes, and ye shal knowe, that I the Lorde haue spoken it.

God promiseth to plant the cedar of the Gospel.

Ezekiel 17:22 Thus sayeth the Lord God: I wyll also take a braunche from an hye Cedre tree, & will set it, and take the vttermost twygge, that yet is but tendre, and plante it vpon an hye hill: Ezekiel 17:23 Namely, vpon the hye hill of Syon wil I plante it: that it may brynge forth twigges, and geue frute, and be a greate Cedre tree: so that all maner of foules maye byde in it, and make their nestes vnder the shadowe of hys braunches. Ezekiel 17:24 And all the trees of the felde shall knowe that I the Lord haue brought doune the hye tree, and set the low tre vp: that I haue dryed vp the grene tree, and made the drye tree to florysh. Euen I the Lorde that spake it, haue also brought it to passe.

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