Matthew Bible

Ezekiel 20

God refuseth to be consulted by the elders of Israel.

Ezekiel 20:1 In the .xvij. yeare the .x. day of þe .v. Moneth, it happened, that certayne of the elders of Israel came vnto me, for to aske councell at the Lord, and sat them doune by me. Ezekiel 20:2 Then came the worde of the Lorde vnto me on this maner. Ezekiel 20:3 Thou sonne of man: speake vnto the elders of Israel, and say vnto them: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: Are ye come hytherto to aske any thinge at me? As truely as I lyue (sayeth the Lorde) Ezekiel 20:4 I wyll geue you no answere. Wilt thou not reproue them (thou sonne of man) wilt thou not reproue them? Shew them the abhomynacions of their forefathers,

He sheweth the story of their rebellions in Egypt,

Ezekiel 20:5 and tell them: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: In the day when I chose Israel, and lyft vp myne hand vpon the sede of the house of Iacob, and shewed my selfe vnto them in the lande of Egypte: Yea, when I lyfte vp myne hande ouer them, and sayd: I am the Lorde youre God, Ezekiel 20:6 euen in the daye that I lift vp mine hande ouer them, to bring them out of the lande of Egipte, into a lande that I haue prouided for them, which floweth with milcke and hony, and it is a pleasaunte lande amonge al other: Ezekiel 20:7 Then sayde I vnto them: Cast awaye euerye man the abhomynacyons that he hath before him, and defyle not youre selues with the Idoles of Egipte, for I am the Lorde youre God. Ezekiel 20:8 But they rebelled agaynst me, and would not folowe me, to cast awaye euery man the abhominacions of his eyes, & to forsake the Idoles of Egipte. Then I made to poure my indignacion ouer them, and to satisfye my wrath vpon them, yea euen in the myddest of the lande of Egipte. Ezekiel 20:9 But I woulde not do it, for my names sake, that it shoulde not be vnhalowed before the Heathen, amonge whom they dwelt, and among whom I shewed my selfe vnto them, that it woulde brynge them out of the lande of Egipte.

in the wilderness,

Ezekiel 20:10 Now when I had caried them out of the lande of Egipte, and brought them into the wildernesse: Ezekiel 20:11 I gaue them my commaundementes, and shewed them my lawes, whiche who so kepeth, shall lyue in them. Ezekiel 20:12 I gaue them also my holy dayes, to be a token betwixte me and them, and therby know, that I am the Lorde, whiche haloweth them. Ezekiel 20:13 And yet the house of Israel rebelled agaynste me in the wildernesse, they woulde not walcke in my commaundementes, they haue cast awaye my lawes (whiche whoso kepeth, shoulde lyue in them) and my Sabboth dayes haue thy greatly vnhalowed. Then I made me to poure oute my indignacion vpon them, and to consume them in þe wyldernesse. Ezekiel 20:14 Yet I would not do it, for my names sake: lest it shoulde be dishonoured before the Heathen, from the which I had caried them away. Ezekiel 20:15 But I swore vnto them in the wildernesse, that I woulde not byrnge them into the lande, whiche I gaue them, a land that floweth with milck and honye, and is a pleasure of all landes, Ezekiel 20:16 and that because they refused my lawes, and walcked not in my commaundementes, but and vnhalowed my Sabbathes, for their herte was gone after their Idoles. Ezekiel 20:17 Neuerthelesse myne eye spared them so that I woulde not vtterly slaye them, and consume them in the wyldernes. Ezekiel 20:18 Moreouer I sayde vnto their sonnes in the wildernesse: walcke not in the statutes of your forfathers kepe not their ordinaunces, and defyle not youre selues with their Idoles, Ezekiel 20:19 for I am the Lorde youre God. But walcke in my statutes, kepe my lawes and do them, Ezekiel 20:20 halowe my Sabbothes: for they are a token betwyxte me and you, that ye may know, howe that I am the Lorde. Ezekiel 20:21 Notwythstandinge, their sonnes rebelled against me also: they walcked not in my statutes, they kepte not my lawes to fulfyll them (whiche he that doeth shall lyue in them) neyther halowed they my Sabboth dayes. Then I made me againe to poure out my indignacion ouer them, and to satisfye my wrath vpon them in the wildernesse. Ezekiel 20:22 Neuerthelesse I wythdrewe my hande for my names sake, least it shoulde be vnhalowed amonge the Heathen, before whome I had brought them forth. Ezekiel 20:23 I lift vp myne hand ouer them also in the wildernesse, that I would scatre them amonge the Heathen, & strowe them amonge the nacions: Ezekiel 20:24 because they had not kepte my lawes, but cast asyde my commaundementes, vnhalowed my Sabbothes, and lyft vp their eyes to their fathers Idoles. Ezekiel 20:25 Wherfore I gaue them also commaundementes not good, and lawes thorow the whyche they shoulde not lyue, Ezekiel 20:26 & I vnhalowed them in their owne gyftes (when I appointed for my selfe all their fyrstborne) to make them desolate: that they might knowe, howe that I am the Lorde.

and in the land.

Ezekiel 20:27 Therfore (O thou sonne of man) tell the house of Israell, thus sayeth the Lorde God: Besyde all this, youre forefathers haue yet blasphemed me more, and greatly offended agaynst me. Ezekiel 20:28 For after I had brought them in to the lande, that I promysed to geue them, when they sawe euery hye hyll and the thicke trees: they made their offerynges, and prouoked me with their oblacyons, makinge swete sauoures there, and poured oute their drynckeofferynges. Ezekiel 20:29 Then I asked them: what haue ye to do withall, that ye go thyther? And therefore it is called the hye place vnto thys daye. Ezekiel 20:30 Wherfore, speake vnto the house of Israel: Thus sayeth the Lorde God: yea are euen as vnclene as youre forefathers, and committe whordome also with their abhominacions. Ezekiel 20:31 In al youre Idoles, where vnto ye bring your oblacions, and to whose honoure ye burne your children: ye defyle youre selues, euen vnto this day: howe darre ye then come and aske any question at me? O ye housholde of Israel? As truly as I liue (saieth the Lord God) ye get no answere of me: Ezekiel 20:32 & as for the thinge, that ye go aboute, it shall not come to passe, where as ye saye: we wil be as the heathen, & do as other people in the lande, wood and stone wyl we worshippe.

He promiseth to gather them by the Gospel.

Ezekiel 20:33 As truly as I liue, sayeth the Lorde God, I my selfe wyll rule you with a myghty hand with a stretched out arme, and with indignacyon poured out ouer you: Ezekiel 20:34 and wyll brynge you out of the nacyons and landes, wherin ye are scatred: and gather you together wyth a myghtye hande, with a stretched oute arme and with indignacyon poured out vpon you: Ezekiel 20:35 and wyll brynge you into the wildernesse of the people, and there I will reason with you face to face. Ezekiel 20:36 Like as I punished youre forefathers in the wildernesse, so will I punyshe you also, sayeth the Lorde God. Ezekiel 20:37 I will bring you vnder my iurisdiccion, & vnder the bonde of the couenaunt. Ezekiel 20:38 The forsakers also and the transgressours will I take from among you, & bringe them out of the lande of youre habitacion: as for the lande of Israel, they shall not come in it: that they may knowe, howe that I am the Lorde. Ezekiel 20:39 Go now then (sayeth the Lorde God) ye house of Israel, cast awaye, and destroye euery man his Idoles: then shall ye heare me, & no more blaspheme my holie name with your offeringes and Idoles. Ezekiel 20:40 But vpon my holye hil, euen vpon the hye hil of Israel shal al the house of Israel and all that is in this lande, worshippe me: and in the same place wyll I fauoure them, and there wil I require youre heaueofferinges, and the fyrstlynges of your oblacions, with all youre holie thinges. Ezekiel 20:41 I will accepte your swete sauoure, when I bringe you from the nacions, and gather you together oute of the landes, wherin ye be scatred: that I maye be halowed in you before the Heathen, Ezekiel 20:42 and that ye maye knowe, that I am the Lorde, whiche haue broughte you into the lande of Israel: yea into the same lande, that I swore to geue vnto youre forefathers. Ezekiel 20:43 There shall ye call to remembraunce your own wayes and all your ymaginacions, wherin he haue bene defiled, and ye shalbe displeased wyth your own selues, for al your wickednes that ye haue done. Ezekiel 20:44 And ye shall know that I am the Lorde: when I entreate you after my name, not after youre wycked wayes, nor accordynge to youre corrupte workes: O ye house of Israel, sayeth the lord.

Under the name of a forest he sheweth the destruction of Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 20:45 Moreouer the worde of the Lorde came vnto me saying: Ezekiel 20:46 Thou sonne of man, set thy face towarde the south, & speake to the south wind, Ezekiel 20:47 and say to the þe wood toward þe south: Heare the worde of the Lorde: thus sayeth the Lorde God: Beholde, I wil kindle a fire in the, that shal consume the grene trees with the drye. No man shal be able to quenche hys flamme, but al that loketh from the south to the north, shalbe brent therin: Ezekiel 20:48 & al flesh shal se, that I the Lord haue kindled it, so that no man maye quenche it. Ezekiel 20:49 Then saide I: O Lord they will saye of me: Tush, they are but fables, that he telleth.

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