Matthew Bible

Ezekiel 28

God's judgment upon the prince of Tyrus for his sacrilegious pride.

Ezekiel 28:1 The word of the lord came vnto me saying: Ezekiel 28:2 Thou sonne of man, tell the Prince of Tyre. Thus saieth the lord god because thou haste a proude hert & hast said: I am a god: I haue my seate in the middest of the sea like a God, where as thou art but a man and not God, & yet standest in thine own conceyt, that thou art God. Ezekiel 28:3 Behold, thou thinckest thy self wyser then Daniel, that there is no secretes hyd from the. Ezekiel 28:4 With thy wysedome and thy vnderstanding, thou hast gotten the great welthinesse, and gathered treasure of syluer and goulde. Ezekiel 28:5 With thy great wysedome and occupying, hast thou increased thy power, and because of thy great ryches, thy hert is proude. Ezekiel 28:6 Therfore thus sayeth the Lord God: For so muche as thou hast lyft vp thyne herte, as though thou were God: Ezekiel 28:7 behold, I wil bring enemies vpon the, euen the tyrauntes of the Heathen: these shall drawe out their swerdes vpon thy bewtye and wysedome, and shall defyle thy glory. Ezekiel 28:8 They shall cast the doune to the pytte, so that thou shalt dye in the middest of the sea, Ezekiel 28:9 as they that be slayne. Let se, yf thou wylt saye then (before them that slaye the) I am God: where as thou arte but a man and not God, in the handes of them that slay the. Ezekiel 28:10 Dye shalte thou, euen as the vncircumcysed in the handes of the enemyes: for I my selfe haue spoken it, sayeth the Lord God.

A lamentation of his great glory corrupted by sin.

Ezekiel 28:11 Moreouer, the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, sayinge: Ezekiel 28:12 Thou sonne of man, make a lamentable complaynte ouer the kynge of Tyre, and tell hym: Thus sayth the Lorde God: Thou arte a seale of a lykenesse, full of wysdome & excellente beutye. Ezekiel 28:13 Thou hast ben in the pleasaunte garden of God: thou art dect with all maner of precyous stones: wyth Ruby, Topas, Christal, Iacincte, Onic, Iaspys, Saphyr, Smaragde, Carbuncle, and golde. Thy bewty and the holes that be in the, were set forthe in the daye of thy creacyon. Ezekiel 28:14 Thou arte a fayre Cherub, stretched wyde oute for to couer. I haue set the vpon the holye mounte of God, there hast thou bene, and walked among the fayre glysterynge stones. Ezekiel 28:15 From the tyme of thy creacyon thou haste bene ryghte excellent, tyll wyckednesse was founde in the. Ezekiel 28:16 Because of thy greate marchaundyse, thy hert is full of wickednesse, and thou haste offended. Therfore wyll I caste the from the mounte of God (O thou couerynge Cherub) and destroye the among the glisteryng stones. Ezekiel 28:17 Thy herte was proud in thy fayre beuty, & thorow thy beuty thou haste destroyed thy wysdom. I wil cast the doune to the ground, & that in þe sight of kinges. Ezekiel 28:18 Thou haste defyled thy sanctuarye, wyth the great wyckednesse of thy vnryghteous occupyenge. I wyl brynge a fyre from the myddest of the, to consume the: and wyll make the to ashes, in the syghte of al them that loke vpon the. Ezekiel 28:19 All they that haue bene acquaynted with the amonge the Heathen shalbe abashed at the, seynge thou arte so cleane brought to naught, and commest no more vp.

The judgment of Zidon.

Ezekiel 28:20 And the worde of the Lorde came vnto me sayenge: Ezekiel 28:21 Thou sonne of man, set thy face agaynst Sydon. Prophecy vpon it, Ezekiel 28:22 and speake Thus sayth the Lorde God: Beholde o Sidon, I wyll vpon the, and get me honoure in the: that it maye be knowne, howe that I am the Lorde, when I punyshe her, and get me honoure in her. Ezekiel 28:23 For I wyll sende pestilence and bloudsheddyng into her streates, so that those which be slayne with the swearde, shall lye rounde aboute in the myddest of her: and they shall knowe, that I am the Lord.

The restoration of Israel.

Ezekiel 28:24 She shal no more be a prickinge thorne, and an hurtynge breer vnto the house of Israel, nor vnto them that lye rounde aboute her, and hate her, and they shall knowe, that I am the Lorde. Ezekiel 28:25 Thus sayth the Lord God: when I gather the housholde of Israel together agayne from the nacyons amonge whom they be scatered: then shall I be sanctifyed in them, in the sight of the Gentyles, & they shal dwell in the lande that I gaue to my seruaunte Iacob. Ezekiel 28:26 They shall dwell safely therin, buylde houses, and plante vyneyardes: yea safely shal they dwel therin, when I haue punyshed all those, that despyse them rounde aboute: and then shall they knowe, that I am the Lorde theyr God.

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