Matthew Bible

Ezekiel 43

The returning of the glory of God into the Temple.

Ezekiel 43:1 So he brought me to the dore, the turneth towarde the east. Ezekiel 43:2 Beholde, then came the glorye of þe God of Israell from out of the east, whose voyce was lyke a greate noyse of waters, and the earth was lyghtened wyth hys glory. Ezekiel 43:3 His syght to loke vpon was lyke the fyrst, that I sawe, when I wente in, what tyme as the cytye shulde haue bene destroyed: and lyke the vysyon that I sawe by the water of Cobar. Then fell I vpon my face, Ezekiel 43:4 but the glory of the Lord came in to the house thorow the East dore. Ezekiel 43:5 So a wyude toke me vp, and brought me into the ynnermer courte: and beholde, the house was full of the glory of the Lorde. Ezekiel 43:6 I herde one speakyng vnto me out of the house, and there stode one by me,

The sin of Israel hindered God's presence.

Ezekiel 43:7 that sayde vnto me: O thou sonne of man, this rowme is my seate, and the place of my fotesteppes: where as I wyll dwell amonge the chyldren of Israell for euermore: so that the house of Israell shall nomore defyle my holye name: nether they, ner their kynges, thorowe their whordome, thorowe their hye places, and thorowe the deed bodyes of their Kynges: Ezekiel 43:8 whych haue buylded their thresholdes in maner harde vpon my thresholdes, & their postes almoste at my postes: so that there is but a bare wall betwyxte me and them. Thus haue they defyled my holye name wyth their abhominacyons, that they haue commytted. Wherfore I haue destroyed them in my wrath: Ezekiel 43:9 But now they shall put awaye their whordome and the deed bodyes of their kynges out of my syght, that I maye dwell amonge them for euermore.

The prophet exhorteth them to repentance, and observation of the law of the house.

Ezekiel 43:10 Therfore (O thou sonne of man) shewe thou the housholde of Israell a temple, that they maye be a shamed of their wickednesse, and measure them selues an example therat. Ezekiel 43:11 And when they be ashamed of all their worckes, then shewe them the fourme and fashyon of the temple: the commynge in, the goynge oute, all the maner and descripcion therof, yee all the vses and ordynaunces of it that they maye kepe & fulfill all the fashions and customes therof. Ezekiel 43:12 This is the descripcyon of the house: Aboue vpon the mount rounde aboute all the corners, it shalbe the holyest of all. Beholde, that is the descrypcyon and fashyon of the house.

The measures,

Ezekiel 43:13 Thys is the measure of the aulter (after the true cubyte: whych is a spanne longer then another cubyte) hys botome in the myddeste was a cubyte longe and wyde, and the ledge that wente rounde aboute it, was a spanne brode. Thys is the heygth of the aulter: Ezekiel 43:14 From the grounde to the lower steppes the length is two cubites, and the bredth one cubyte: and from the lower steppes to the higher are foure cubytes, and the bredth but one cubyte. Ezekiel 43:15 The aulter was foure cubytes hye, & from the aulter vpwarde stode foure hornes, Ezekiel 43:16 and it was .xij. cubytes longe and .xij. cubytes brode, vpon the foure corners: Ezekiel 43:17 the couerynge of the aulter was .xiiij. cubytes longe & brode vpon the foure corners, and the ledge that wente rounde aboute, had half a cubite: and the botome therof rounde aboute one cubyte: hys steppes stode towarde the Easte.

and the ordinances of the altar.

Ezekiel 43:18 And he sayd vnto me: Thou sonne of man, thus saieth the Lorde God: these are the ordynaunces & lawes of the aulter, in the daye when it is made to offre burntoffrynges & to sprenckle bloude ther vpon. Ezekiel 43:19 To the prestes, to the Leuites that be of the sede of Sadoch, & treade before me to do me seruyce, sayeth the Lorde God: Vnto these geue thou a yonge bullock, for a synofferynge: Ezekiel 43:20 & take the bloude of hym and sprenckle hys foure hornes withall and the foure corners of the aulter couerynge, with the ledge that goeth rounde aboute: here with shalt thou clense it, & reconcyle it. Ezekiel 43:21 Thou shalt take the bullock also of the synoffringe, and burne hym in a seuerall place wythout the Sanctuary. Ezekiel 43:22 The nexte daye, take a gootbuck wythout blemish for a synofferynge, to reconcyle the aulter withall: lyke as it was reconcyled with the bullocke. Ezekiel 43:23 Now when thou haste made it cleane, then offre a yonge bullocke without blemyshe, and a ramme out of the flocke wythout blemish also: Ezekiel 43:24 Offre them before the Lorde, and let the prest caste salt thervpon, and geue, them so vnto the Lorde for a burntofferyng. Ezekiel 43:25 Seuen dayes shalt thou bring, euery daye a gootbuck. A yonge bullocke & a ramme of þe flocke (both wythout blemysh) shall they offre. Ezekiel 43:26 Seuen dayes shall they reconcyle and clense the aulter, and offre vpon it. Ezekiel 43:27 When these dayes are expired, then vpon the .viij. daye and so forth, the prestes shall offre their burntoffringes & he althoffrynges vpon the aulter: so wyll I be mercyfull vnto you, sayeth the Lorde God.

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