Matthew Bible

Ezra 10

Shechaniah encourageth Ezra to reform the strange marriages.

Ezra 10:1 And when Esdras prayed after this maner, & knowledge, wept & laye before the house of God, there resorted vnto hym oute of Israel a very great congregacion of men and wemen, & chyldren: for the people wepte very sore. Ezra 10:2 And Sechaniah the sonne of Iehiel one of the chyldren of Elam, answered, and sayde vnto Esdras: We haue trespaced agaynste the Lorde oure God, in that we haue taken straunge wyues of all the people of the land. Now there is hope yet in Israel concernyng this Ezra 10:3 therfore, let vs make a couenaunt nowe wyth our God, that we shall put away al the wyues (and suche as are borne of them) accordynge to the councel of the Lorde, and of them that feare the commaundement of oure God, that we maye do accordyng to the law. Ezra 10:4 Get the vp therfore, for the matter belongeth vnto the. We wyll be wyth the, be of good comforte, and do it. Ezra 10:5 Then rose Esdras, and toke an othe of the rulers, priestes and Leuites, & of all Israell, that they shulde do accordynge to this word: and they sware.

Ezra mourning assembleth the people.

Ezra 10:6 And Esdras stode vp before the house of God, and wente into the chamber of Iohanan the sonne of Elialib. And when he came thyther, he ate no bread, nor drancke water: for he mourned because of the transgressyon of them that had bene in captiuite. Ezra 10:7 And they caused a proclamacyon be made thorowoute Iuda and Ierusalem, vnto al the chyldren whiche had bene in captyuite, that they shulde gather themselues together vnto Ierusalem: Ezra 10:8 And that whosoeuer came not within thre dayes accordynge to the deuyce of the rulers and elders, all hys substaunce shoulde be forfet, and be put oute from the congregacyon of the captyue.

The people, at the exhortation of Ezra, repent, and promise ammendment.

Ezra 10:9 Then all the men of Iuda and Beniamin gathered themselues together vnto Ierusalem in thre dayes, that is on the twentye daye of the nynth moneth: and all the people sate in þe strete before the house of God, and trembled, because of the matter, and for the rayne. Ezra 10:10 And Esdras the prieste stode vp, and sayde vnto them: Ye haue transgressed, that ye haue taken straunge wyues, to make the trespace of Israel yet more: Ezra 10:11 confesse now therfore vnto þe Lorde God of your fathers, and do hys pleasure, and separate youre selues from the people of the lande, and from the straunge wyues. Ezra 10:12 Then aunswered all the congregacyon, and sayde wyth a loude voyce: Let it be done as thou haste sayd. Ezra 10:13 But the people are many, & it is a rayne whether, and they can not stand here wythout, nether is this a worcke of one daye or two, for we are many that haue offended in thys transgressyon. Ezra 10:14 Let vs appoynte oure rulers therfore in all the congregacyon, þt al they which haue taken straunge wyues in oure cytyes, maye come at the tyme appoynted, and the elders of euerye cytye & theyr iudges wyth them, tyll the wrath of our God be turned awaye from vs for thys offence.

The care to perform it.

Ezra 10:15 Then were appoynted Ionathan þe sonne of Asahel and Iahasia the sonne of Thekuah ouer thys matter. And Mosollam and Sabathai the Leuites holpe them. Ezra 10:16 And the chyldren of the captiuite dyd euen so. And Esdras the priest and the auncyent heades thorow the house of theyr fathers and all that were now rehearsed by name, separated them selues, and sate them doune on the fyrst daye of the tenth moneth to examen thys matter. Ezra 10:17 And of þe first daye of the fyrste moneth they made an ende of all the men that had taken straunge wyues.

The names of them which had married strange wives.

Ezra 10:18 And amonge the children of the priestes there were men founde that had taken straunge wyues, namely among the chyldren of Iesua the sonne of Iosedec and of his brethren, Maasiah, Eliezer, Iarib and Godoliah. Ezra 10:19 And they gaue theyr handes there vpon, that they wold put awaye theyr wyues: and for theyr trespace offerynge to geue a ramme for theyr trespace. Ezra 10:20 Amonge the chyldren of Emer, Hanani, and Zabadiah. Ezra 10:21 Amonge the chyldren of Harim, Maasiah, Eltah, Semeiah, Iehiel, and Osiah. Ezra 10:22 Amonge the chyldren of Phashur, Elioenai. Maasiah, Ismael Nathanael, Iosabed and Eleazah. Ezra 10:23 Amonge the Leuites, Iosabed, Semei & Kelaiah, which same is Kalithah. Pathathiah, Iuda, & Eleazar. Ezra 10:24 Amonge the syngers, Eliasib. Among the porters Selum, Telem and Vri. Ezra 10:25 Of Israel. Amonge the chyldren of Pharos, Remiah, Iesiah, Melchiah, Miamin, Eleazar, Melchiah and Banaiah. Ezra 10:26 Amonge the chyldren of Elam, Mathaniah, Zachary, Iehiel, Abdi, Ierimoth & Eliah. Ezra 10:27 Amonge þe children of Iethua, Elioenai, Eliasib, Mathaniah, Ierimoth, Zabad and Aziza. Ezra 10:28 Amonge the chyldren of Bebai, Iehohanan, Hananiah, Zabai and Athalai. Ezra 10:29 Amonge the chyldren of Beoni, Mosolam, Maluch, Adaiah Iasub, Saal and Ierimoth. Ezra 10:30 Amonge the chyldren of Phahath Moab, Edna, Calal, Banaiah, Maasia, Mathaniah, Bezeleel, Benui and Manasseh. Ezra 10:31 Amonge the chyldren of Harim, Eliezer, Iesiah, Melchiah, Semeiah, Simeon, Ezra 10:32 BenIamin, Malluch and Samariah. Ezra 10:33 Among the chyldren of Hasem, Mathnai, Mathatah, Zabed, Eliphelet, Ieremi, Manasseh & Semei. Ezra 10:34 Amonge the chyldren of Bani, Madai, Amram, Ruel, Ezra 10:35 Baneah, Cheluhi, Badaiah, Ezra 10:36 Vaniah, Maremoth, Eliasib Ezra 10:37 Mathaniah Mathanai, Iaasan, Ezra 10:38 Bani, Binni Semelah, Ezra 10:39 Salamiah, Nathan, Adaiah, Ezra 10:40 Machnadabai, Sasai, Sarai, Ezra 10:41 Asarael, Selemiahu, Samariah, Ezra 10:42 Selum, Amariah, and Ioseph. Ezra 10:43 Amonge the chyldren of Nebo, Aaiel, Matathiah, Zabed, Zabina, Iedai, Ioel and Banaiah. Ezra 10:44 Al these had taken straunge wiues. And amonge the same wiues there were some, that had borne children.

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