Matthew Bible

Ezra 9

Ezra mourneth for the affinity of the people with strangers.

Ezra 9:1 When all this was perfourmed, the rulers came to me, & sayde: The people of Israell, and the priestes, & Leuites are not separated from the nacions in the landes as thouchynge theyr abhomynacions, namely of the Cananites, Hethites, Pheresites, Iebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egypcyans, and Amorites. Ezra 9:2 For they haue taken the doughters of the same, and their sonnes, and haue myxte the holy seade wyth the nacyons in the landes: and the hande of the prynces and rulers hath bene pryncypall in hys trespace. Ezra 9:3 When I hearde thys, I rent my clothes and my rayment, and plucte of the hearre of my heade, and of my bearde, and sate mournyng. Ezra 9:4 And there resorted vnto me all such as feared the worde of the Lorde God of Israell because of the greate transgression. And I sate mournynge vntyll the euenynge sacryfyce.

He prayeth unto God with confession of sins.

Ezra 9:5 And aboute the euenynge sacryfyce I rose vp from my heauynes, & rente my clothes & my rayment, and fel vpon my knees, and spred out my handes vnto the Lorde my God, Ezra 9:6 and sayde. My God I am ashamed, and darre not lyfte vp myne eyes vnto the my God: for our wyckednesses are growne ouer our heade, & oure trespaces are waxen greate vnto þe heauen. Ezra 9:7 Sence the tyme of oure fathers haue we bene in greate trespace vnto this day, and because of oure wyckednesses haue we and oure kinges ben delyuered into the hand of the kynges of þe nacyons, into þe swerde, into captyuite, into spoyle, and into confusion of face as it is come to passe thys daye. Ezra 9:8 But now is there a lytle and sodayne gracyousnes come from the Lord oure God, so that some of vs are escaped, that he may geue vs a nayle in hys holy place, that oure God may lighte oure eyes, and geue vs a lytle life in oure bondage. Ezra 9:9 For we are bondmen, and oure God hath not forsaken vs in oure bondage, and hath enclined mercy vnto vs in the syght of the kinges of Persia, that he should geue vs lyfe, and promote the house of oure God, & to set vp the desolacyon therof, and to geue vs an hedge in Iuda and Ierusalem. Ezra 9:10 And now O our God, what shall we say after thys? for we haue forsaken thy commaundementes, Ezra 9:11 whiche thou hast commaunded by thy seruauntes the Prophetes, and sayde: The lande vnto whiche ye go to possesse, it is an vncleane land thorow the fylthynes of þe people of the landes, in their abhominacyons, wherwyth they haue made it ful of vnclennes on euery syde. Ezra 9:12 Therfore shall ye not geue your doughters vnto their sounes, and their doughters shal ye not take vnto your sonnes & seke not their peace & welthe for euer, that ye maye be stronge, and enioye the good in the lande, & that ye and youre chyldren may haue the enheritaunce of it for euermore. Ezra 9:13 And after all thys that is come vpon vs (because of oure euyll deades & greate trespace) thou oure God hast spared oure wyckednesse, and hast geuen vs a delyueraunce as it is come to passe thys daye. Ezra 9:14 As for vs, we haue turned backe, & haue let go thy commaundementes, to make contracte wyth the people of these abhomynacyons. Wylte thou then be wrothe at vs, tyl we be vtterlye consumed, so that nothing remaine and tyll there be no delyueraunce? Ezra 9:15 O Lorde God of Israell, thou arte ryghteous, for we remayne yet escaped, as it is thys daye. Beholde in thy presence are we in oure trespace, for because of it is there no standynge before the.

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