Matthew Bible

Hosea 7

A reproof of manifold sins.

Hosea 7:1 When I vndertake to make Israel whole, then the vngracyousnes of Ephraim and the wickednes of Samaria commeth to lyght: then go they aboute with lyes. At home, they be theues: & withoute they fall to robbinge. Hosea 7:2 They consydre not in their hertes that I remembre all their wickednes. They go aboute with their owne inuencions, but I se them wel ynough. Hosea 7:3 They make the kinge & the princes, to haue pleasure in their wickednes and lyes. Hosea 7:4 All these burne in aduoutrye, as it were an ouen that the baker heateth, when he hath lefte kneadynge, till the dowe be leuended. Hosea 7:5 Euen so goeth it thys day with oure kinges & princes, for they beginne to be wodde droncken thorowe wine, they vse familarite with suche as disceyue him. Hosea 7:6 They with the ymaginacyon of their herte are lyke an ouen, their slepe is all the nyghte lyke the slepe of a baker, in the morninge is he as hote as the flamme of fyre, Hosea 7:7 they are altogether as hote as an ouen. They haue deuoured their owne iudges, all their kinges are fallen: yet is there none of them that calleth vpon me. Hosea 7:8 Therfore must Ephraim be mirte amonge the heathen. Ephraim is become lyke a cake, that no man turneth: Hosea 7:9 straungers haue deuoured his strength, yet he regardeth it not: he waxeth ful of gray hearres: yet will he not know it, Hosea 7:10 and the pryd of Israell is caste doune before their fare, yet wil they not turne to the Lord their God, nor seke him for all this.

God's wrath against them for their hypocrisy.

Hosea 7:11 Ephraim is lyke a doue, that is begyled, and hathe no herte. Nowe call they vpon the Egipcians, nowe go they to the Assyryans, Hosea 7:12 but whyle they be goynge here and there, I shall sprede my net ouer them, and draw them doune as the foules of the ayre: & accordinge as they haue bene warned, so will I punyshe them. Hosea 7:13 Wo be vnto them, for they haue forsaken me. They must be destroyed, for they haue set me at naught. I am he þt haue redemed them, and yet they dissemble with me. Hosea 7:14 They call not vpon me with their hertes, but lye houlinge vpon their beddes. Where as they come together; it is but for meate and drincke, and me wil they not obeye. Hosea 7:15 I haue taught them, and defended their arme, yet do they ymagin mischefe agaynst me. Hosea 7:16 They turne them selues, but not a right, and are becomen as a broken bowe. Their pryntes shal be slaine with the swerde, for the malyce of their tunges, such blasphemies haue they learned in the lande of Egipte.

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