Matthew Bible

Isaiah 10

The woe of tyrants.

Isaiah 10:1 Wo be vnto you that make vnryghteous lawes, and deuyse thinges, whiche be to harde for to kepe: Isaiah 10:2 where thorow the pore are oppressed on euery syde, & the innocentes of my people are therwyth robbed of iudgement: that wyddowes maye be youre praye, and that ye maye robbe the fatherlesse. Isaiah 10:3 What wyll ye do in tyme of the visitacion and destruccyon, that shall come from farre? Tho whome wyll ye runne for helpe? or to whome will ye geue your honour that ye maye kepe it? Isaiah 10:4 that ye come not among the presonners, or lye amonge the deade? After all this shall not the wrath of the Lord cease, but yet shall hys hande be stretched out styll.

Assyria, the rod of hypocrites, for his pride shall be broken.

Isaiah 10:5 Wo be also vnto Assur, whiche is a staffe of my wrathe, in whose hande is the roade of my punishement. Isaiah 10:6 For I shall send him among those ypocrytish people, amonge the people that haue deserued my disfauour shall I send him: that he maye vtterly robbe them, spoyle them, and tread them doune lyke the myre in the strete. Isaiah 10:7 How be it, his meaninge is not so, neither thincketh his hert of this fasshion. But he ymagineth only, how he may ouerthrowe and destroye muche people, Isaiah 10:8 for he sayth: are not my princes al kinges? Isaiah 10:9 Is not Calno as easye to winne, as Charchamis? Is it harder to conquere Antiochia then Arphad? Or is it lyghter to ouercome Damascus then Samaria? Isaiah 10:10 As wo say: I were able to winne the kingedome of the Idolatres and their Goddes, but not Ierusalem and Samaria. Isaiah 10:11 Shall I not do vnto Ierusalem and their ymages, as I dyd vnto Samaria and their ymages? Isaiah 10:12 Wherfore the Lorde sayeth: As sone as I haue perfourmed my whole worcke vpon the hyll of Sion and Ierusalem, then wyll I also vpset the noble and stoute kynge of Assiria, wyth his wisedom and pryde. Isaiah 10:13 For he standeth thus in hys owne conceyte. Thys do I thorow the power of myne owne hand, and thorowe my wysedome: For I am wyse I am he that remoue the landes of the people I robbe the princes, and (lyke one of the worthies) I dryue them from their hye seates. Isaiah 10:14 My hande hathe founde out the hostes of the people, as it were arnest. And lyke as egges, that were layde here and there, are gathered togegether. So do I gather all countreyes. And there is no man, that darre be so bolde, as to touche a fether, that darre open his mouth, or ones whisper. Isaiah 10:15 But doth the axe boost it selfe, agaynste hym, þt he heweth therwyth, or doth the sawe make any krackynge, agaynst hym that ruleth it? That were euen lyke, as yf the roade dyd exalte it selfe, against him that beareth it: or as though the staffe shoulde magnyfye it selfe, as who saie: it were no wode. Isaiah 10:16 Therfore shall the Lorde of Hostes sende him pouerte in his ryches, and burne vp hys power, as it were wyth a fyre. Isaiah 10:17 But the lyght of Israell shalbe that fyre, and his Sanctuarye shalbe the flamme, and it shal kyndle, and burne vp his thornes and breers in one daye, Isaiah 10:18 ye all the glory of his woodes and feldes shalbe consumed with body and soule. As for hym selfe, he shalbe as one chased away. Isaiah 10:19 The trees also of his felde shalbe of suche a nombre, that a chylde may tell them.

A remnant of Israel shall be saved.

Isaiah 10:20 After that daye shall the remnaunt of Israel, & suche as are escaped out of the house of Iacob, seke no more comfort at him that smote them, but shall comforte them selues wyth faythfulnesse and truthe in the Lorde, the holy one of Israell. Isaiah 10:21 The remnaunt, yea and the posteryte of Iacob, shall conuerte vnto God the myghty one. Isaiah 10:22 For thoughe thy people (O Israel) be as the sande of the sea, yet shall but the remnaunt of them onely conuerte vnto hym. Perfecte is the iudgement of hym that floweth in ryghteousnesse, Isaiah 10:23 and therfore the Lorde of Hostes shall perfectlye fulfyll the thynge, that he had determyned in the myddest of the whole world.

Israel is comforted with promise of deliverance from Assyria.

Isaiah 10:24 Therfore thus sayth the Lorde God of Hostes: Thou my people thrt dwellest in Sion, be not afrayed for the king of þe Assirians: He shall wagge his staffe at the, yea and beate the with the road, as the Egypcians did some tyme. Isaiah 10:25 But soone after, shal my wrathe and mine indignacion be fulfilled agaynst their blasphemies. Isaiah 10:26 Moreouer the Lorde of Hostes shall prepare a scourge for him, lyke as was the punyshement of Madian vpon the mount of Oreb. And he shall lyft vp his road ouer the sea, as he dyd somtyme ouer the Egipcians. Isaiah 10:27 Then shall his burthen be taken from thy shoulders, and his yock from thy neck, yea þe same yocke shall be corrupt for very fatnesse. Isaiah 10:28 He shall come to Aiath, & go thorow towarde Migron. But at Machmas shall he muster his hoste, Isaiah 10:29 and go ouer the foorde. Gabaah shalbe their restinge place, Rhamah shalbe afrayed, Gabaah Saul shall fle awaye. Isaiah 10:30 The voyce of the noyse of thy horses (O doughter Gallim) shalbe hearde vnto Lais and to Anathoth, which also shalbe in trouble. Isaiah 10:31 Madmena shall tremble for feare, but the cytesyns of Gabin are manlye, Isaiah 10:32 yet shall he remayne at Nob that daye. After that, shall he lyft vp his hande agaynst the mount of Sion, and against the hyll of Ierusalem. Isaiah 10:33 But se the lorde God of hostes shall take awaye the proude from thence with feare. He shall hew doune the proude, and fel the hye minded. Isaiah 10:34 The thornes of the wood shalbe roted out with yron, and Libanus shall haue a myghtye fall.

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