Matthew Bible

Isaiah 19

The confusion of Egypt.

Isaiah 19:1 This is the heauy burthen vpon Egipt: Beholde, the Lord wyll ryde vpon a swyft cloude, & come into Egipt. And the Goddes of Egypte shall tremble at hys comminge, and the herte of Egypt shal quake within her. Isaiah 19:2 For thus sayeth the Lord: I wil stere vp the Egypcyans one agaynste another among them selues, so that one shalbe euer against his brother & neyghbour, yea one city against another, & one kingdome against another. Isaiah 19:3 And Egypt shalbe choked in her selfe. When they aske councel at their goddes, at their prophetes, at their sothsayers & witches, then will I brynge their councell to naught. Isaiah 19:4 I wil delyuer Egipt also into þe handes of greuous rulers, and a cruel king shal haue þe rule of them. Isaiah 19:5 The water of the sea shalbe drawen out, Nilus shal sinck away, & be droncken vp. Isaiah 19:6 The riuers also shalbe drawen out, þe welles shal decreace and drye away. Rede & rush shal faile, Isaiah 19:7 the grasse by the water syde or vpon the riuers banck, yea & whatsoeuer is sowen by the waters, shalbe withered, destroyed, & brought to naught. Isaiah 19:8 The fishers shal mourne al suche as cast angles in the water, shal complayne, & they that sprede their nettes in the water, shalbe faynt harted. Isaiah 19:9 Such as laboure vpon flax & sylck, shal come to pouerte, and they also that weeue fyne worckes. Isaiah 19:10 All the poundes of Egypte, all the pollycye of their Moates and dyches shall come to naught.

The foolishness of their princes.

Isaiah 19:11 Yea the vndiscrete Princes of Zoan, the councel of the wise Senatoures of Pharao, shall turne to folyshenesse. Those that darre boast & saye of Pharaos behalfe: I am come of wyse people, Isaiah 19:12 I am come of the olde regall Progeny. But where are now thy wyse men? Let them tel the & shewe the, what the Lorde of hostes hath taken in hande agaynst Egipt. Isaiah 19:13 Fooles are these Prynces of Zoan, & proude are the Princes of Noph: yea they disceyue Egypte with the nobilitye of their stock. Isaiah 19:14 For the Lorde hath made Egypte droncken with the spirit of erroure, and they shal vse it in al matters, euen lyke as a droncken man goeth spewynge aboute. Isaiah 19:15 For Egypte shall lacke good councell, so that they shall not knowe what to do, neyther beginning nor ende, neyther vpon the lande nor water. Isaiah 19:16 Then shal the Egipcyans be lyke vnto wemen, afrayde & astonied, at the liftynge vp of the head, which the Lorde of Hostes shal lyft vp ouer them. Isaiah 19:17 The land of Iuda also shall make the Egipcians afrayde, who so doeth but speake vpon it, shal put them in feare. And that because of the councel, whiche the Lorde of Hostes hath deuysed agaynst them.

The calling of Egypt to the Church.

Isaiah 19:18 Then shall the fyue cyties of Egypte speake wyth the Cananytes tonge, and swere by the Lorde of Hostes, & Heliopolis shalbe one of them. Isaiah 19:19 At the same tyme shall the Lorde of Hostes haue an aulter in the middest of the lande of Egypt, with thys tytle therby: Vnto the Lord. Isaiah 19:20 This shalbe a token or testimony vnto the Lorde of hostes in the lande of Egypt, when they shall crye vnto him, because of those that oppresse them, that he shal sende them a Captayne and a Sauioure to delyuer them. Isaiah 19:21 Moreouer, Egypte shalbe boughte vnto the Lorde, and the Egipcians also shal know the Lorde at the same tyme: they shall do him reuerence with peaceofferinges, & with meatofferinges: they shal promyse him offeringes, yea and paye him also. Isaiah 19:22 Thus the Lorde shall smyte Egipt, and heale it agayn: and so shal they turne to the Lorde, & he also shall haue mercy vpon them, and saue them.

The covenant of Egypt, Assyria, and Israel.

Isaiah 19:23 Then shall there be a commen waye out of Egipt, into Assiria. The Assirians shal come into Egipt, and the Egipcians into Assiria. The Egipcians also and the Assirians shall bothe haue one Goddes seruyce. Isaiah 19:24 Then shal Israel with honour be the thirde to Egipt and Assur, Isaiah 19:25 and the Lorde of hostes shall blesse them, saying: Blessed is my people of the Egipcians, Assur is the worcke of my handes, but Israel is mine enheritaunce.

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