Matthew Bible

Isaiah 30

The prophet threateneth the people for their confidence in Egypt,

Isaiah 30:1 Wo be to those shrynkynge children (sayeth the Lorde) whiche seke councell, but not at me: whiche take a webbe in hande but not after my wil: that they may heape one synne vpon another. Isaiah 30:2 They go doune into Egypte (and aske me no councell) to seke helpe at the power of Pharao, and comforte in the shadowe of the Egypcians. Isaiah 30:3 But Pharaos helpe shalbe youre confusyon, & the comfort in the Egypcyans shadowe shalbe your owne shame. Isaiah 30:4 Youre rulers haue bene at Zoan, and youre messaungers came vnto Hanes. Isaiah 30:5 But ye shall al be ashamed of the people that maye not helpe you, whiche shall not brynge you strength or comforte, but shame and confusyon. Isaiah 30:6 Youre beastes haue borne burthens vpon theyr backes towarde the Southe, thorow the way that is full of parell and trouble, because of the lyon & lyones, of the Cockatryce & shutynge dragon. Yea the Mules bare youre substaunce, & the Camels brought your treasure vpon their croked backes, vnto a people that can not helpe you. Isaiah 30:7 For the Egipcians helpe shalbe but vayne and lost. Therfore I tolde you also, that your pryde shulde haue an end.

and contempt of God's Word.

Isaiah 30:8 Wherfore go hence, and wryte them thys in theyr tables, & note it in a boke: that it may remayne by theyr posteryte, & be styll kept. Isaiah 30:9 For it is an obstynate people, vnfaythful children children that will not heare the lawe of þe Lord. Isaiah 30:10 They darre saye to the Prophetes: Intromytte youre selues with nothynge, and vnto the Sothsayers: tell vs of nothynge for to come, but speake frendlye wordes vnto vs, & preache vs false thinges. Isaiah 30:11 Treade oute of the waye, go out of the path, turne the holye one of Israel from vs. Isaiah 30:12 Therfore thus sayeth the holye one of Israel: In as muche as ye haue caste of youre bewtye, and comforted youre selues with power and nymblenesse, and put youre confidence therin: Isaiah 30:13 therfore shal ye haue this myschefe agayne for youre destruccyon and fall, lyke as an hye wall, that falleth because of some ryft (or blast) whose breakynge cometh sodenly. Isaiah 30:14 And youre destruccyon shalbe lyke as an earthen pot, whiche breaketh no man touching it, yea and breaketh so sore, that a man shall not fynde a sheuer of it to fetche fyre in, or to take water wyth all oute of the pyt. Isaiah 30:15 For the Lorde God, euen the holy one of Israell hath promysed thus: Wyth styll syttynge and rest shall ye be healed, in quyetnesse & hope shall youre strength lye. Isaiah 30:16 Notwithstandynge ye regarde it not, but ye wyll saye: No, for thus are we constrayned to fle vpon horses. And therfore shall ye fle, we muste ryde vpon swift beastes, and therfore youre persecutours shal yet be swyfter. Isaiah 30:17 A thousand of you shall fle for one, or at the moste for fyue, whiche do but only geue you euyll wordes? vntyll ye be desolate, as a shyp mast vpon an hye mountayne, and as a beaken vpon on hyll.

God's mercies towards his Church.

Isaiah 30:18 Yet standeth the Lorde waytynge, that he maye haue mercye vpon you, and lyfteth hym selfe vp, þt he maye receyue you to grace. For the Lorde God is ryghtuous. Happy are all they that wayte for him. Isaiah 30:19 For thus (O thou people of Syon and ye citisens of Ierusalem) shall ye neuer be in heauynes, for doutlesse he wyll haue mercy vpon the. As sone as he heareth the voyce of thy crye, he wyl helpe the. Isaiah 30:20 The Lorde geueth you the bread of aduersite, and the water of trouble. But thyne instructer flyeth not farre from the, yf thyne eyes loke vnto thyne instructer, Isaiah 30:21 and thyne eares harken to his worde, that cryeth after the, and sayeth: thys is the waye, go thys, and turne neyther to the right hande nor to the lefte. Isaiah 30:22 Moreouer yf ye destroye the syluer worckes of youre Idoles, and caste awaye the golden coppes that ye deckte them wythall (as fylthynes) & saye get you hence: Isaiah 30:23 Then wyll he geue rayne to the sede that ye shall sowe in the earthe, and geue you bread of the encrease of the earthe, so that all shalbe plentuous and aboundaunt. Thy cattel also shall he fede in þe brode medowes, Isaiah 30:24 yea thyne oxen & Mules that tyll the grounde, shall eate good fodder, which is purged with the fanne. Isaiah 30:25 Goodly ryuers shall flowe out of all hys mountaynes and hylles. In the daye of the greate slaughter when the towers shall fall, Isaiah 30:26 the mone shall shyne as the sunne, and the sunne shyne shalbe seuen folde, and haue as much shyne, as in seuen dayes besyde. In that daye shall the Lorde bynde vp the brosed sores of hys people, and heale theyr woundes.

God's wrath, and the people's joy, in the destruction of Assyria.

Isaiah 30:27 Beholde the glory of the Lord shal come from farre, hys face shal burne, that no man shalbe able to abyde it, hys lyppes shall wagge for verye indignacyon, and hys tonge shalbe as a consumynge fyre. Isaiah 30:28 His breath like a vehement floude of water, whiche goeth vp to the throte. That he may take away the people, whiche haue turned them selues vnto vanite, and the brydle of erroure, that lyeth in other folkes chawes. Isaiah 30:29 But ye shall synge, as the vse is in þe night of the holy solempnyte. Ye shall reioyse from youre herte, as they that come with the pype, when they go vp to the mounte of the Lorde, vnto the rocke of Israel. Isaiah 30:30 The Lorde also shall set vp the power of his voyce, and declare his terryble arme, wyth hys angry countenaunce yea and the flamme of the consumynge fyre, with earthquake, tempest of wynde, and haile stones. Isaiah 30:31 Then shall the Assyryans feare also, because of the voyce of the Lorde, which shall smyte him with the rodde. Isaiah 30:32 And the same rodde which the Lorde wil sende vpon hym, shall moue the whole foundacyon with trompet, with noyse of warre and battell to destroye. Isaiah 30:33 For he hath prepared the fyre of payne from the begynnynge, yea euen for Kynges also. This hath he made depe & wyde, þe noryshing thereof is fyre & woode innumerable, whiche the breathe of the Lorde kyndleth, as it were a matche of brymstone.

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