Matthew Bible

Isaiah 31

The prophet sheweth the cursed folly in trusting to Egypt, and forsaking of God.

Isaiah 31:1 Wo be vnto them that go doune into Egypte for help, and trust in horses, & comforte themselues in charettes, because they be many, & in horse men because they be lusty & strong. But they regarde not the holy one of Israel, and they aske no question at the Lorde. Isaiah 31:2 Where as he neuertheles plageth the wicked, and yet goeth not from hys word when he steppeth forthe, and taketh the victory agaynste the housholde of the frowarde, & agaynste the helpe of euyll doars. Isaiah 31:3 Nowe the Egypcyans are men, and not God, and theyr horses fleshe and not sprete. And as soone as the Lorde stretched oute his hande, then shall the helper fall, and he that shuld haue ben helped, and shall all together be destroyed. Isaiah 31:4 For thus hath the Lorde spoken vnto me: Lyke as the lyon or lyons whelpe roareth vpon the praye that he hath gotten, and is not afrayed, thoughe the multitude of shepardes crye oute vpon hym, nether abashed for all the heape of them: So shal the Lord of Hostes come doune from the mounte of Sion, and defend his hil. Isaiah 31:5 Lyke as the brydes flotre about theyr nestes, so shall the Lord of Hostes, kepe, saue, defend & delyuer Ierusalem.

He exhorteth to conversion.

Isaiah 31:6 Therfore, O ye children of Israel, turne agayne, lyke as ye haue exceaded in youre goynge backe. Isaiah 31:7 For in that daye euerye man shall caste oute hys Idols of syluer and gold, which ye haue made with your synfull handes.

He sheweth the fall of Assyria.

Isaiah 31:8 Assur also shalbe slayne with the swerde, not with a mans swerde. A swerd shall deuoure hym, but not a mans swerde. And he shall fle from the slaughter, and hys seruauntes shalbe taken prysoners. Isaiah 31:9 He shall go for feare to hys stronge holdes, and hys Prynces shal fle from hys badge. Thys hath the Lorde spoken, whose lyght burneth in Syon, and hys fyre in Ierusalem.

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