Matthew Bible

Isaiah 36

Sennacherib invadeth Judah.

Isaiah 36:1 In .xiiij. yeare of Kyng Hezekiah, came Sennaherib kyng of the Assyrians downe, to laye sege vnto all the stronge cyties of Iuda. Isaiah 36:2 And the Kynge of the Assyrians sent Rabsakeh from Lachis towarde Ierusalem, agaynst Kynge Hesekiah, wyth a greuous Hoste, which set hym by the condite of þe ouerpole, in the waye that goeth thorowe the fullers lande. Isaiah 36:3 And so there came forth vnto hym Eliakim Helkiahs sonne the Presydent, Sobna þe Scribe, & Ioah Asaphs sonne the Secretary.

Rabshekeh, sent by Sennacherib, by blasphemous persuasions soliciteth the people to revolt.

Isaiah 36:4 And Rabsakeh sayde vnto them: Tell Hezekiah, that the greate kyng of Assyria sayeth thus vnto hym: What presumpcton is this, that thou trustest vnto? Isaiah 36:5 Thou thinckest (peraduenture) that thou hast councell and power ynough to mayntene this warre: or els wherto trustest thou, that thou castest thy selfe of frome? Isaiah 36:6 lo, thou puttest thy truste in a broken staffe of rede (I meane Egypte) whyche he that leaneth vpon, it goeth in to hys hande & shutteth hym thorowe. Euen so is Pharao the Kyng of Egypt, vnto all them that trust in him. Isaiah 36:7 But yf thou woldest saye to me: we trust in the Lorde oure God: A goodlye God in dede: whose Hye places and aulters Hezekiah toke downe, & commaunded Iuda & Ierusalem, to worshyppe onely before the aulter. Isaiah 36:8 Abyde the, thou haste made a condycyon with my lorde the kyng of the Assyrians, that he shuld geue the two thousand horses: art thou able to set men ther vp? Isaiah 36:9 Seyng now that thou canst not resiste the power of the smallest prynce, that my Lorde hath, how darrest thou truste in the charettes and horse men of Egipt: Isaiah 36:10 Moreouer, thinckest thou that I am come downe hether, to destroye thys lande without þe Lordes wil? The Lord sayde vnto me, go downe in to the lande, that thou mayest destroye it.

Isaiah 36:11 Then sayde Eliakim, Sobua & Ioah vnto Rabsakeh: Speake to vs thy seruauntes (we praye the) in the Sirians language, for we vnderstande it well: And speake not to vs in the Iewes tonge, leste the folcke heare, whych lyeth vpon the wall.

Isaiah 36:12 Then answered Rabsakeh: Thyncke ye, that the kynge sent me to speake this only vnto you? Hath he not sent me to them also, that lye vpon the wall? that they be not compelled to eate their owne donge, and drincke theyr owne stale wyth you? Isaiah 36:13 And Rabsakeh stode styf, and cryed with a loude voyce in the Iewes tunge: and sayd: Now take hede, how the greate kynge of the Assirians geueth you warning. Isaiah 36:14 Thus sayeth the kynge: Let not Hezekiah disceyue you, for he shal not be able to delyuer you. Isaiah 36:15 Moreouer let not Hezekiah conforte you in the Lorde, when he sayeth: The Lorde without doute shall defende vs, and shall not geue ouer this citie into the handes of The kynge of the Assyrians, beleue hym not. Isaiah 36:16 But thus sayth þe king of Assyria: opteyne my fauoure, enclyne to me: so maye euery man enioye his vineyardes and fygetrees, and drincke the water of hys cisterne: Isaiah 36:17 vnto the tyme that I come my selfe, and bringe you into a lande that is like youre owne: wher in is wheate and wyne, whyche is both sowen wyth sede, and planted wyth vyneyardes. Isaiah 36:18 Let not Hezekiah dysceyue you, when he sayeth vnto you: the Lorde shall delyuer vs? Myght the Goddes of the Gentiles kepe euery mans lande, from the power of the Kinge of the Assyrians? Isaiah 36:19 Where is the God of Hemath and Arphad? Where is the God of Sepharnaim? And who was able to defende Samaria out of my hande? Isaiah 36:20 Or which of all þe Goddes of the landes, hath delyuered their countre out of my power, so þt the Lorde shuld delyuer Ierusalem fro my hande? Isaiah 36:21 Vnto this Hezekiahs messaungers helde their tunges, & answered not one worde: for the Kyng had charged them, that they shulde geue hym none answere.

His words are told the Hezekiah.

Isaiah 36:22 So came Eliakim Helkiahs sonne the President, Sobna the Scrybe, and Ioah Asaphs sonne the Secretarye vnto Hezekiah with rente clothes, and tolde him the wordes of Rabsakeh.

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