Matthew Bible

Isaiah 39

Merodach-baladan, sending to visit Hezekiah because of the wonder, hath notice of his treasures.

Isaiah 39:1 At the same tyme Merodach Baladam, Baladams sonne Kynge of Babylon, sent lettres and presentes to Hezekiah. For he vnderstode how that he had bene sick, and was recouered agayne. Isaiah 39:2 And Hezekiah was glad therof, and shewed them the commodytyes of hys treasure, of syluer, of golde, of spyces and rootes, of precyous oyles, all that was in hys cubbordes & treasure houses. There was not one thing in Hezekiahs house, & so thorow out all hys kyngdome, but he let them se it.

Isaiah, understanding thereof, foretelleth the Babylonian captivity.

Isaiah 39:3 Then came Esay the Prophete of Kynge Ezekiah, and sayde vnto hym. What haue þe men sayde, & from whence came they vnto the? Hezekiah answered: they came out of a farre countre vnto me, out of Babylon. Isaiah 39:4 Esay sayd: what haue they loked vpon in thyne house? Hezekiah answered: All þt is in myne house haue they sene: and there is nothinge in my treasure, but I shewed it them. Isaiah 39:5 Then sayde Esay vnto Hezekiah: Vnderstande the worde of the Lord of Hostes: Isaiah 39:6 Beholde the tyme wyll come, that euery thynge which is in thyne house, and al that thy progenytoures haue layde vp in stoare vnto this daye, shalbe caried to Babylon, & nothinge left behynde. Thys sayeth the Lorde. Isaiah 39:7 Yee & parte of thy sonnes, that shall come of the, & whom thou shalt get, shalbe caried hence, & become gelded chamberlaynes in the Kynge of Babylons courte: Isaiah 39:8 Then sayde Hezekiah to Esay: Now God prosper hys owne councell, which thou hast told me. He sayde more ouer: So that there be peace and faythfulnesse in my tyme.

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