Matthew Bible

Isaiah 53

The prophet, complaining of incredulity, excuseth the scandal of the cross,

Isaiah 53:1 Bvt who geueth credence vnto oure preachynge? Or to whome is the arme of the Lorde knowne? Isaiah 53:2 He shall growe before the Lorde lyke as a braunche, and as a rote in a drye grounde, he shall haue neither bewtye nor fauoure. When we loke vpon him there shalbe no fayrenesse: we shall haue no lust vnto him Isaiah 53:3 He shalbe the most simple, and despysed of all, which yet hath good experience of sorowes & infyrmyties. We shall reken him so symple and so vyle, that we shall hyde our faces from hym.

by the benefit of his passion,

Isaiah 53:4 Howbeit (of a trueth) he only taketh awaye oure infyrmyte, and beareth our payne: Yet we shal iudge him, as though he were plaged & caste doune of God: Isaiah 53:5 where as he (notwithstanding) shal be wounded for oure offences, & smytten for oure wickednes. For the payne of oure punyshmente shalbe sayde vpon hym, and with hys strypes shall we be healed. Isaiah 53:6 As for vs, we go all astraye (lyke shepe) euery one turneth hys owne waye. But thorow hym, the Lorde pardoneth all oure synnes. Isaiah 53:7 He shall be payned & troubled, and shal not open his mouth. He shalbe led as a shepe to be slayne, yet shall he be as styll as a lambe before the shearer, and not open hys mouthe. Isaiah 53:8 He shall be had awaye, hys cause not hearde, & wythout any iudgement: Whose generacion yet no man maye nombre, when he shalbe cut of from the grounde of the lyuyng: Which punishment shall go vpon him, for the transgression of my people. Isaiah 53:9 His graue shalbe geuen hym with the condempned, & hys crucyfyenge with the theues. Where as he dyd neuer vyolente nor vuryght, neyther had there bene any disceytfulnesse in hys month.

and the good success thereof.

Isaiah 53:10 Yet hath it pleased the Lorde to smyte him with infirmite, that when he had made hys soule an offerynge for synne, he myght se longe lasting sede. And this deuyce of the Lord shall prospere in hys hande. Isaiah 53:11 Wyth trauayle and laboure of hys soule, shall he obtayne great ryches. My ryghtuous seruaunte shall wyth hys wysdome iustifye & delyuer the multitude, for he shal beare away theyr synnes, Isaiah 53:12 Therfore wyll I geue him the multytude for hys parte, and he shall deuyde the stronge spoyle because he shall geue ouer hys soule to death, & shalbe rekened amonge the transgressours, which neuertheles shall take away the sinnes of the multytude, and make intercessyon for the mysdoers.

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