Matthew Bible

Isaiah 64

The Church prayeth for the illustration of God's power.

Isaiah 64:1 O that thou wouldest cleaue the heauen in sonder, & come doune that þe mountaynes might melt awaye at thy presence, Isaiah 64:2 lyke as at an hote fyre: and that the malicious might boyle, as the water doth vpon þe fyre: Wherby thy name might be knowne amonge thyne enemies, and that the Gentiles might tremble before the. Isaiah 64:3 That þu mightest come doune, with thy wonderous straung workes, then shoulde the hilles melt at thy presence. Isaiah 64:4 For sence the beginninge of the worlde there was none (except thou O God) that hearde or perceyueth, neyther had anye eye sene, what thou dost for them, that put their trust in the.

Celebrating God's mercy, it maketh confession of their natural corruptions.

Isaiah 64:5 Thou helpest him that doeth ryght with cherefulnesse, and them that thyncke vpon thy wayes. But lo, thou art angry, for we offend and haue euer be in sinne, there is not one whole. Isaiah 64:6 We are al as vncleane thinge, and all oure ryghteousnesses are as the clothes defyled with the floures of a woman: we fall euerychone as the leafe, for oure synnes carye vs awaie like the winde. Isaiah 64:7 There is no man þt calleth vpon thy name, þt standeth vp to take hold by the. Therfore hydest thou thy face from vs, and consumest vs, because of oure synnes. Isaiah 64:8 But now O Lorde, thou father of oures: we are al the claye, and thou art our potter & we are al the worke of thy handes.

It complaineth of their affliction.

Isaiah 64:9 Be not to sore displeased (O Lorde) and kepe not our offences to longe in thy remembraunce, but considre that we are all thy people. Isaiah 64:10 The cytyes of thy Sanctuary lye waste, Sion is a wildernesse, and Ierusalem a deserte. Isaiah 64:11 Oure holy house whiche is oure bewty, where oure fathers praysed the, is brent vp: yea all oure commodities & pleasures are wasted awaye. Isaiah 64:12 Wylt thou not be intreated (Lorde) for all this? Wylt thou holde thy peace, and scourge vs so sore?

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