Matthew Bible

James 2

It is not agreeable to Christian profession to regard the rich, and to despise the poor brethren:

James 2:1 Brethren haue not the faythe of oure Lorde Iesus Christe the Lorde of glorye in respect of persons. James 2:2 If there come into your company a man wyth a golden ring and in goodly apparell, and there come in also a pore man in vyle raymente, James 2:3 and ye haue a respecte to hym that weareth the gaye clothynge, and saye vnto hym. Sitte thou here in a good place: and saye vnto the pore, stande thou there, or sitte here vnder my fotestole: James 2:4 are ye not parcyall in your selues, and haue iudged after euyll thoughtes? James 2:5 Harken my deare beloued brethren. Hath not God chosen the pore of thys world, which are ryche in faythe, and heyres of the kyngedome whiche he promysed to them that loue hym? James 2:6 But ye haue despysed the pore. Are not the ryche they whiche oppresse you: and they which drawe you before iudges? James 2:7 Do not they speake euyll of the good name after whiche ye be named? James 2:8 Yf ye fulfyll the royall lawe accordynge to the scripture whiche sayeth. Thou shalte loue thyne neyghboure as thy self, ye do wel. James 2:9 But yf ye regarde one personne more then another, ye commytte sinne, and are rebuked of the lawe as transgressours. James 2:10 Whosoeuer shall kepe the whole lawe, and yet fayle in one point he is gyltye in all. James 2:11 For he that sayde: Thou shalte not committe adultery, sayed also, thou shalte not kyll. Thoughe thou do none adulterye: yet yf thou kyll, thou arte a transgresser of the lawe. James 2:12 So speake ye, and so do, as they þt shalbe iudged by the lawe of lybertye.

rather we are to be loving and merciful:

James 2:13 For there shalbe iudgemente mercyles to hym, þt sheweth no mercy, & mercy reioyseth against iudgemente.

and not to boast of faith where no deeds are,

James 2:14 What auayleth it my brethren, thoughe a man saye he hath faythe, when he hath no deedes? Can fayth saue hym? James 2:15 If a brother or a sister be naked or destitute of dayly fode, James 2:16 and one of you saye vnto them: Departe in peace, God sende you warmnes and fode: not wyth standynge ye geue them not those thynges which are nedefull to the bodye: what helpeth it them?

which is but a dead faith,

James 2:17 Euen so faythe, yf it haue no dedes is dead in it selfe. James 2:18 Yea and a man myghte saye: Thou haste faythe, and I haue dedes: Shewe me thy faith by thy dedes, and I wyll shew the my faythe by my dedes.

the faith of devils,

James 2:19 Beleuest thou that there is one God? Thou doest well. The deuyls also beleue and tremble. James 2:20 Wylt thou vnderstande (O thou vayne man) that fayth without dedes is dead?

not of Abraham,

James 2:21 Was not Abraham oure father iustifyed thorowe workes when he offered Isaac hys sonne vpon the aultare? James 2:22 Thou seyste howe that faythe wroughte wyth hys dedes, & through the dedes was faythe made perfecte: James 2:23 and the scrypture was fulfylled whiche sayeth: Abraham beleued God, and it was reputed vnto hym for ryghtuousnes: and he was called the frende of God. James 2:24 Ye se then how þt of dedes a man is iustifyed, and not of fayth onely.

and Rahab.

James 2:25 Lykewyse also was not Raab the harlot iustifyed thorowe workes, when she receyued the messengers, and sente them out another way? James 2:26 For as the bodye, without the spyryte is dead euen so fayth wythout dedes is dead.

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