Matthew Bible

Jeremiah 10

The unequal comparison of God and idols.

Jeremiah 10:1 Heare the worde of the Lorde, þt he speaketh vnto the, O thou house of Israell: Jeremiah 10:2 Thus sayth the Lorde: Ye shall not learne after the maner of the Heathen, & ye shall not be afrayed for the tokens of heauen: for the Heathen are afrayed of suche: Jeremiah 10:3 yea all the customes and lawes of the Gentiles are nothinge, but vanite. They hewe doune a tree in the wood with the handes of þe worcke man, and fashyon it with the axe: Jeremiah 10:4 they couer it ouer with gold or siluer, they fasten it with nayles and hammers, that it moue not. Jeremiah 10:5 It standeth as styfe as the palmetree, it can not neyther speake nor go, but must be borne. Be not ye afrayed of suche, for they can do neyther good nor euill. Jeremiah 10:6 But there is none lyke vnto þe, O Lorde, & great is the name of thy power. Jeremiah 10:7 Who wolde not feare the? Or what Kinge of the Gentyles wolde not obeye the. For amonge all the wyse men of the Gentyles, & in all their kyngdomes, there is none that maye be lickened vnto the. Jeremiah 10:8 They are all together vnlearned and vnwyse. All theyr conninge is but vanyte: Jeremiah 10:9 namelye, woode, syluer, whiche is brought oute of Tharsis, and beaten to plates: and golde from Ophir, a worcke þt is made with the hande of the craftesmen and the caster, clothed with yelowe sylcke & scarlet: euen so is the worcke of theyr wyse men altogether. Jeremiah 10:10 But the Lorde is a true God, a lyuynge God, and an euerlastinge kyng. Yf he be wroth, the earthe shaketh: all the Gentiles maye not abyde his indygnacyon. Jeremiah 10:11 As for theyr Goddes, it maye well be sayde of them: they are Goddes, that made neyther heauen nor earthe: therfore shall they peryshe from the earthe, & from al thynges vnder heauen Jeremiah 10:12 But (as for oure God) he made the earth with his power, and with hys wysdom hath he fynished the whole compasse of the worlde, wyth hys discrecion hath he spred oute the heauens. Jeremiah 10:13 At his voyce the waters gather together in þe ayre, he draweth vp the cloudes from the vttermoste partes of the earth: he turneth lyghtenyng to rayne, & bryngeth forth the windes oute of theyr treasures: Jeremiah 10:14 Hys wysdom maketh all men fooles. And confounded be all casters of ymages, for that they cast, is but a vayne thynge, and hath no lyfe. Jeremiah 10:15 The vayne craftesmen with theyr worckes, that they in theyr vanite haue made, shall peryshe one with another in the tyme of vysitacyon. Jeremiah 10:16 Neuertheles, Iacobs porcyon is not suche: but it is he, that hath made all thynges, and Israel is the rode of hys enherytaunce: The Lorde of Hostes is his name.

The prophet exhorteth to flee from the calamity to come.

Jeremiah 10:17 Put awaye thyne vnclennesse oute of the lande, thou that arte in the stronge cyties. Jeremiah 10:18 For thus sayth the Lorde: Beholde, I wyl nowe thruste oute the inhabitours of this land a greate waye of, and trouble them of suche a fashyon, that they shall no more be founde.

He lamenteth the spoil of the Tabernacle by foolish pastors.

Jeremiah 10:19 Alas how am I hurte? Alas, howe paynefull are my scourges vnto me? For I consydre this sorowe by my selfe, & I must suffre it. Jeremiah 10:20 My tabernacle is destroyed, and al my coardes are broken. My children are gone fro me, & can no where be found. Nowe haue I none to sprede oute my tente, or to set vp my hanginges. Jeremiah 10:21 For the herdmen haue done folyshly, that they haue not soughte the Lorde. Therfor haue they dealt vnwysely wyth theyr cattell, and all are scatred abroade. Jeremiah 10:22 Beholde, þe noyse is harde at hande, and greate sedycyon out of the north: to make the cytyes of Iuda a wyldernesse, and a dwellynge place for Dragons.

He maketh an humble supplication.

Jeremiah 10:23 Now I knowe (O Lorde) that it is not in mans power to ordre hys owne wayes, or to rule hys owne steppes and goinges. Jeremiah 10:24 Therfor chasten thou vs, O Lorde, but wyth fauoure and not in thy wrath, brynge vs not vtterlye to naught. Jeremiah 10:25 Poure oute thyne indygnacion rather vpon the Gentyles, that knowe the not, and vpon the people that call not on thy name: And that because they haue consumed, deuoured and destroyed Iacob, and haue roted out hys glorye.

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