Matthew Bible

Jeremiah 20

Pashur, smiting Jeremiah, receiveth a new name, and a fearful doom.

Jeremiah 20:1 When Phashur the preaste, the sonne of Emer, chefe in the house of the Lorde, herde Ieremy preache so stedfastly: Jeremiah 20:2 he smote Ieremye, & put hym in the stockes, that are by the hye gate of BenIamim, in the house of the Lorde. Jeremiah 20:3 The nexte daye folowynge Phashur brought Ieremye out of the stockes agayne. Then sayde Ieremy vnto hym: The Lorde shall call the nomore Phashur (that is excellent and increasynge) but Magor (that is fearfull and afrayed) euery where. Jeremiah 20:4 For thus sayeth the Lorde: beholde, I wyll make the afrayed, the thy selfe, and all that fauoure the: which shall peryshe wyth the swearde of their enemyes, euen before thy face. And I wyll geue whole Iuda vnder the power of the kynge of Babylon, which shall carie some vnto Babylon presoners, & slaye some with the swearde. Jeremiah 20:5 Moreouer, all the substaunce of this lande, all their precyous and gorgeous worckes, all costlynesse, & all the treasure of the Kynges of Iuda: wyll I geue in to þe handes of their enemyes, which shall spoyle them, and carie them vnto Babylon. Jeremiah 20:6 But as for þe (O Phashur) thou shalt be caried vnto Babylon with all thine housholde, & to Babylon shalt thou come, where thou shalt dye, and be buryed: thou & all thy fauourers, to whom thou hast preached lyes

Jeremiah complaineth of contempt,

Jeremiah 20:7 O Lorde, thou makest me weake, but thou refreshest me, & makest me stronge agayne. All the daye longe am þe despysed, & laughed to scorne of euery man: Jeremiah 20:8 because I haue now preached longe agaynst malycious Tyranny, & shewed them of destruccion. For the which cause they cast the worde of the Lorde in my teeth, and take me euer to the worst. Jeremiah 20:9 Wherfore, I thought from hence forth, not to speake of hym, ner to preach eny more in hys name. But the worde of the Lorde was a very burnynge fyre in my herte and in my bones, which when I wolde haue stopped I might not.

of treachery,

Jeremiah 20:10 For why, I herde so many derisyons and blasphemies, yee euen of myne owne companions, and of soch as were conuersaunte with me: whiche wente aboute, to make me afrayed, sayinge, vpon hym, let vs go vpon him to feare hym and make hym holde his tonge: þt we maye ouer come hym, and be auenged of hym. Jeremiah 20:11 But the Lorde stode by me, lyke a myghtie giaunte: therfore my persecuters fell, and coulde do nothing. They shall be sore confounded, for they haue done vnwysely, they shall haue an euerlastynge shame. Jeremiah 20:12 And now, O Lorde of Hostes, thou ryghtuous sercher (which knowest the reynes and the very hertes:) let me se them punished, for vnto the I commytte my cause. Jeremiah 20:13 Synge vnto the Lorde, and prayse hym, for he hath deliuered the soule of the oppressed, from the hande of the violent.

and of his birth.

Jeremiah 20:14 Cursed be the daye, wher in I was borne: vnhappye be the daye, wherin my mother brought me forth. Jeremiah 20:15 Cursed be the man, that brought my father þe tydinges, to make hym glad, saying: thou hast gotten a sonne. Jeremiah 20:16 Lett it happen vnto that man, as to the cyties whiche the Lorde turned vp syde downe (when he had hearde longe the wicked rumoure of them) Jeremiah 20:17 because he slewe me not, as sone as I came out of my mothers wombe, & because my mother was not my graue her selfe, that the byrth mighte not haue come out, but remayned styl in her. Jeremiah 20:18 Wherfore came I forth of my mother wombe? To haue experience of all laboure & sorow? & to leade my lyfe wyth shame?

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