Matthew Bible

Jeremiah 4

God calleth Israel by his promise.

Jeremiah 4:1 O Israel, yf thou wylt turne the, then turne vnto me, sayeth the Lorde. And yf thou wilt put awaye thine abhominacyons out of my sight, thou shalt not be moued. Jeremiah 4:2 And shalt sweare: The Lorde liueth: in truthe, in equyte and ryghteousnesse: and al people shalbe fortunable and ioyful in him.

He exhorteth Judah to repentance by fearful judgments.

Jeremiah 4:3 For thus sayeth the Lorde, to al Iuda and Ierusalem: plowe your lande, and sowe not amonge the thornes. Jeremiah 4:4 Be circumcised in the Lorde, and cut away the foreskinne of youre hertes, all ye of Iuda and all the indwellers of Ierusalem: that my indignacion breake not oute like fyre & kindle so that no man may quenche it, because of the wickednes of youre ymaginacions. Jeremiah 4:5 Preache in Iuda and Ierusalem, crye out and speake: blow the trompettes in the land, crie that euery man may heare, and saye: Gather you together, and we will go into strong cyties. Jeremiah 4:6 Set vp the token in Syon, spede you, and make no taryenge: for I will bringe a greate plage, and a greate destruccyon from the north. Jeremiah 4:7 For the spoyler of the Gentyles is broken vp from his place, as a lyon oute of his denne, that he may make the land waste, and destroie the cities, so that noman maye dwell therin. Jeremiah 4:8 Wherfore girde youre selues about with sacke clothe mourne and wepe for the fearfull wrath of the Lorde shall not be withdrawen from you. Jeremiah 4:9 At the same tyme (saieth the Lorde) the hert of the kinge and of the Princes shalbe gone, the pryestes shalbe astonished, and the prophetes shalbe sore afraied. Jeremiah 4:10 Then sayde I: O Lord God, hast thou disceyued then thys people and Ierusalem, saienge: ye shall haue peace, & now the swerde goeth thorowe their lyues? Jeremiah 4:11 Then shall it be sayde to the people & to Ierusalem: There commeth a warm wind from the North thorow the waye of my people, but nether to fanne, nor to clense. Jeremiah 4:12 After that shall there come vnto me a strong winde, and then will I also geue sentence vpon them. Jeremiah 4:13 For lo, he commeth doune lyke as a cloude, and his charettes are lyke a stormye winde: hys horsemen are swyfter then the Aegle. Wo vnto vs, for we are destroyed. Jeremiah 4:14 O Ierusalem wash thine herte from wyckednesse, that thou mayest be helped. Howe longe shal thy noysome thoughtes remayne with the. Jeremiah 4:15 For a voice from Dan and from the hil of Ephraim speaketh out, and telleth of a destruccion. Jeremiah 4:16 Beholde, the Heathen geue Ierusalem warninge, and preache vnto her, that her destroyers are comming from farre countrees. They tell the cities of Iuda the same also, Jeremiah 4:17 they shal geue him warninge in euery place, lyke as the watchmen in the felde. For they haue prouoked me to wrath, sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 4:18 Thy wayes and thy thoughtes, haue brought the vnto this, thys is thyne owne wickednesse and disobedience, that hath possessed thine herte:

A grievous lamentation for the miseries of Judah.

Jeremiah 4:19 Ah my belye, ah my belye, (shalt thou crye) how is my hert so sore? my herte painteth within me, I can not be styl, for I haue hearde the cryeng of the trompettes and peales of warre. Jeremiah 4:20 They crye murthur vpon murthur, the whole lande shall perishe. Immediatly my tentes were destroied, and my hanginges, in the twinckelinge of an eye. Jeremiah 4:21 Howe longe shall I se the tokens of warre, and heare the noyse of the trompettes. Jeremiah 4:22 Neuertheles this shal come vpon them, because my people is become folysh, and hath vtterly no vnderstandynge. They are the children of folishnes, and without any dyscrecion. To do euill, they haue wyt ynoughe: but to do wel, they haue no wisdome. Jeremiah 4:23 I haue loked vpon the earth, and se it is waste, and voyde. I loked toward heauen, and it had no shyne. Jeremiah 4:24 I behelde the mountaynes, and they trembled, and al the hilles were in a feare. Jeremiah 4:25 I loked aboute me, and there was no bodye, and all the birdes of the ayre were awaye. Jeremiah 4:26 I marked wel, and the plowed felde was become wast: yea all their cytyes were broken doune, at the presence of the Lorde, and indignacyon of his wrath. Jeremiah 4:27 For thus hath the Lorde sayde: The whole lande shalbe desolate, yet will I not then haue done. Jeremiah 4:28 And therfore let the earth mourne and let the heauen be sory aboue: for the thing that I haue purposed and taken vpon me to do, shall not repente me, and I wil not go from it. Jeremiah 4:29 The whole lande shall fle, for the noyse of the horsmen and bowmen, they shal runne into dennes into woddes, and climme vp the stony rockes. All the cyties shalbe voyde, and noman dwellinge therin. Jeremiah 4:30 What wilt thou now do, for thou beynge destroyed? For though thou clotest thy selfe wyth scarlet, and deckest the wyth goulde: thoughe thou payntest thy face with colours yet shalt thou trymme thy selfe in vayne. For those that hytherto haue bene thy great fauourers, shall abhorre the, and go aboute to slaye the. Jeremiah 4:31 For (me thincke) I heare a noyse like as it were of a woman trauaylyng, or one laboringe of her fyrste chylde. Euen the voyce of the doughter of Syon, that casteth oute her armes, and souneth, sayenge: Ah wo is me, how sore vexed and faynte is my herte for them that are slayne?

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