Matthew Bible

Jeremiah 48

The judgment of Moab,

Jeremiah 48:1 Thus sayeth the Lorde of hostes the God of Israel agaynste Moab: wo be to the cytie of Nabo, for it shal be layed waste, broughte to confusyon & taken. Yea thy stronge cytye of Kariathiarim shalbe brought to shame, and afrayd: Jeremiah 48:2 Moab shall no more be had in honoure: Wycked councell shalbe taken vpon Hesebon. Come (shall they saye) let vs rote them oute, þt they maye be no more amonge the nombre of the Gentyles, yea that they maye no more be thought vpon: Thus the swearde shall persecute the: Jeremiah 48:3 A voyce shall crye from Horonaim: Wyth greate wastynge and destruccyon, Jeremiah 48:4 is Moab made desolate. And this crye shalbe hearde in all her cytyes. Jeremiah 48:5 At the goynge vp vnto Luithe there shall aryse a lamentacyon: & doune towarde Horonaim, there shall be hearde a cruell & a deadly crye: Jeremiah 48:6 Get you away, saue youre lyues, and be lyke vnto the heath in the wyldernes.

for their pride,

Jeremiah 48:7 For because thou haste trusted in thy stronge holdes and treasure, thou shalte be taken Chamos wyth hys priestes and prynces shall go awaye into captiuite. Jeremiah 48:8 The destroyer shall come vpon all cytyes, none shall escape. The valeys shalbe destroyed, and the feldes shall be layed waste: lyke as the Lorde hath determed. Jeremiah 48:9 Make a token vnto Moab, that she get her awaye spedelye: for her cytyes shalbe made so desolate, that no man shall dwell there in. Jeremiah 48:10 Cursed be he that doth the worcke of the Lorde negligentlye, and cursed be he that kepeth backe hys swearde from sheddynge of bloude.

for their security,

Jeremiah 48:11 Moab hath euer bene ryche and carelesse from her youth vp, she hath sytten and taken her ease wyth her treasure. She was neuer yet put oute of one vessell into another (that is) she neuer wente awaye into captiuite, therfore her taste remayneth, and her sauoure is not yet chaunged. Jeremiah 48:12 But lo, the tyme cometh, sayeth the Lorde that I shall sende her trussers to trusse her vp, to prepare & season her vessels: yea her tanckerdes rattell, and shake to and fro. Jeremiah 48:13 And Moab shalbe ashamed of Chamos, lyke as Israel was ashamed of Bethell, wherein she put her truste.

for their carnal confidence,

Jeremiah 48:14 Wherfore do ye thincke thus: we are mightye, and stronge men of warre? Jeremiah 48:15 Moab shall be destroyed, and her cities brente vp: her chosen yong men shall be slayne, sayeth the king, whose name is the Lorde of Hostes. Jeremiah 48:16 The destruccyon of Moab commeth on a pace, and her fall is at hande. Jeremiah 48:17 All her neyghbours shall mourne for her, and all they that knowe her name, shall saye: O howe happeneth it, that the stronge staf & the goodlye rode is thus broken? Jeremiah 48:18 And thou doughter Dibon, come doune from thy glorye, and sit in pouerte. For he that destroyeth Moab, shall come vp to the also, & breake doune thy stronge holdes. Jeremiah 48:19 And thou that dwelleste in Aroer, get the to the strete, and loke aboute the: aske them that are fled and escaped, and saye: what thinge is happened? Jeremiah 48:20 O, Moab is confounded and ouercome. Mourne, and crye, tel it oute at Arnon, that Moab is destroyed. Jeremiah 48:21 And myserye shall come vpon the playne lande: Namely, vpon Holon & Iahazah: vpon Mephaath Jeremiah 48:22 and Dibon vpon Nabo & the house of Deblathaim, Jeremiah 48:23 vpon Cariathiarim and Bethgamul, vpon Bethmaon Jeremiah 48:24 & Carioth, vpon Bozrah and all the cytyes in þe lande of Moab, whether they lye farre or neare. Jeremiah 48:25 The horne of Moab shall be smitten doune and her arme broken, sayeth the Lorde.

and for their contempt of God and his people.

Jeremiah 48:26 Make her droncken, for she magnified her self aboue the Lord, that men maye clappe theyr handes at her vomyte, and that she also maye be laughed to scorne. Jeremiah 48:27 O Israel, shalt thou not laugh him to scorne, when he is taken amonge theues? Yea because of thy wordes that thou hast spoken agaynste him, thou shalt be dryuen awaye. Jeremiah 48:28 Ye Moabites, shall leaue the cytyes, & dwell in rockes of stone, and become like doues, that make theyr nestes in holes. Jeremiah 48:29 As for Moabs pryde, we haue hearde of it, she is verye hye mynded. I know her stoutnesse, her boastynge, her arrogancye and the pryde of her stomack, sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 48:30 For her furyousnes maye neyther vpholde her wt strength nor dede. Jeremiah 48:31 Therfore shall there mournynge be made for Moab, and euery man shal crye for Moabs sake: a lamentacion shalbe made to the men that stand vpon the wal. Jeremiah 48:32 So wil I mourne for the also, O Iazer, and for the, O thou vyneyarde of Sabamah. Thy wyne braunches shall come ouer the sea, & the braunches of Iazer but vnto þe sea: the destroyer shal breake into thy haruest and grape gatheringe: Jeremiah 48:33 Myrth and cheare shalbe taken awaye from the tymbre feld, and from the whole lande of Moab. There shalbe no swete wyne in the presse, the treader shall haue no stomacke to crye, yea there shalbe none to crye vnto him: Jeremiah 48:34 which afore time were hearde from Hesebon to Eleale & Iahaz, whiche lyfted vp theyr voyce from Zoar vnto Horonaim, that bullocke of thre yeare olde. The waters also of Memrim shal be dryed vp. Jeremiah 48:35 Moreouer, I wyll make Moab ceasse (sayeth the Lorde) from the offerynges & censynge that the hath made vnto her Goddes in hye places. Jeremiah 48:36 Wherfore my hert mourneth for Moab, lyke a croude playenge an heauy song: and for the mens sake of the brycht wall my herte mourneth also, euen as a pype that pypeth a dolefull songe: for they shalbe verye fewe, and destroyed. Jeremiah 48:37 All heades shalbe shauen, and all beardes clypped of: all handes bounde, and all loynes gyrded aboute with sackclothe. Jeremiah 48:38 Vpon all the house toppes and stretes of Moab, there shal be mournynge: For I wyll breake Moab lyke an vnprofytable vessell sayeth the Lord. Jeremiah 48:39 O howe fearfull is she? O howe mourneth she? O howe doeth Moab hange doune her head, and is ashamed? Thus shall Moab be a laughynge stocke, and had in derisyon of all them, that be rounde aboute her. Jeremiah 48:40 For thus sayeth the Lorde: Beholde, the enemye shall come flyenge as an Aegle, and sprede his winges vpon Moab. Jeremiah 48:41 They shall clymme ouer the walles, and winne the strong holdes. Then the mighty mens hertes in Moab shalbe lyke the herte of a woman trauaylinge wyth chylde. Jeremiah 48:42 And Moab shall be made so desolate, that she shall no more be a people, because she hath set vp her selfe agaynste the Lorde. Jeremiah 48:43 Feare, pyt, and snare shall come vpon the (O Moab) sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 48:44 Who so escapeth the feare, shall fall in the pytte, and whoso getteth oute of the pyt, shalbe taken in the snare. For I wyll bringe a yeare of vysytacyon vpon Moab, sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 48:45 They that are able to flye, shal stande vnder the shadow of Hesebon. For there shall go a fyre oute of Hesebon, and a flamme from Sion, and shal burne vp that proude people of Moab, bothe before and behynde. Jeremiah 48:46 Wo be vnto the (O Moab) for thou people of Chamos shalte perysh: Yea thy sonnes and doughters shall be led awaye captyue.

The restoration of Moab.

Jeremiah 48:47 Yet at the laste wyll I brynge Moab oute of captiuite agayne, sayth the Lord. Thus farre of the plage of Moab.

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