Matthew Bible

Job 14

Job intreateth God for favour, by the shortness of life, and certainty of death.

Job 14:1 Man that is borne of a woman, hath but a shorte tyme to lyue, and is full of diuerse miseries. Job 14:2 He commeth vp and falleth awaye lyke a floure. He flyeth as it were a shadowe, and neuer continueth in one state. Job 14:3 Thynkest thou it now well done to open thyne eyes vpon soche one, and to brynge me before the in iudgement? Job 14:4 Who can make it cleane, that commeth of an vncleane thynge? No body. Job 14:5 The dayes of man are shorte, the nombre of his monethes are knowne only vnto the. Thou hast apoynted hym his boundes, he can not go beyond them. Job 14:6 Goo from him, that he maye rest a lytle: vntyll hys daye come, whiche he loketh for, lyke as an hyrelynge doth.

Though life once lost be irrecoverable, yet he waiteth for his change.

Job 14:7 If a tre be cut downe, there is some hope yet, that it wyll sproute and shute forth the braunches agayne: Job 14:8 For though a rote be waxen olde and deed in the grounde, yet when the stocke Job 14:9 getteth the sent of water, yt wyll budde, and brynge forth bowes, lyke as whent it was fyrst planted. Job 14:10 But as for man, when he is deed, perysshed and consumed awaye, what becommeth of hym? Job 14:11 The floudes when they be dryed vp, and the ryuers when they be emptie, are fylled agayne thorowe the flowynge waters of the sea: Job 14:12 but when man slepeth, he ryseth not agayne, vntyll the heauen perish: he shall not wake vp ner ryse out of his slepe. Job 14:13 O that thou woldest kepe me, and hyde me in the hell, vntyll thy wrath were stylled: and to appoynte me a tyme, wherin thou myghtest remembre me. Job 14:14 Maye a deed man lyue agayne? All the dayes of thys my pilgremage am I lokynge, when my chaunginge shall come. Job 14:15 If thou woldest but call me, I shulde obeye the, only despyse not þe worke of thyne owne handes.

By sin the creature is subject to corruption.

Job 14:16 For thou hast nombred all my goynges, yet be not thou to extreame vpon my synnes. Job 14:17 Thou haste sealed vp myne offences, as it were in a bagge: but be mercyfull vnto my wyckednesse. Job 14:18 The mountaynes fall awaye at the last, þe rockes are remoued out of theyr place, Job 14:19 the waters pearse thorow the very stones by lytle & litle, the floudes wasshe away the grauell & earth: Euen so destroyest thou the hope of man in lyke maner. Job 14:20 Thou preuaylest agaynst hym, so that he passeth awaye: thou chaungest his estate, & puttest hym from the. Job 14:21 Whether his chyldren come to worshippe or no, he can not tell: And yf they be men of lowe degre, he knoweth not. Job 14:22 While he liueth his flesh must haue trauayle: and whyle the soule is in hym, he must be in sorowe.

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