Matthew Bible

Job 15

Eliphaz reproveth Job of impiety in justifying himself.

Job 15:1 Then answered Eliphas þe Themanite, and sayde: Job 15:2 Shulde a wyse man answer as the scyence of the winde, and fyll hys bely wyth the wynde of the easte? Job 15:3 Thou reprouest with wordes, that are nothinge worth: & speakest the thinges, whiche can do no good. Job 15:4 As for shame, thou hast set it a syde, els woldest thou not make so many words before God: Job 15:5 but thy wyckednesse teacheth thy mouth, and so thou hast chosen the a craftie tonge. Job 15:6 Thyne owne mouth condemneth the, and not I: ye thyne owne lyppes shape the an answere. Job 15:7 Art thou the first man, that euer was borne? Or, wast thou made befoore the hilles? Job 15:8 hast thou hearde the secrete councel of God, that all wysdome is to lytle for the? Job 15:9 What knowest thou, that we knowe not? What vnderstandest thou, but we can the same? Job 15:10 Wyth vs are olde and aged men, ye suche as haue lyued longer then thy forfathers. Job 15:11 Thynkest thou it a small thynge of the consolacions of God? and are they wyth the lyinge worde. Job 15:12 Why doeth thyne herte make the so proude? Why standeste thou so greatly in thyne owne conceate? Where vnto loke thyne eyes, Job 15:13 that thy mynde is so puft vp against God & lettest such wordes go out of thy mouth? Job 15:14 What is man, that he shoulde be cleane? what hath he (whiche is borne of a woman) wherby he myght be knowne to be ryghtuous? Job 15:15 Beholde there is no trust to hys sanctes: ye þe very heauens are not cleane in hys syght. Job 15:16 How much more then an abhominalbe and vyle man, which drincketh wickednesse lyke water?

He proveth by tradition the unquietness of wicked men.

Job 15:17 I will tell the, heare me: I wyll shewe the a thinge, that I know, Job 15:18 which wyse men haue tolde, & hath not bene hyd from their fathers: Job 15:19 vnto whom only the lande was geuen, that no straunger shoulde come amonge them. Job 15:20 The vngodly despayreth all the dayes of his lyfe, & the nombre of a tyrauntes yeares is vnknowne. Job 15:21 A fearfull sounde is euer in hys eares, and when it is peace: yet feareth he destruccion: Job 15:22 He beleueth neuer to be delyuered out of darcknesse, the swearde is alwaye before his eyes. Job 15:23 When he goeth forth to get his lyuing, he thincketh planely, that the daye of darcknesse is at hande. Job 15:24 Sorowe and carefulnesse make hym afrayed, and compasse hym roundeaboute, lyke as it were a kynge with hys hoost redy to the battayl. Job 15:25 For he hath stretched out hys hande agaynste God, and armed him selfe agaynst the Almyghtye. Job 15:26 He rounneth proudly vpon him, and with a stiff necke fyghteth he agaynst him: Job 15:27 where as he couereth his face wyth fatnesse, and maketh his body well lykynge. Job 15:28 Therfore shall hys dwellynge be in desolate cytyes, and in houses which no man inhabiteth, but are become heapes of stones. Job 15:29 He shal not be ryche, nether shall hys substaunce contynue, ner encrease vpon earth. Job 15:30 He shall neuer come oute of darcknesse, the flame shall drye vp hys braunches, wyth the blast of the mouth of God shall he be taken awaye. Job 15:31 He wyll nether applye hym selfe to faythfulnes ner trueth, so sore is he disceiued wyth vanyte. Job 15:32 He shall perysh, afore his tyme be worne out, and his hand shal not be greene. Job 15:33 He shall be pluckte of as an vntymely grape from the vyne, and shal let his floure fal, as the olyue doeth. Job 15:34 For the congregacyon of ypocrites is vnfrutefull, and the fyre shall consume the houses of suche, as are gredy to receyue gyftes. Job 15:35 He conceyueth trauayle, he beareth myschefe, and hys bodye bryngeth forth disceate.

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